the payroll distribution process fin 101 n.
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The Payroll Distribution Process FIN 101

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The Payroll Distribution Process FIN 101 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Payroll Distribution Process FIN 101. Letitia Poteet Scott Petersen. Warrant Officers.

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the payroll distribution process fin 101

The Payroll Distribution ProcessFIN 101

Letitia Poteet

Scott Petersen

warrant officers
Warrant Officers
  • Employee(s) who are authorized to pick up pay warrants on pay day from Student Business Services and distribute to faculty, staff and student assistants in their designated group. Students and staff are not allowed to pick-up their own payroll checks on this day.
  • Delivery of Checks
    • Payroll checks received by SBS are delivered from either the State Controller’s Office or CI Accounts Payable office.
    • WO’s hold onto checks for 5 days and then return to SBS. After this time period, employees may go to SBS and pick-up own checks.
wo authorization form
WO Authorization Form

An active form must be on file with SBS.

1 primary WO and up to 3 alternates may be added for each group.

payroll header and reporting unit code
PayrollHeader and Reporting Unit Code

The Payroll Header contains a series of numbers assisting the state in identifying the campus and employee. The first 3 numbers are called an agency code and the 2nd set of numbers are called the reporting unit code that is assigned to each employee. The unit code assists with the distribution of warrants.

Unit codes given to WO’s are assigned according to

the physical group or dept. location

on campus. They are NOT used to

Identify a particular funding source.

The # below the issue date is the last 3 digits

of the employee Social Security #.

A WO can have more than 1 unit #.

employee requisition form
Employee Requisition Form

An Employee Requisition form must be filled out for each new hire. Departments must put in the correct unit # at the start of employment.


Beginning a few days prior to pay day, “warrant release sheets” are sent to SBS from the payroll department via email with instructions for release.

Receiving Warrant Release Sheets

release sheets cont
Release Sheets (cont)

Each page of the release sheet is printed so that the WO has a list of names for the checks that he/she has been given.

Use as signature log to verify employee pick-up. After signatures are collected, this list must be kept on file by the WO especially for audit purposes.

Green Checks (warrants)=Live Checks

White Checks (warrants)=Advice Slips

Advice Slips need to be kept and filed by the WO. Live checks should be returned after 5 days to SBS.

intermittent checks
Intermittent Checks

A Spreadsheet that may be included in a stack of checks along with the release sheets, are intermittent checks that have arrived earlier and were never picked up by either the employee or WO. These are always advice slips (white) only.

release instruction terms
Release Instruction Terms
  • Hold-Pull the check aside and place in vault until further notice from payroll department.
  • Return- Payroll will send form std 666 or std 674 authorizing us to mail the warrant back to the SCO.
  • Recover- Deposit back to campus account.
  • Shred- Write “Shred” across front of check. Put in the shred container.
  • Strip- Same as the “shred” process above.
warrant officer list
Warrant Officer List

Checks are bundled and then wrapped with the sheet below. The sheet lists all WO currently on file with SBS according to unit #’s.

warrant distribution
Warrant Distribution
  • Pick up pay warrants from SBS no sooner than 2:45 pm on day of distribution. Checks should be deposited on issue date. If cashed earlier, bank fees incurred will be responsibility of employee. (ICSUAM 3812)
  • WO must present a photo ID when picking up warrants.
  • Questions about missing pay warrants should be directed to the Payroll Dept.
  • All checks are to be kept locked and secured at all times when in possession of the WO.
pay warrant distribution instructions
Pay Warrant Distribution Instructions

Checks may be mailed with prior approval in cases of illness or travel but a Pay Warrant Distribution form must be filled out, and given to the WO ahead of time. This form will soon be located on the new SBS web page.

warrant distribution1
Warrant Distribution
  • Escheatment=Unclaimed checks of more than 90 days are returned (escheated) back to the state.
  • Unit # Consolidation is encouraged. Warrant Officers can request all checks be sorted under 1 unit # to simplify the process.
payroll calendar
Payroll Calendar

The Payroll Calendar is located on the Payroll web site for your convenience