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Design Regina

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Design Regina. Land Use and Transportation. This Citizen Circle is represented by John Klein (AKA Saskboy ) of the Regina Car Share Co-operative. What Regina Car Share does.

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Design Regina

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design regina
Design Regina

Land Use and Transportation

This Citizen Circle is represented by John Klein (AKA Saskboy) of the Regina Car Share Co-operative.

what regina car share does
What Regina Car Share does

Car sharing is a transportation service that complements other forms of zero/lower carbon-emission transportation such as walking, cycling, bus service, and car pooling.

It saves members money, reduces parking and traffic congestion, and helps reduce pollution.

where we d like to be
Where we’d like to be
  • Design Regina’s Vision Statement
  • Become Canada’s most vibrant, inclusive, attractive, sustainable community, where people live in harmony and thrive in opportunity

"We can either grow in an intelligent way or we can grow in ways other cities across the country are regretting” – John Klein


3 Strategies to Meet the Vision

  • 1.)Plant more, and a greater variety of trees, particularly in parking lots to provide shade, shelter, beauty, food, etc.
intermodal transportation
Intermodal Transportation
  • 2.)
  • An expanded intermodal transit system with high quality service, and integrated payment (R-card). Includes bus, LRT, Para-transit, taxi, car sharing, bike share (ie. Bixi). Additional express bus routes and extended service hours will make public transit relied upon, and fast.
it s expensive to just drive
It’s Expensive to Just Drive

CAA Driving Costs (2008 Edition) puts the total cost of driving an average personal automobile (Cobalt LT) at $8440.50, or 70.3¢/km if driven 12000km per year.

Doesn’t account for taxes required for infrastructure!

Pollution! Clean air is vital!

currently a low emphasis on sustainability
Currently a Low Emphasis on Sustainability
  • Design Regina’s website demonstrates the unsustainable transportation system. Four car lanes. No bus, no HOV, & no cycle lanes. Cyclists using the pedestrian sidewalk. Fix it!

3 Strategies to Meet the Vision

  • 3.)
  • To maintain Regina’s small town, friendly feel and cityscape, have walkable, mixed use neighbourhoods with socially diverse residents, and varied accessible (in all seasons) public facilities. These include, but are not limited to, libraries, community gardens, parks, rinks, pools, emergency services, schools, & community halls.
more information
More Information

Bikes a Path to Jobs (at The Real News Network)