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The Cons of in Cammodeling and Scam You Should Avoid

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The Cons of in Cammodeling and Scam You Should Avoid - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Cons of in Cammodeling and Scam You Should Avoid

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Cammodels or performers are made to

entertain people in the online world that

come in their websites. Models must make

their customers or visitors know that they

are happy and honored to perform their

request but he must take you exclusively

and it should be something that you are

comfortable with.


Here are the cons of camming:

Legal law

Some places or countries doesn’t accept camming or is unlawful.

Make sure that you know your state law to avoid troubles.

Age limitation

In camming, 18 years below is not been accepted. Proofs must

present to allow you become one.

Interwebs possibility

Every show you perform has a big potential in internet, so if you are

not comfortable with this, start looking for another source of



Industry disapproval

This is because of the tradition or religion of people in one place.

Mostly, they don’t understand or they are not opening their mind

with this kind of living.

Personality assumption

Not everyone knows what you really do, so they end up make an

assumption of what a person you are. Your previous colleagues

may know who you really are but if you’re making new friends

you will end have to have social anxiety because of the reason

that you will be judge and your life could be lonely.

Honest people are hard to distinguish

Camming industry is full of a liar that is why it’s hard to tell who’s

real from who’s not.


If you want to avoid scam cam modeling, here’s what you need to


Companies don’t usually contact a person through social media

account and you as a person should know if you really did apply to

that and companies or person claiming to be representative

approaches you first, it was more likely to be an attempted scam.

Cam sites do advertise and don't contact you unless you contact

them first.

Scammers are trying to get a free show by contacting you and will say

that you have an interview via webcam.

Legitimate cam companies do not interview prospective models and do

not require you to send nude photos or if they request you to send a

photo, you can keep your clothes on.

The legit companies don’t ask for the application fee. Most of the times,

the application is free.

Scammers don’t request proofs that you are 18 or not. Not knowing

their applicant’s age means that there is hidden agenda or they want

something from you.

Lastly, they don’t have information or even contact numbers on their

website means they are hiding, this will probably a scam site.


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