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UNC School of Medicine Human Resources Representatives Meeting PowerPoint Presentation
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UNC School of Medicine Human Resources Representatives Meeting

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UNC School of Medicine Human Resources Representatives Meeting
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UNC School of Medicine Human Resources Representatives Meeting

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  1. UNC School of MedicineHuman ResourcesRepresentatives Meeting Monday, July 22, 2013 10:30am – 12:00pm

  2. DR. HARVEY LINEBERRY: • WELCOME & ANNOUNCEMENTS: • HR Representative Meeting Notification • Freeze Notice

  3. Tara Coble-Herring • Service Center Introductions: • Jennifer Adams • Departments: • Center for Women’s Health Research • Center for Aging • Neuroscience Center • Program for Molecular Biology and • Biotechnology • Kidney Center

  4. Nicole Šebik Finance Training & Communications, SOM Finance & Business Operations

  5. Salary Source before…

  6. Salary Source after…

  7. Business Unit • UNC Chapel Hill • UNCCH • Medical Foundation • CHMED • UNCCH Foundation • CHFDN

  8. 1xxxxx = Assets 2xxxxx = Liabilities 3xxxxx = Fund Balance 4xxxxx = Revenue 5xxxxx = Expense Account “the old Object Code”

  9. SPA On Campus 1212 = 512120

  10. Social Security 1810 = 518100 1810 = 515110

  11. Death Benefits 1567 = 515670 1567 = 519170

  12. Just remember…

  13. School of Medicine: HR Representative MeetingWorkflow and Gideon Taylor Demo Vicki Bradley, Sr. Director Office of Human Resources July 16, 2013

  14. Agenda • Workflow Overview • Gideon Taylor Update and Demo • Questions

  15. Current HR/Payroll Focus • Utilizing a bolt-on solution for HR forms and workflow • Vendor: Gideon Taylor; their product is designed to work with PeopleSoft and used by major universities around the world • Will create forms and workflow for HR processes; seamless experience for users; looks and feels like PeopleSoft • Workflow vetted by Stakeholders • Demo today

  16. What is Workflow • Workflow is functionality that automatically routes transactions, forms, notifications, etc. through an approval process. It will be based on UNC business requirements and policies.

  17. Goal of Workflow at Carolina • Create appropriate approval paths based on dynamic business rules to trigger minimal routings while meeting departmental processing and approval requirements. • Only include those that need to know in routing. • Standardize routing rules across the University. • Identify opportunities to reduce workflow through the use of alternatives, such as notifications or scheduled/automated reports.

  18. Workflow Overview • Workflow integrates user activities and routes data from one user to the next. • Some transactions may require multiple Approvers. • Originators and approvers can: • Delegate tasks to others if they are unavailable. • See where an action is in the workflow process. Approver 2 Approver 3 Originator Approver 1 23

  19. Workflow Process Transaction is approved or denied (or placed in pending status) Approver reviews on Worklist and takes action Approver receives notification via email and/or Worklist* Transaction routed to additional approvers as required Transaction routed for approval Transaction submitted *Note: Notifications that let Approvers know a transaction is waiting for them are generated automatically every time a new transaction is added to the Worklist. Workflow begins when a transaction is submitted for approval and ends when the last authorized user takes action: 24

  20. The Three R’s of Workflow • Rules: UNC’s policies and procedures dictate the workflow and specify the authorized users and approvers. • Example: Faculty compensation actions route to the Provost Office for approval; SPA compensation actions route to Central OHR. • Routing: A defined path for transactions and notifications that link activities required for a task. • Example: Path in an approval process such as Department (Approver 1) to School/Division (Approver 2) • Roles: Authorized users who take action at each step in the workflow are controlled by rules. • Example: Department HR Approver role, School/Division Approver role, Provost HR Approver role, etc. 25

  21. Originator Roles • Business requirement for fewer, more proficient system originators using PeopleSoft. • Varying Access Levels • Basic Access – Ability to originate high volume, simple transactions. • Includes lump sum payments, salary source changes, and student actions. • Full Access – Ability to originate complex transactions. • Includes other SPA and/or EPA permanent and temporary personnel actions (in addition to lump sum payments, salary source changes and student actions). • Schools/Divisions given a “seat” allocation based on volume of transactions • Departmental security access

  22. Approval Roles Level 0 Originator (Dept., School/Div., UBC, or Central Office) Level 1 Approvers (Optional) (Dept., School/Div., or UBC) Level 2 Approvers (Required) (School/Div., or UBC) Level 3 Approvers (Central Office) • Level 1 and Level 2 both have three workflow roles: • HR Representative • Budget Representative • Student Approver (Optional)

  23. Rules • No originator can initiate an action where they are the subject. • No one can approve an action that they originate. • An action must be approved at the School/Division Level before routing to a central office. • Actions route through the primary dept approval structure. • Additional approvals may be required from secondary depts • All actions will get routed through funding dept if funding changes • Rules will also vary by type of action: 28

  24. Worklist • A Worklist is an organized list of work items that need to be addressed (just like the HRIS InBasket or HR Central Inboxes). • The Worklist displays notifications and transactions routed to an Approver. • Worklist entries are prioritized based on the order of arrival, but can be re-sorted based on user preference. • Worklist items are updated in real time. • Worklist should be checked regularly. 29

  25. Gideon Taylor

  26. Who is Gideon Taylor? • Gideon Taylor is a PeopleSoft custom forms and workflow solutions provider for business, government organizations, and educational institutions • Higher ed clients include: • University of Massachusetts • University of Utah • University of Florida • University of Maryland • James Madison University • Oklahoma University

  27. Why Gideon Taylor? • Original plan was going to be a VERY large programming and configuration effort • Purchased Gideon Taylor bolt-on software rather than implement significant customization for workflow • Easier to maintain for business process and policy changes • eForms will provide a more user-friendly experience • Provides a step-by-step process • Presents only data entry fields that are relevant • Allows multiple actions to be created using one form • Offers expanded worklist search and sort capabilities

  28. ePersonal Action Request (ePAR ™) • Gideon Taylor’s suite of pre-developed eForm templates for personnel actions, including: • Hires, rehires, transfers, additional jobs • Pay changes, promotions / demotions, reclassifications, FTE changes, funding changes, data changes, position changes • Terminations, retirement, leaves of absence

  29. Gideon Taylor Sample Form (Status Change)

  30. Initiating a Form:Select an Employee

  31. Status Change Termination: Dishonesty

  32. Status Change Termination: LOA Medical

  33. Status Change Termination: Death

  34. Workflow Routing

  35. Approving a Form

  36. The Worklist • The Worklist displays detailed information regarding the pending transactions: The action that generated the workflow item Link to the target page where the item can be worked on Click to mark item as complete if needed Individual who submitted the work item 41

  37. Evaluate an ePar

  38. Approval Review

  39. Approval Summary

  40. Approved Action Saved to PeopleSoft

  41. Developing UNC Forms

  42. Scope for Go Live • Current Scope: • Hire • Job Changes • Status Change • Person of Interest • Position Request • Lump Sum Payment • Funding Swap • Future Scope: • Annual Raise Process • Other modules, etc.

  43. Adapting the Delivered “Funding Swap” Form

  44. UNC Hire / Rehire / Transfer Form (Gideon Taylor Demo)

  45. Home Page