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Opposing Viewpoints Resource Center

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Opposing Viewpoints Resource Center. Mapping OVRC to ECONOMIC Curriculum.

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mapping ovrc to economic curriculum
Mapping OVRC to ECONOMIC Curriculum

Current Economic IssuesAn introductory course focusing on economic problems and issues within the American economy. It provides an overview of economic analysis. Topic areas relate to an overall look at the economic system, government policy, prices and their application, money, income, and national income accounts of the United States.

mapping ovrc to sociology curriculum
Mapping OVRC to SOCIOLOGY Curriculum

Contemporary Social Problems

This course is a theoretical and empirical survey of the nature and causes of social problems such as poverty, crime, racial and gender inequality, demographic and environmental changes, health care, education and family stability. Examples from other societies will be used for comparative analysis and establishing global links.

mapping ovrc to sociology curriculum1
Mapping OVRC to SOCIOLOGY Curriculum

Marriage and FamilyA survey of theoretical perspectives on the institutions of marriage and family. Topics include the historical context of family, gender roles, sexual behavior, values, psychological needs, divorce, parenting, family problems, and social policy. Variations in family types and lifestyles among diverse groups within the U. S. and elsewhere are examined.

mapping ovrc to sociology curriculum2
Mapping OVRC to SOCIOLOGY Curriculum

Race and EthnicityAn introduction to the sociological study of race and ethnicity in the U.S. and globally. Emphasis is placed on racial and ethnic group formation, ethnic stratification, identity formation, immigration and struggles for equality. Racial and ethnic group experiences in western and non-western societies are traced historically and viewed comparatively.

mapping ovrc to anthropology curriculum
Mapping OVRC to ANTHROPOLOGY Curriculum

Medical Anthropology

Medical Anthropology examines the connections between culture and health and illness. The course focuses on contemporary and alternative medicine, including traditional and native healing; and disease patterns in different cultures. A cross-cultural perspective that is invaluable in working with the health of diverse populations is explored.

mapping ovrc to humanities curriculum
Mapping OVRC to HUMANITIES Curriculum

Ethical Issues in MedicineThis course will present some of the ethical dilemmas which arise in relation to health care and develop a framework for ethical decision-making with which to deal with these and other related problems. It is designed for both health care professionals and others who are interested in these issues.