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Training Workshop. for the. Faculty Resource Program-- FRP. at the All College Day. August 10, 2009. Faculty Resource Program--FRP. Members of the FRP Implementation Team Rich Betters Alan Bickerton Dwight Bishop Donald Broderick Renee Clark Donna Imhoff Mary Lou Kennedy

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Presentation Transcript
Training workshop
Training Workshop

for the

Faculty Resource Program--FRP

at the

All College Day

August 10, 2009

Faculty resource program frp

Faculty Resource Program--FRP

Members of the FRP Implementation Team

Rich Betters

Alan Bickerton

Dwight Bishop

Donald Broderick

Renee Clark

Donna Imhoff

Mary Lou Kennedy

Alice McKenna

Gretchen Mullin

Maureen Pavlik

Mary Frances Archey

Presentation overview
Presentation Overview

  • Why CCAC has a Faculty Resource Program--FRP

  • What is the FRP?

  • Technical Aspects of the FRP

Student retention
Student Retention

Institutional Research using Fall 2008 to Spring 2009

data found retention to be:

Percent Number

Retained Retained

1 through 8 credits 48 % 2,729 students

9 through 30 credits69%8,041 students

Over 30 credits 75 % 6,716 students

Research related to retention
Research Related to Retention

About some of the Researchers

John P. Bean, associate professor of higher education,

Indiana University-Bloomington. Best known for his

theoretical models of student retention which are

based on organizational theory and psychology

Alan Seidman is the creator/editor of the Journal of

College Student Retention: Research, Theory and

Practice. Also Executive Director of the Center for the

Study of College Student Retention

Research related to retention1
Research Related to Retention

Nine themes which affect college student

retention. (Bean, J. P. (2005). Nine themes of college student retention. In A. Seidman (Ed.). College student retention : formula for student success. Westport, CT: Praeger Publishers.)

  • Intentions

  • Institutional fit and commitment (loyalty)

  • Psychological processes and key attitudes

  • Social factors

  • Grades and academic performance

  • Bureaucratic factors

  • The external environment

  • Student’s Background

  • Money and finance

About the faculty resource program
About the Faculty Resource Program




Frequently asked questions
Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Faculty Resource Program (FRP)?

The Faculty Resource Program (FRP) is the implementation of Article XVII—ADVISEMENT of the AFT Collective Bargaining Agreement. The FRP will provide personal contact by College Employees for a designated group of students who have completed nine (9) college level credits to a maximum of thirty (30) credits, and have achieved a grade point average of at least two (2.0). This is the group of students who often do not receive special academic assistance, are unable to participate in many on-Campus activities, and do not participate in any honors related programs.

Frequently asked questions1
Frequently Asked Questions

How did the FRP come about?

Research shows that increased student interaction with faculty outside the classroom equates into increased student success. The FRP has been designed as another means for increasing this interaction. The College anticipates increased student retention as a result of implementing the FRP.

Frequently asked questions2
Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the FRP representatives?

Regular full-time faculty

Full-time counselors

Full-time librarians

Frequently asked questions3
Frequently Asked Questions

Can students choose not to participate in

the FRP?

Yes, the FRP is a voluntary program for students. If a student chooses not to participate in the FRP, please note this when responding to the six FRP feedback questions.

Frequently asked questions4
Frequently Asked Questions

What feedback will the FRP representatives provide to

the College on each student?

The Employees working with the FRP will complete an electronic response indicating:

  • Contacted student o-yes o-no

  • Met with student o-yes o-no

  • Referred student to appropriate academic or support

    service o-yes o-no

    4. Provided information regarding limited enrollment program admissions o-yes o-no

  • Informed student of the location of the general transfer

    guide o-yes o-no

  • Is the student progressing in the designated major? o-yes o-no

    NOTE: When in the FRP screens to answer “Yes” click on the box and a check

    mark will appear. If the response is “No” leave the item blank and enter any

    appropriate comment in the Comments section.

Frequently asked questions5
Frequently Asked Questions

How will the FRP representative know that it is

time to begin contacting the students assigned through

the FRP?

The FRP representatives will receive an e-mail notification that the information related to the students assigned through the FRP is available through CCAC Central.

Frequently asked questions6
Frequently Asked Questions

What are the duties of the FRP representative?

Refer students to appropriate academic and support


Answer questions regarding student responsibilities necessary to achieve a successful college experience

Answer general questions regarding choice of major, career goals, course sequences, entrance into limited enrollment programs and transfer information

Frequently asked questions7
Frequently Asked Questions

If FRP representatives refer students to other offices for assistance, do they make the actual referral contact (phone call, email)?

No, the students are expected to follow through on the referral made by the FRP.

Frequently asked questions8
Frequently Asked Questions

How are students being assigned to Faculty

Resource Program Representatives?

The College will assign the students through the FRP in an equitable distribution broken down by campus and centers.

Students will be assigned to the FRP representatives based on their program code and the broad program categories as outlined in the CCAC Catalog. For example, the student list for a representative who teaches business (BUS) may also include students with program codes in Culinary Arts, Paralegal, and Marketing Management.

Frequently asked questi ons
Frequently Asked Questions

Do students need to sign any waiver forms to speak with the FRP representatives under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)?

No, all FRP representatives have specific items to discuss with students and are permitted access to the student’s information. However, care should be taken not to share this information with parents or others.

Frequently asked questions9
Frequently Asked Questions

Can students change their FRP representative

during a semester?


NOTE: If the students change their major and are still eligible for the FRP, they will be assigned to a FRP representative in the new broad program category for the next semester.

Frequently asked questions10
Frequently Asked Questions

How long do students remain in the FRP


Students will remain in the FRP System:

  • If grade point average is 2.0 or higher

  • Until 30 credits are earned

  • As long as they are registered (unless they fail to register for two consecutive terms)

    FRP faculty representatives will receive new students to replace those who have left the College or are no longer eligible to participate in FRP.

Frequently asked questions11
Frequently Asked Questions

What information will the FRP representatives have available

online when they are communicating with their assigned


  • Student’s name

  • Student’s transcript

  • Student’s major

  • Student’s goal

  • Evaluation of the Student’s Program (degree audit)

  • CCAC catalog (linked)

  • Student Handbook (linked)

  • Four Ultimate Pocket Guides (linked)

  • Limited Enrollment Program Contact List (linked)

  • Transfer Guide (linked)

Frequently asked questions12
Frequently Asked Questions

Can the FRP representative contact their

assigned students from home?

Yes, information about the students can be

obtained through CCAC Central and students can be contacted by e-mail or phone. NOTE: If calling from home, FRP representatives should note that students with Caller ID will receive the FPR representatives’ home phone number.

Frequently asked questions13
Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a deadline for completing the contacts with the

Students designated through the FRP?

There is no deadline in the FRP requirements for completing the contacts, however it is suggested that contacts be made between the 4th and 7th weeks of the 15 week semester so that the students are contacted before mid-term.

Frequently asked questions14
Frequently Asked Questions

How many times should the FRP representative

contact their assigned students?

Ideally, two contacts should occur, including an initial telephone or e-mail contact where you introduce yourself and explain the FRP Program and a second contact when you review the student’s goal and academic progress, answer any questions the student may have, and make any referrals to appropriate academic or support services.

Face-to-face interaction, telephone conversations, or a series of e-mails should be able to accomplish the aim of the FRP.

Frequently asked questions15
Frequently Asked Questions

How will the students identified to

participate in the FRP be informed about

the Program?

The qualified students will be sent a post card that gives the name of their FRP representatives and some general information about FRP.

Frequently asked questions16
Frequently Asked Questions

How should I introduce myself to the students

who have been assigned to me?

When calling or sending e-mail to your FRP students, indentify yourself as the FRP faculty representative.

  Hello, I’m ______, your Faculty Resource Program representative. Your records indicate that you are making academic progress at CCAC. I would like to provide you with an opportunity to ask any questions about the programs or services of the College.

Frequently asked questions17
Frequently Asked Questions

Do FRP representatives sign registration

forms, degree audit forms, change of major

forms, or course substitutions/waivers?

No. FRP representatives will refer students who need registration forms, degree audit forms, change of major forms, or course substitutions/waivers to the Advisement Center. FRP representatives do not function as Advisement Center advisors.

Frequently asked questions18
Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it important to discuss the student’s


Achievement of students’ goals is a critical data element in the determination of the effectiveness of student retention.

If the goal of the student has changed, please record this on the Update/View Questions screen.

Frequently asked questions19
Frequently Asked Questions

What should I say if in reviewing a student’s record I

see that he/she still needs to enroll in a developmental

class or that there is a grade of “D” in a developmental


I see from your list of courses that you still need to enroll in (title of the course) and it would be to your academic advantage to enroll in that class during this next semester. This class should be scheduled through the Academic Advising Center, which is in room ______________.  

Frequently asked questions20
Frequently Asked Questions

How does the FRP representative respond to a

student who complains about a staff member,

financial aid, a cancelled class, another faculty

member, etc.?

Please indicate that the FRP representative does not handle complaints and that the College has an Academic Complaint Procedure and a complaint process and that these are outlined in the Student Handbook. Academic problems, such as a challenge about a grade begin with the faculty, are then reviewed by the Department Head, and proceed to the Associate Dean. Issues related to financial aid, student life, or registration processes are handled by the Dean of Student Development.

Frequently asked questions21
Frequently Asked Questions

If I have a question regarding FRP, or

if a student asks about something and I am not

sure which dept/administrator/contact to refer

to, who can I contact?

If the question is of a technical nature, contact the Help Desk. If the question pertains to a College policy or process, contact your Campus Dean or Associate Dean.

Frequently asked questions22
Frequently Asked Questions

The feedback form of the FRP asks if the FRP

representative has met with the student. How should

the representative respond if the interaction was all by

phone and/or Electronically?

Whether the interaction with the student is via telephone, email, or in person, respond “Yes” on the feedback form.

If a phone has been disconnected or there is an inactive e-mail address, please record this in the comments section on the feedback form.

Frequently asked questions23
Frequently Asked Questions

How will I know that it is time to begin to

contact the students designated for me

through the FRP?

In the 4th week of the 15-week semester you will receive a message indicating that it is time to begin contacting your designated students.

Frequently asked questions24
Frequently Asked Questions

How does an FRP representative access

information about her/his designated


The FRP information is accessed through CCAC Central using the same process as used to submit attendance and grades.

NOTE: Non-teaching FRP representatives need a User ID and Password to access CCAC Central. Assistance is available from the CCAC Help Desk.

Frequently asked questions25
Frequently Asked Questions

How do I obtain the list of the students who I will be

working with through the FRP?

To obtain the list of students follow these steps:

  • Go to the CCAC Home Page, choose CCAC Central and log in normally.

  • Choose Faculty Resource Program on the right side of the screen (gray bar); the Faculty Resource Program Menu appears.

  • Choose the first item, FRP-Individual Student Information

  • Choose the current term and Submit; this will provide you the list of your assigned students for the semester

Frequently asked questions26
Frequently Asked Questions

The FRP representative will have access to data about each

assigned student. How do you access this information?

On the screen that lists your FRP assigned students, click the arrow to the right of each student’s name to open a drop-down menu that lists the items you can see including:

  • Student’s transcript

  • Student’s major—found on the FRP-Individual Student Information Screen

  • Student’s goal—found on the FRP-Individual Student Information Screen

  • Evaluation of the Student’s Program (degree audit)

  • A current CCAC catalog (linked)

  • Student Handbook (linked)

  • Four Ultimate Student Guides (linked)

  • Limited Enrollment Program Contact List (linked)

  • Transfer Guide (linked)

Frequently asked questions27
Frequently Asked Questions

How do I provide feedback to the College about

the contacts that were made with the FRP

assigned students?

After you have interacted with an FRP assigned student, respond to the questions located in the drop down menu for each student.  

Frequently asked questions28
Frequently Asked Questions

After interacting with one FRP assigned

student, how to I obtain the information on

another assigned student?

After submitting the information for the six (6) questions you will be returned to the Faculty Resource Program Information menu. Select FRP-Individual Student Information and you will have access to the information for your other assigned students.

Frequently asked questions29
Frequently Asked Questions

Can I obtain a list of all of the FRP assigned

students with some general information about


Yes, by selecting FRP - Summary List you will open a listing of all of the FRP assigned students, attempted credits, earned credits, and their grade point averages.

Frequently asked questions30
Frequently Asked Questions

What if I see more than one major listed for a student?

Datatel tracks all student program changes. When more than one

program major is listed the first one is the current major. This information is on the FRP-Individual Student Information screen as part of the drop down menu.

Frequently asked questions31
Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do if a student’s phone number and email address is incorrect?

If you find incorrect student contact information (telephone number and/or email address) record this in the comments section of the feedback item on the student’s FRP Student Question screen and continue to contact the other FRP assigned students. Also, encourage the students to go to CCAC Central and up-date addresses, phone numbers, and e-mail addresses.

Frequently asked questions32
Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any way for me to obtain an electronic

list of the students who I have contacted?

Yes. Choose FRP Group Status. All of your assigned students will appear with a listing of the responses you have entered on each of the six questions.

Frequently asked questions33
Frequently Asked Questions

What will happen with the feedback I provided?

At the end of each semester, the responses will be compiled and shared with the college community by the Institutional Research staff.