top 3 excellent forts of gujarat n.
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Top 3 Excellent Forts of Gujarat PowerPoint Presentation
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Top 3 Excellent Forts of Gujarat

Top 3 Excellent Forts of Gujarat

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Top 3 Excellent Forts of Gujarat

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  1. Top 3 Excellent Forts of Gujarat

  2. Gujarat is also known as the “Jewel of the West”. It has many marvelous forts and palaces. • It is one of the most famed tourist destinations of the India. • In Gujarat, there are located marvelous forts like as Pavagadh fort, Dabhoi fort, and Uparkot fort etc. • By Gujarat tourism packages, there are given description of forts and palaces, such as:

  3. 1. Uparkot Fort: • This fort is basically located on a hill in the Junagarh city, Gujarat. • The best time for visiting this fort is October to March. • This fort was constructed by Chandragupta in 319 BCE. This fort was constructed during the period of Chandragupta Maurya. • It was uncharted for more than 300 years and was later visited in 976 AD. • It had the well-defined battle in the form of battlements. This fort was well famed in the past for its virtual inaccessibility.

  4. 2. Pavagadh Fort: • This fort is the most popular destination of the Gujarat. It has the rich culture and heritage places. • It is located 46km far away from Vadodara in Gujarat State. • This fort is famed for Mahakali Temple, there are visiting the most of the people every day. • It is the best tourist destination of Gujarat. There are visiting many international and domestic travelers every day. • Pavagadh is the gateway of the Panchmahal.

  5. 3. Dabhoi Fort: • This fort is one of the biggest forts in India with their four magnificent gateways. • It is located 29 km far away from the southeast of Baroda. This fort was explored by Siddhraj Jaisingh (1093-1143 AD) in the early 6th century AD. • It has the four largest gateways, i.e. Hira Bhagol is the most beautiful gate that is located on the east side of the fort, Vadodara gate is located on the west side of the fort, Champaner gate is located on the north side of the fort, and Nandod gate is situated on the south side of the fort.