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Curriculum Evening

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Curriculum Evening

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Curriculum Evening

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  1. Curriculum Evening Welcome! Tuesday 3rd October Year 3

  2. Aims To inform parents of expectations for Our Mission Statement and House System Knowledge/topics covered Educational visits Timetable Uniform Homework Websites FSM Sacramental preparation

  3. St Joseph the Worker St Cecelia St Francis of Assisi St. Teresa of Calcutta

  4. How does the House System work? • Rewarded for Good Behaviour • Good Manners • Being a kind friend • Showing respect to others • Lunchtime behaviour • Displaying Virtues and Values • Being resilient • Child receives a token for good behaviour • Token placed in a special box under the Saint • Number of points celebrated each week • End of Term prize for the winning house • Inter School Competitions

  5. The Merit System – Progress and Attainment • Years 1 to 6 • 10 merits – bronze certificate • 20 merits – silver certificate • 30 merits – gold certificate • 50 merits – platinum certificate • 70 merits + Principal’s certificates • Teachers and Teaching Assistants to award for Good Learning Behaviours: • Homework • Preparation for lessons • Attitude to Work • Contributions in Class • Resilience • Effort

  6. Knowledge Maths By the end of year 3, the children should be able to: recite the 2,3,4,5,8,and 10 times tables fluently read, write, partition, compare and order 3 Digit numbers and add, subtract, multiply and divide using a formal written method Find, order, compare add and subtract fractions

  7. Knowledge English By the end of year 3, the children should be able to: Demonstrate neat and consistent joined handwriting Use a range of punctuation . ! ? , “” Use ambitious vocabulary Write in paragraphs Use a range of conjunctions and sentence openers

  8. Science in Year 3 Science is delivered by a specialist teacher at St John Fisher, with children learning the science curriculum for a whole afternoon every other week. We aim to make science exciting, relevant and practical at St John Fisher. Once every half term, children will take part in a ‘Science Wow Day’ to spark their interest in the application of science in the world and to encourage the scientists of the future.

  9. Science Curriculum in Year 3 During Year 3 the following topics are covered: Growing Plants Rocks and Fossils Food and Nutrition The Skeleton Light Forces and Magnets

  10. Knowledge The topics covered in thematic curriculum are: Best of British It’s a myth Rain or Shine Lands of mystery and wonder The rainforest Chocolate In English we have learned about the author Jeremy Strong. We will be learning about traditional tales. poetry and myths as the year progresses. During R.E. the children will learn about the following topics: Belonging, Reconciliation, Advent, Christmas, God’s word, Lent, Prayer, Holy Week, Easter, The Eucharist and Pentecost

  11. Educational Visits The whole school will visit the Belgrade Theatre during December to see the production of the pantomime. To enhance the curriculum we aim to provide an educational visit once a term. Here are some photos from our visit to Stratford-upon-Avon

  12. Timetable

  13. Uniform Winter – to be worn from October half term until Easter • Grey skirt/trousers • White shirt and tie • School jumper with logo • Black school shoes (not trainers) • No jewellery apart from plain studs as ear-rings and a watch • No excessive hair accessories Summer – can be worn after Easter until October half term • Polo shirt with logo • Red and white gingham dress • Black school shoes (not trainers) • No jewellery apart from plain studs as ear-rings and a watch • No excessive hair accessories

  14. P.E. Plain white shorts Plain white t-shirt (or with school logo) Plain black pumps Hair must be tied up if below collar length No ear-rings or jewellery Trainers may be worn for ‘morning mile’ After school activities – separate appropriate kit from home

  15. Homework All children from EYFS up to year six should read a little of their school reading book each night All children from year two to year six will have a set of weekly spellings to learn for a written test (a strip a night and learn meanings). Younger children who are able will have spellings Children have a homework book. Homework is set on a Wednesday and is due the following Monday.

  16. Websites Oxford Owl – great selection of free ebooks and an increasing selection of comprehension activities to accompany the books (select ‘find a book’ tab, click on the ‘go to the library’ on the owl logo, narrow down your search using the drop down lists, choose a book by clicking on the ‘e’) Skoolbo DBPrimary – link from our school website. All children should have a username and password. Speak to Mrs Edge Reading eggs Mathletics

  17. Caterlink School Dinners are now provided by a new catering company - Caterlink. All food is cooked from fresh each day. New menus are delicious! After ½ term Caterlink will be taking over the responsibility of managing payments for dinners and also contacting parents for outstanding balances. Therefore, we would appreciate if all dinner money is paid up to ½ term for a smooth transition to the new way of working. Any money already paid in advance will be credited to Caterlink.

  18. Parent Mail We have been using Parentmail for over a year to take online payments for dinners, trips, after and before school clubs. We have 93% of parents/carers using the system and very few still paying cash/cheques in the office. After ½ term the School Office will be cashless. Therefore, we are offering 4 drop-in sessions for parents who need to be set up or are having difficulty using Parentmail. Tuesday 3rd October and Thursday 12th October – 8.45am-10.00am Wednesday 11th October and Friday 13th October – 2.45pm-4.30pm

  19. Important Dates Year 3 Enrolment Mass 8th October 11:30am Reconciliation 4th December 6pm Class 7 First Holy Communion 19th May Class 8 First Holy Communion 9th June

  20. Questions?