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Parents Worry About You PowerPoint Presentation
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Parents Worry About You

Parents Worry About You

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Parents Worry About You

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  1. Parents Worry About You • Today we are going to discuss the possible reasons why parents may be worried or concerned about you. • We are also going to discuss possible behaviors that your parents may engage in when they are worried about you. • Finally, we are going to try to understand better why parents engage in those behaviors.

  2. Parents Worry About You • For teens, independent decision-making is very important. • There are many decisions and behaviors that teens make and engage in that make parents worry. • What are some activities or behaviors you participate in that might make your parents worried about you, or your safety?

  3. Parents Worry About You • Possible reasons why your parents worry about you: • Your parents love you • They care for you • They want to see the best for you • They want to see you make good decisions • They want to see you do well in life; become productive adults • Why do your parents worry about you?

  4. Parents WorryAbout You • What are some things (i.e., behaviors) that parents do when they are worried about you? • They may give you advice • They may constantly ask you what is wrong and really encourage you to talk with them • They may try to make a decision for you or say you can’t do something • What else have your parents done when they were worried about you?

  5. Parents WorryAbout You • Why do parents engage in these behaviors when they are worried about you? • They want you to be safe • They want to see you make good decisions • Because they are parents; they love you • Why might your parents feel compelled to share their experiences and wisdom? • Have you ever benefited from listening to your parents’ experience or wisdom?

  6. Parents Worry About You • Why is it important for you to understand this goal (i.e., why is it important to understand your parents’ perspective)? • Parents have already gone through many similar things that you are going through currently. • With that experience, they have gained an insight on how to handle life’s big and little problems. • They want to spare you that pain and trouble because they love you so much. • You are their child; they want to protect you from the world, if at all possible.

  7. It is now time to engage in the Activities