Gender neutral accommodations
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Gender-Neutral Accommodations. Amber Rae Jolly and Eric R. Young. Objectives. To provide information about Gender Neutral Accommodations To provide information about what other institutions have done to implement Gender Neutral Accommodations

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Gender neutral accommodations

Gender-Neutral Accommodations

Amber Rae Jolly and Eric R. Young


  • To provide information about Gender Neutral Accommodations

  • To provide information about what other institutions have done to implement Gender Neutral Accommodations

  • To provide recommendations for the University of Mount Union in regards to Gender Neutral Accommodations

Understanding the vocabulary
Understanding the Vocabulary

  • Sex- Refers to a person based on their anatomy (external genitalia, chromosomes, and internal reproductive system) (Berkley)

  • Gender Identity-Asocially constructed system of classification that ascribes qualities of masculinity and femininity to people. (Berkley)

Understanding the vocabulary1
Understanding the Vocabulary

  • Transgender- People who live all or substantial portions of their lives expressing an innate sense of gender other than their birth sex. (Marklein, 2004)

  • Transitioning-A complicated, multi-step process that can take years as transsexuals align their anatomy with their sex identity; this process may ultimately include sex reassignment surgery (Berkley)

Understanding the vocabulary2
Understanding the Vocabulary

  • Ze- Gender neutral pronouns that can be used instead of he/she. (Berkley)

  • Zir- Gender neutral pronouns that can be used instead of his/her. (Berkley)

Gender neutral accommodations1
Gender Neutral Accommodations

Gender neutral accommodations are policies and programs that are intended to make the institution more open/accommodating for people of all genders, not just limiting it to males and females.

Gender neutral accommodations2
Gender Neutral Accommodations


  • Gender-Neutral Restrooms

  • Gender-Neutral Housing

    • Floors; Apartments; Restrooms within housing

  • Inclusive Forms

    • Application Process

  • Appropriate Signage

  • Identity Recognition


  • Nearly 300 colleges have updated their nondiscrimination policies to include gender identity and expression, and more than 50 campuses have gender-neutral housing. (Tilsley, 2010)

  • The University of Michigan conducts a confidential assessment of their housing needs to ensure that those needs are met (Gender-Neutral, 2009.).

  • According to the American College Personnel Association, one of the core values of the profession is creating a diverse environment (About ACPA, n.d.).

Other institutions oac
Other Institutions- OAC

  • Students have the opportunity to choose their roommate, regardless of the other person’s gender; separate sexes must be assigned to different bedrooms. –Capital

  • There have not been any requests for this type of housing. -Heidelberg

  • At this point in time, we don’t have any gender neutral housing options other than apartment style housing - men and women can live in the same unit, but not in the same bedrooms.-Muskingum

  • We do not offer gender neutral housing.-Ohio Northern

  • We don’t have a gender neutral housing option, but we have provided housing options for gender neutral students in the past. -Baldwin Wallace

Other institution neoho
Other Institution-NEOHO

Institutions that have accommodations in both bathrooms and housing: Case Western (after first year), Oberlin (has a residence hall)

Institutions that have some form of accommodations: Case Western, Oberlin, and BW.

Bathrooms tend to be the first option schools have explored.

Other institution methodist
Other Institution- Methodist

Duke University

  • “The allocation and creation of gender-neutral housing options for all undergraduates desiring to participate in such a system”.

  • “The addition of this living option on campus will not just benefit the LGBTQ community but the entire Duke community, especially independents, by providing more options”

  • “Campus Council resolves that gender designations should be removed from Central Campus beginning in the 2011-2012 academic year.”

Student voices support
Student Voices… Support

  • College is a crucial time, if you can’t be yourself to its fullest how might that hinder other growth, college is where changing start

  • One thing the school is big on is diversity, so this allows school to back up that statement and raise student awareness

  • A lot of homosexuals have issues finding roommates who are comfortable with the situation….or the rooming situation tends not to last long

  • As a transgender student, I want to live with guys since I associate more with that gender

Student voices opposition
Student Voices… Opposition

  • It is inappropriate, gives the school a bad image, parents would have issues sending students to an institution with that, females have been raped by male friends/male abuse in the past, unnecessary accommodation, perhaps in extreme cases it could be explored, females comfort level with the situation could be bad

  • Options for married people should be explored before this, men and women shouldn’t even share residence halls let alone rooms/apartments, it is a distraction to the education purpose of the campus, and it adds pressure to the learning environment


  • Approach Student Government for a resolution in favor of or against gender neutral accommodations

    • Present a similar presentation as this one

  • Establish a team to focus on accommodation implementation

  • Start Small and work towards bigger changes

  • Education students throughout the process

    • Summer Preview



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