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Garry Irawan President

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Garry Irawan President - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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I Putu Josanda Vice-President. Garry Irawan President. Vote for the best!!! President: Garry Irawan Vice- President: I Putu Josanda. Provide a peaceful country for people to live without criminality. Our Vision. Provides good security for citizens

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Presentation Transcript

I PutuJosanda


Garry Irawan


Vote for the best!!!

President: Garry Irawan

Vice- President: I PutuJosanda

our missions

Provides good security for citizens

  • Gives training to people who related with safetiness of citizens
  • Reduces criminality in town and village by strenghten the security system.
Our Missions
why vote for us

We care about the safety of citizens

  • We have good management of security
  • We care about environment
Why Vote for Us
our program

Mayor will collect data from the city for how many criminalities happenin their city. As the same as the Regent in a county.

  • Mayor and Regent will give information gathered to the Governor and the Governor will get the survey and report to the President & VP.
Our Program
our program1

3. President and VP will decided the best program based on the survey result

4. Then they will instruct Minister of Safety Protection of Citizens and Criminality Commision to run the program that President and VP made.

5. Minister of Safety Protection of Citizens and Criminality Commision make the laws to reduce criminalities and pass the program to the Governor to do

6. The Governor works with Mayor and Regent socialize the law to people.

Our Program
our program2

7. Involve all polices and millitary people to secure the places through routine patrol using different types of security system.

8. After view months the result will be reported to Mayor / Regent until the President and VP being informed.

Our Program

Do you want a peaceful country to live in?

  • Do you want a place without criminality?
  • Do you want a safe country to travel?

So….. Who should you elect then?

Vote for number 3

Garry Irawan and I PutuJosanda