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Poetry. Cumberland, Junior Gr. 7. Concrete Poems. Poem that: forms a picture of the topic Follows contours of a shape suggested by the topic. Concrete Poems. Here is an example of how to write one using a rhyming couplet A click, a sputter, a whoosh- to roar! line 1

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Cumberland, Junior

Gr. 7

concrete poems
Concrete Poems
  • Poem that:
    • forms a picture of the topic
    • Follows contours of a shape suggested by the topic
concrete poems1
Concrete Poems

Here is an example of how to write one using a rhyming couplet

A click, a sputter, a whoosh- to roar!line 1

A flick, a shudder, a push- to soar!line 2

The wings held steady; the nose held high; line 3 The plane is ready to touch the sky!line 4

acrostic poems
Acrostic Poems
  • Can be about anything
  • Letters that spell the subject are written down the left side
  • Each letter starts the word/phrase about the subject

Hockey is my favorite sportOn the ice or streetCool and funKeep on playingExercise and strongerYou should try 

diamante poems
Diamante Poems
  • Unrhymed, 7-line poem
  • Diamond-shaped poems that use adjectives, nouns and verbs
  • First and last lines only have 1 word
  • 2nd & 6th lines have 2 words
  • 3rd & 5th lines have 3 words
  • Longest line goes in the middle (4 words)
diamante poems1
Diamante Poems
  • Can have one central topic or 2 opposing topics
  • If you have 2 topics, the middle line (4th) links the 2 topics together


Adjective, Adjective

Verb, Verb, Verb

Noun, Noun, Noun, Noun

Verb, Verb, Verb

Adjective, Adjective


diamante examples
Diamante Examples

Synonym Diamante

Synonym – words with same or similar meanings

  • “Monsters” and “Creatures” mean the same thing, so they are synonyms.

Monsters Evil, Spooky Howling, Shrieking, Wailing Ghosts, Vampires, Goblins, Witches Flying, Scaring, Terrifying Creepy, Crawly Creatures

diamante examples1
Diamante Examples

Antonym Diamante

Antonym– words with opposite meanings

  • “Cat” and “Dog” are opposites, or “antonyms,” so this is an antonym diamante.

Cat Gentle, Sleepy Purring, Meowing, Scratching Whiskers, Fur, Collar, Leash Barking, Licking, Digging Slobbery, Playful Dog

diamante examples2
Diamante Examples

Man Brilliant, perfect Working, learning, earning Beer, car, mirror, make-up Speaking, speaking, speaking Furious, exhausted

WomanManStupid, rude Sleeping, eating burpingTrousers, underpants, knickers, skirts Working, sporting, cleaning Clever, beautiful Woman

how do we make one
How do We Make One?
  • Brainstorm topics
  • Decide which kind of diamante you would like to do
  • Make 3 columns (nouns, verbs, adjectives) & write fill them with words relating to your topic
  • Pick the words you like and arrange them according to the format.
  • Proofread, then…. Cheer because you’re done!
  • Traditional Japanese verse-form poem
  • Has 3 lines, 17 syllables
    • First & third line have 5 syllables
    • Second line has 7 syllables
  • Can be thought of as “snap shot” poetry
    • Captures a specific moment in time
  • Typically about nature but don’t have to be

The first line has five

The second line has seven

The third line has five

Haikus are awesome.

But they don’t often make sense.



What’s in my headphones?

Nothing but sweet hip hop beats,

Jay-Z, Eminem

Now, let’s try a fun exercise. Think of one of your favorite songs and sum it up in 3 lines in haiku format.

Artist: AC/DC ; Song: Highway to Hell

On an expressway

To eternal damnation

There’s only on ramps.


Artist: Jay-Z ; Song: 99 Problems

So many stresses.

My problems are multitude

But they are not her.

Can you guess this one?

I used to be poor.

If you don’t know, now you know.

I have a chauffeur.

free verse
Free Verse
  • No rhyming pattern
  • No rhythm pattern
  • No rules on line length
  • Try to keep words that are supposed to be together on the same line
  • Topic can be anything (story, feeling, person, object, etc.)
  • Can be thought of as spoken music
  • Spoken word
  • Minimum 10 lines
free verse1
Free Verse
  • Sometimes poets will:
    • Break up words/lines to form a shape
    • Put a word on it’s own line for emphasis
    • Place a line in a seemingly random place for emphasis
  • Rhythm & emphasis is evident when poet reads their work aloud
free verse2
Free Verse


  • Poet uses language to “show” not “tell”
  • Uses adjectives to describe topic to create imagery
    • Eg. Rather then saying “we had so much fun today” poet will say “they wore smiles on their faces all the way home”
    • Idea is that the image of grinning faces will create a stronger impression than the word fun
free verse3
Free Verse
  • Often uses similes, metaphors, and personification
    • Simile: a comparison using words “like” or “as”
      • Her lips are as red as a cherry
    • Metaphor: a comparison NOT using “like” or “as”; usually comparing two unlike things
      • She has cherry lips
    • Personification: using words to make something not alive or real seem real or alive
      • The wind howled
rhyming free verse
Rhyming Free Verse
  • Like a free verse but with a rhyming scheme
  • Typically use AA BB or AB AB
  • Must follow a rhyming scheme NOT randomly rhyming words/lines
  • Minimum 12 lines