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Admissions to Post-Graduate Programmes of Department of Civil Engineering in July 2012 PowerPoint Presentation
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Admissions to Post-Graduate Programmes of Department of Civil Engineering in July 2012

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Admissions to Post-Graduate Programmes of Department of Civil Engineering in July 2012 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Admissions to Post-Graduate Programmes of Department of Civil Engineering in July 2012. The Department

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Presentation Transcript

Admissions to Post-Graduate Programmes

of Department of Civil Engineering

in July 2012

  • The Department
  • Established in 1961, the Department of Civil Engineering at IIT Kanpur aims at producing high-quality technical human resources to meet the needs of the nation― industries, R&D organizations and educational institutes. The Department is active in conceptual teaching, research in frontier areas, national-level consulting, and strong outreach activities.
  • The Post-Graduate Programmes
  • The Department offers Master of Technology (MTech) and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degrees in the following specializations:
    • Engineering Geosciences
    • Environmental Engineering (only PhD degree)
    • Geoinformatics
    • Geotechnical Engineering
    • Hydraulics & Water Resources Engineering
    • Structural Engineering
    • Transportation Engineering
  • The emphasis of the post-graduate programmes is on learning fundamental principles in the subject area, developing deep understanding of a facet of the chosen specialization, honing creative & independent thinking, and on adapting & solving problems of inter-disciplinary nature. Admissions to these programmes are not restricted to only civil engineers. For example, the MTech programme in Engineering Geosciences is also open to graduates with M.Sc. degree in geosciences. In addition, the department also administers an interdisciplinary MTech program in Environmental Engineering & Management (EEM), which is open to graduates with bachelor’s degree in a large number of subjects; for details on the EEM Programme, please contact Dr. S.N. Tripathi (, Convener, EEM Programme.
  • Details of admission procedures, eligibility requirements, financial assistance and course requirements, please select the link of “Academics” followed by “Postgraduate Program” and “Admissions” on this web-page. The last date for receiving completed application forms is April 16, 2012.
  • Research Facilities
  • The state-of-the-art research facilities added in the Department over the last decade include:
  • Servo-hydraulic actuators, shake table, eccentric mass shaker, accelerometer-based wireless mea-surement system, fibre optic-based strain & tem-perature measurement system, pseudo-dynamic testing facility
  • Advanced triaxial system including dynamic load-ing, bender elements, ring shear apparatus, dila-tometer, SASW, pressure meter, seismic down hole system
  • Robotic & motorized total stations, digital theodo-lites & levels, geodetic differential GPS receivers, terrestrial laser scanner, range camera, integra-ted GPS and INS system, photogrammetric work-station, softwares for geospatial processing
  • AAS, WDXRF, resistivity meter, hydrobios sedi-ment corer echo sounder, water analysis equip-ment, exploration seismograph, stereoscopy sta-tion for the worldwide aeronet project, GPS, drill cores scanner, GPR, survey instrument, petro-logical microscopes
  • Facility for physical modelling of rivers and hy-draulic testing of pipes, acoustic doppler veloci-meter, apparatus for measuring fluid friction, mo-mentum and energy losses, hydrology system, hydro-meteorological observatory
  • Profilograph, rotational viscometer, vacuum visco-meter, asphalt fatigue testing, skid tester, thin film oven tester, driver testing, stone polish ma-chine, traffic speed radar, asphalt ignition tester, GPS, vehicle classification system
  • HR-TOF-MS, IC, HPLC, AAS, TOC, CHNOS analy-zer, GC-ECD-FID, UV-visible spectrometer, GC-MS, HDTLC, OPC, CCP, SMPS, APS, CCN, particle absorption soot photometer, MOUDI, fog chamber
  • Current Research Interests
  • Mechanics and modeling of rivers; surface & groundwater management; flow & transport through saturated porous media; integrated hydrological modelling; neural networks & know-ledge extraction; stochastic hydrology
  • Transportation network optimization; traffic flow theory; traffic facilities design; driver behaviour modeling; traveler information system; pavement material charac-terization; pavement design & maintenance; traffic safety; highway financing
  • Remote sensing for earth resources, urban mapping, environment, archaeology; photogra-mmetry, GPS, GIS and pattern recognition applications; terrestrial, airborne and mobile laser scanning; visualization; LBS, flood and noise propagation modeling; WebGIS
  • Fluvial geomorphology and sedimentology; shallow sub-surface stratigraphy of sedi-mentary basins; tectonic geomorphology and paleoseismology; climate change and response of earth systems; petrology and geochemistry
  • Structural dynamics, mechanics & stability; earthquake engineering; concrete; reinforced concrete, masonry, and steel structures; struc-tural health monitoring; performance-based design; multiscale, multiphysics in mechanics & materials; robust optimization of structures
  • Soil-structure interaction; soil dynamics and liquefaction; ground improvement; physical modeling of foundation systems; constitutive behaviour of geomaterials; railway geotech-nology; slope stability
  • Environmental chemistry; wastewater treat-ment; environmental systems; modeling & management, atmospheric pollution & its effects on climate
  • Student Conveniences
  • The facilities offered at IITK to students include:
  • Married student accommodation on campus
  • Office space for Ph.D. students
  • Wireless LAN on campus
  • Sports and recreational facilities
  • Travel grants for attending conferences in
  • India and abroad
  • Awards for papers published in recognized
  • journals
  • For more information, please contact
  • Dr. Rajiv Sinha (
  • Convener
  • Department Post-Graduate Committee
  • Department of Civil Engineering
  • Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur
  • Kanpur 208016
  • Phone: (0512) 259 7317