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  1. NOEY DEROOY I signed up for softball 4 years ago, and I’m going to play soft ball till I die. My uncle tells me to keep playing soft ball but it hurts. About 2 years ago something happened to both of my knees when I was playing, so now when I play it hurts my knees to run so hard. My uncle says I can’t stop playing. My aunt played soft ball when she was younger. Sometimes my mom says that I play better than my older sister Shyla.

  2. The Beginning I was born on November1, 2001 at 11:55pm at Shelby, Michigan Lakeshore hospital. The one interesting fact about me is that

  3. The Early Years When I was a little I would play with my grandma’s dog little RooRoo. We would race from the back porch to the end of the yard. Little RooRoo would always cheat. I and my sisters would play by my grandma’s pond but she didn’t want us to, we did it anyway. The most common game we would play was tag. Sometimes we would run around the house, because Shyla and me would get Paige mad and she would chase us. I and my sisters would go outside at night and run around the house.

  4. Table of contents Slide 3: The beginning Slide 4: The early years Slide 5: High school Slide 6: Hobbies & Interests Slide 7: Favorites Slide 8: Family Slide 9: Slide of your choice Slide 10: Future plans

  5. Favorites I like to read. Robert comes to my house and gives me books. I really like to play one sport such as Softball. I only play softball because I’m scared to try something else. I like to run around bare-foot in my grandma’s back yard when it’s a really sunny out, and her grass is freshly cut. \

  6. High School In high school I want to be in jv girls baseball and in quiz bowl. I want to be in jv girls baseball because I like hitting a ball with a bat.Quiz bowl sounds fun too, but I just want to answer questions.

  7. Hobbies & Interests I like to play softball almost every summer, I started when I was 8. I didn’t want to but my mom made me do it. My mom doesn’t like it when she comes to my games, She says that me team mates don’t pay attention through the whole game. Last year my mom didn’t like my coach because she didn’t make any sense. Every year I’m put with younger kids and my mom wants to say something but I won’t let her.

  8. FAMILY Robert: He is 20 years old. He works at Petersons farm. He is mean to shyla. Me and him play fight when he is around. Shyla: She is 13 and in 8th grade and she likes make up and to do cheer. She likes to fight, like really fight with people. She is my older sister Paige: She is 11 and my younger sister. She is taller than me. When she fights with us she hits. If you get her crying she will start using her nails and grab you in the face. Mom: She is 44 and likes her kids to be tough and stick up for themselves. She is not mean. She hates to cook and clean up the house, but does it anyway.

  9. Bizarre family members My one cousin that is named Mckenzie has two different colored eyes. One of her eyes is green, which is her family and her other eye is brown that is from my family. She has a twin named Mckenna and they look so much alike. The only way I can tell them apart is from Mckenzie’s different colored eyes. That is my cousin Mckenzie but you can’t really see her eyes.

  10. Future Plans Be rich.