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THE NEW ORDER AND THE HOLOCAUST. “The New Order in Europe” Nazis controlled Europe from the English Channel in the west to near Moscow in the east (1942)---mostly ran by military or civilian officials and supportive civilians

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the new order and the holocaust


“The New Order in Europe”

Nazis controlled Europe from the English Channel in the west to near Moscow in the east (1942)---mostly ran by military or civilian officials and supportive civilians

Nazis were ruthless in eastern Europe---see the Slavic people as racially inferior---wanted the lands for German settlers---plans for Aryan empire is set in place

Heinrich Himmler is the SS leader put in charge of the German resettlement plans in the east---(move Slavic people out and replace them with Germans)---moved one million Poles to southern Poland---1942 two million ethnic Germans had been moved and colonized to new Poland provinces---Hitler anticipates turning all Slavs into slaves so Himmler suggest killing them instead

Labor shortage in Germany so about 7 million Europeans are forced to work in Germany or in their own country for the Nazi empire

the holocaust
“The Holocaust”
  • 1. Hitler’s “Final Solution” was to exterminate the Jews from Europe because they were the greatest threat to his Aryan Empire
  • 2. The SS under Himmler was responsible for carrying out the Final Solution which was “genocide” or the physical extermination of ones own race---the Jewish population
  • 3. Reinhard Heydrich was the head of the SS’s Security Service and was in charge of the Final Solution---He created special forces called “Einsatzgruppen” to carry out Nazi plans
  • 4. When Poland fell Heydrich ordered all Jews to be rounded up and put in crowded ghettos in a number of cities---the Nazis tried to starve the Jews----many resistance groups in the ghettos fought back
  • 5. In 1941 the Einsatzgruppen began to act as mobile killing units which followed the army, rounded up the Jews, and then executed them---they buried their bodies in mass graves (one million died this way)----however, the Nazis thought this was too slow a solution
death camps
“Death Camps”
  • 1. Jews were transported in trains like cattle to Poland which had six death camps and the largest was “Auschwitz”---30% of the arrivals were sent to work in labor camps of which many were starved or worked to death---others were exterminated in gas chambers
  • 2. By 1942 the death camps are in full operation and the “Final Solution” is of top priority even over the military needs during war---In 1944 as the Germans began to lose ground, Hitler still ordered Jews be shipped from Greece and Hungary to the death camps
  • 3. Over 3 million Jews were killed in the death camps (overall total killed were between 5 and 6 million)
4. Other victims of the Holocaust were Europe’s Gypsies (40%), Poles, Ukrainians, and 3-4 million Soviet prisoners of war
  • 5. The Danish people were able to protect most of its Jewish citizens yet, in other places “Collaborators” helped the Nazis find Jews
  • 6. Jewish children were the first to be put to death in the gas champers because they could not work (1.2 million)---many children were moved from cities being bombed and never saw their parents again (1945 13 million orphaned children in Europe---Schools closed and many children on both sides joined the front lines to fight or worked as spies (age 14-15)
the new order in asia
“The New Order In Asia”
  • 1. Japan hoped to use its newly conquered countries as sources of raw materials such as tin, oil, and rubber (market for Japanese goods)
  • 2. Japanese slogans were “Asia for the Asiatics”---they contacted anticolonialist forces and promised them that local governments would be set up under Japanese control (Burma, the Dutch East Indies, Vietnam, and the Philippines)---each was ran by Japanese military and the local people were forced to work
  • 3. In Vietnam, the Japanese took rice from the people and one million of them starved to death in 1944 and 1945
japanese respect
“Japanese Respect”
  • 1. At first, many of the Southeast Asian nationalists cooperated with the Japanese but their attitudes changed through the arrogance and contempt for local customs (no respect for the culture) --- ie: Buddhist pagodas in Burma were used as military latrines
  • 2. The Japanese were like the Germans, they had little respect for the lives of people in occupied countries---In Nanjing and in China the Japenese soldiers looted the city and killed and raped its people (12,000 Allied P.O.W.’s died while constructing the Burma-Thailand railway in 1943)
  • 3. Nationalist in occupied countries were conflicted because they did not want the former colonial powers to return but they did not like the Japanese either----Ho Chi Minh in French Indochina turned against the Japanese and worked with the Allies