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And example of NGO-Police Cooperation from Hungary: - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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And example of NGO-Police Cooperation from Hungary: Training sessions for police on combatting trafficking for the purpose of sexual exploitation. Lídia Balogh, MONA Joining forces to combat homophobic and transphobic violence in Europe 9 December 2011 The Hague.

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And example of NGO-PoliceCooperationfrom Hungary:

Trainingsessionsforpoliceoncombattingtraffickingforthepurpose of sexualexploitation

Lídia Balogh, MONA

Joining forces to combat

homophobic and transphobic violence in Europe

9 December 2011

The Hague

Mona foundation for the women of hungary
MONA FoundationfortheWomen of Hungary

  • Non-partisan gender equality NGO founded in 1992

  • Topics: women’s participation in public life and the labor market, women in the media, gender-based violence (including prostitution and trafficking for sexual exploitation)

  • Activities: research and publications, advocacy, conferences, professional fora, awareness raising and trainings for professionals

  • National and international networks (e.g. Hungarian Women’s Lobby – European Women’s Lobby), national state-NGO consultative mechanisms.

Hungary trends
Hungary: trends

  • Internal trafficking (street, private homes, brothels)

  • Trafficking out of Hungary:

    - traffcking/exploitaton victims in Amsterdam,

    - street prostitutes (with pimps) in Zürich.

    - Italy, Germany, Spain, Ireland, Greece, Can., US, Mexico.

  • Especially vulnerable:

    - the socioeconomically disadvantaged,

    - Roma,

    - minors in / adults coming out of state child care institutions)

  • Trafficking into Hungary: not many cases known of:

    - from Ukraine and Romania

    - boys from Romania

Development of Interdisciplinary Cooperationin Hungaryto Combat Trafficking for the Purpose of SexualExploitation and to SupportVictims’ (2008-2010)

SupportedbyEEA/Norwegian Financial Mechanism

  • Main activities/’outputs’:

    • Research,

    • Professional forums organized for and with the target groups for the purpose of developing interdisciplinary cooperation,

    • Proposals for the modification and development of national legislation as regards human trafficking, sexualexploitation and victim assistance,

    • Proposals for the foundations of the structural organization, main tasks and operational principles and guidelines of a future nation-wide network of victim assistance and shelters;

    • The development and implementation of pilot trainings for members of the Hungarian police forces

Pilot training sessions for police 2010
Pilot trainingsessionsforpolice (2010)

  • Pilot trainins sessions for police within framework of 2008-2010 project

    • Sensitization, knowledge and capacity building

    • 3 x 2 days of trainings (two at the Budapest Police Headquarters and one for police officers under the Veszprém County Police Headquarters),

    • 35 participants,

    • Set of training materials developed for police regarding human trafficking and sexual exploitation

Pilot training sessions for police evaluation
Pilot trainingsessionsforpolice – evaluation

  • Results: positive change in attitude among participants, improved knowledge of background of prostitution and trafficking, increased emathy towards victims.

  • Feedback from participants:

    • “Beneath the seemingly superficial issue of prostitution lie deeper and more dense roots than I had imagined.”

    • “It is important to understand the psychological background of victims, and to approach them during the police interview in such a way that they are then able to cooperate.”

    • “This information should be provided to as many police units as possible.”

    • “Cooperating with NGOs is indispensable and necessary.”

    • “Thank you for these two days; they contained information that truly revived hope in me.”

Illustration a poster made by participants of the training session
Illustration: a poster made by participants of the training session

Trainings sessions for mixed groups 2010 2011
Trainingssessionsfor mixed groups (2010-2011)


Embassyof theKingdomoftheNetherlandsin Budapest

  • Expanded and implemented for other professionals, e.g. social workers (child care and child protection services, working with street prostitution), teachers,.

  • 4 mixed-group training sessions in Jan – March 2011 with similarly positive feedback.

  • 3 mixed-group training sessions sheduled for Dec 2011 and Jan. 2012.

Lobbying and advocacy activities results
Lobbying and advocacy:activities& results

  • Child prostitution petition :

    1,000 signatures

  • Cooperation with embassies in Hungary:

    contribution to the US TIP Report, Swedish Human Rights report

  • Cooperation with journalists:

    siginificant quality media attention

Follow up of the complex activities inc training sessions
Follow-up of the complex activities(inc. Training sessions)

  • Participation in the Working Group of Budapest Child Protection Sevice and the Budapest Police

  • Consultation and cooperation with National Anti-Trafficking Coordinator

  • Short term plans: cooperation with Roma Police Officers organization, Roma NGOs and Roma self governments

  • Pending victim protection and prevention proposals