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Addressing Global Needs

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Addressing Global Needs. Vision Statement.

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vision statement
Vision Statement

* It is Seawolf’s vision & objective to contribute to the issues that we as a global community are faced with. Our commitment to change and our passion to empower the unfortunate and technologically handicapped “people” of the world is the “Seawolf Mandate”.

* “Seawolf” and its founders of humanitarian minded people choose to partake in creating a global trend of Industrial responsibility that is so desperately needed.

goal s and objectives
Goal’s and Objectives
  • The goal of Seawolf is to bring our innovative humanitarian, industrial and consumer products to the world.
  • Our objectives are to create economic stability and sustainability in world communities, and encourage people through self empowerment and education to embrace “green” technologies.
  • To dramatically increase quality of life, health and opportunity for individuals, families and communities of the world.
  • To work in partnership directly with the people on a community development level to encourage self reliance, self esteem and feelings of accomplishment.
goals and objectives cont
Goals and Objectives cont.
  • To have the capacity to self finance our products and projects.
  • To implement:

- Education

- Manufacturing plants

- Distributions networks

- Community development

- Training

the world situation today
The World Situation Today
  • The world is in dire need of action. The Industrialized Companies and people of our global family must recognize. “ The time to act is now ”
  • The world needs a corporation to initiate a global trend and show that it makes economical sense to engage in alternative products.
  • World organizations acting on behalf of all people cannot accomplish this monumental task on their own.
  • As stated in the latest data, the percentage of Hunger, Malnutrition, Child Mortality, lack of Potable Water are at critical levels.
worlds top priority countries
Worlds Top Priority Countries
  • Countries Needing Major Assistance:

~ South Asia

~ South Saharan Africa

~ East Asia & the Pacific

~ Arab States

~ Latin America

~ Central & Eastern Europe & the CIS

"Source" Human Development Report (UNDP)

south asia
South Asia

In Millions or Percentage (%) of Population:

~ Access To Improved Water – Only 19%

~ Income Poverty – 42% or 488 million of the people live on

less than $1 per day

~ Child Mortality – 34% or 3.6 million children died before

age 5 years old in the year 2000

~ Hunger – 40% or 333.6 million people of the population were malnourished in 2000

"Source" Human Development Report (UNDP)

sub sahara africa
Sub - Sahara Africa

In Millions or Percentage (%) of Population:

~ Access to Improved water – Only 23%

~ Income Poverty – 27% or 315 million of the people live on

less than $1 per day

~ Child Mortality – 42% or 4.5 million children died before the

age of 5 years old in the year 2000

~ Hunger – 22% or 183 million people of the population were malnourished in 2000

"Source" Human Development Report (UNDP)

east asia the pacific
In Millions or Percentage (%) of Population:

~ Access to Improved Water – Only 38%

~ Income Poverty – 24% or 279 million of the population live on

less than $1 per day

~ Child Mortality – 13% or 1.4 million children died before the

age of 5 years old in the year 2000

~ Hunger – 24% or 193.3 million people of the population were

malnourished in 2000

East Asia & the Pacific

"Source" Human Development Report (UNDP)

arab states
Arab States

In Millions or Percentage (%) of Population:

~ Access to Improved Water – Only 3%

~ Income Poverty – 6 Million of the population live on

less than $1per day

~ Child Mortality – 6% or 0.6 million of children died before the

age of 5 years old in the year 2000

~ Hunger – 4% or 32.2 Million people of the population were

malnourished in 2000

"Source" Human Development Report (UNDP)

latin america
Latin America

In Millions or Percentage (%) of Population:

~ Access To Improved Water – Only 6%

~ Income Poverty – 5% or 57 million of the population lives on less than $1 per day

~ Child Mortality – 4% or 0.4 million children died before the

age of 5 years old in the year 2000

~ Hunger – 7% or 54.9 million people of the population were

malnourished in 2000

"Source" Human Development Report (UNDP)

central and eastern europe and the cis
Central and Eastern Europe and the CIS

In Millions or Percentage (%) of Population:

~ Access To Improved Water – Only 3%

~ Income Poverty – 2% or 97 million of the population lives on less than $2 per day

~ Child Mortality - 2% or 0.2 million children died before the

age of 2 in the year 2000

~ Hunger – 4% or 30 million people of the population were

malnourished in 2000

"Source" Human Development Report (UNDP)

global overview
Global Overview

In Millions of Population:

~ Access To Improved Water – Only 1,160 million people have access to an Improved Water Source

~ Income Poverty – 1,169 million people in the world are forced to live on less than $1 dollar per day

~ Child Mortality – 10.8 million children of the world died before the age of 5 years old in the year 2000 alone !!

~ Hunger – 827.5 million people of our world were malnourished in the year 200

"Source" Human Development Report (UNDP)

the future trends
The Future Trends
  • Global weather changes are making matters worse year by year. Food sources must be produced in controlled environments.
  • The regions which the majority of field grown food crops come from are having serious climatic changes including droughts, floods, frosts, pest outbreaks etc. “ It will only escalate ”
  • Urban growth is dramatically decreasing available prime agricultural land in place of urban construction.
  • As a global society we will be forced to utilize the controlled environment of a greenhouse in order to advert disastrous food wars, violence, starvation, and child mortality
future trends cont
Future Trends cont.
  • Global bidding for food by industrialized nations is increasing third world communities despair and poverty.
  • Corporate agendas, corruption and political maneuverings and bureaucracy are still further restricting the flow of commodities to the poorer and highly populated nations.
  • Soil and water contamination are rendering land and water reserves unfit for food production and human consumption.
  • The people that can force and make change (industrialized consumers) through voting, spending habits and contributions do not perceive and understand the seriousness of the global issues due to their hectic life styles, desire to compete for prestige, and the perception of success as being monetary.
global solutions
Global Solutions
  • The Seawolf Perspective: What is the current situation?

~ Third world regions are heavily dependent on industrialized countries for food, medicine, financial assistance etc. Why?

Industrialized nations are located in the most fertile land areas with highly efficient pesticides and machinery. The problem is that with the application of pesticides and fertilizers the soil is toxic and in combination with the greenhouse effect and the resulting climatic changes taking place, even these regions are no longer capable of supporting their own inhabitants. Being solely dependant on farmers is no longer adequate to “feed ourselves” or feed the third world nations of the world.

global solutions cont
Global Solutions Cont.
  • So what is the answer: “Empower the People”

With the assets of third world regions and people being;

* Massive labor forces * Huge amount of land area

* Desire to be self reliant * Core knowledge of basic farming

* High motivation * Need for economic stability

~Seawolf Believes the key to addressing our global crisis is to recognize and utilize the assets of the third world population.

~By implementing the Seawolf products and working as one within communities, the impoverished regions could become the world food producers while respecting the environment.

the seawolf products
The Seawolf Products
  • Patented Hydroponics System Developed for Global implementation.
  • A “100% Green Power Cell” that generates hydrogen without using any fossil fuels.
  • A Self Powered Ultra Violet Water Purification System.
  • Unique proprietary technology “AicAAA” (Access to information and control Anytime, Anywhere, and from Any platform).
hydroponics global overview
Hydroponics ~ Global Overview
  • Hydroponics industry growth (400-500% in 10 years).
  • There are only 50,000 acres of hydroponics globally which accounts for a farm gate value of 6-8 billion US dollars.
  • Production is focused in affluent countries. Major Producers:

~Netherlands 25,000 acres (50% of global production)

~Canada 3,800 acres

~Australia 600 acres

~Mexico 450 acres

With Seawolf’s initiatives we would like to see this figure tripled

within 5-7 years.

"Source" Practical Hydroponics & Greenhouses

features benefits
Features & Benefits
  • Seawolf systems are fully integrated.
  • Our systems control all of the important variables:

~Nutrient solution temperature

~Aeration requirements

~Nutrient solution levels

~Nutrient solution strength

~PH control of nutrient solution

~Self powered by Hydrogen power cell (optional)

~Uses 1/10th the water

~Uses 1/5th the power

hydroponics the benefits
Hydroponics ~ The Benefits
  • The Quality of produce and the increased harvests are very substantial and can be grown year round.
  • The use of pesticides and fungicides are greatly reduced.
  • Some comparison yields per acre in soil and soilless culture:


Soya 600 lb 1,500 lb

Beans 5 tons 21 tons

Peas 1 ton 9 tons

Beets 4 tons 12 tons

Potatoes 8 tons 70 tons

Lettuce 9,000 lb 18,000 lb

Tomatoes 5-10 tons 100-300 tons

"Source" Rush- Commercial Hydroponics Food Production

what makes our systems easy to use
What makes our systems easy to use!
  • Allows hydroponics principals to effectively work for growers instead of against them.
  • All parts and equipment are manufactured by Seawolf.
  • Uses space very efficiently due to the integration and internal application of critical components.
  • Critical aspects of growing control happen automatically.
  • Seawolf’s patented system allows the water to accomplish what all other systems require equipment to do!
  • “Hydroponics” means (water working), Seawolf has taken this to a new level !!
less equipment more reliable
Less equipment more reliable!
  • Seawolf’s design eliminates 4 pieces of equipment the competitors would require to accomplish the same control as our systems.
  • The absence of the extra equipment makes our fully integrated systems far more reliable due to water doing the work (passive engineering) instead of mechanical equipment.
  • The development of our systems includes strict criteria, all of which includes the absolute use of proven and tested principles and equipment.
empowering the people hydroponics training
Empowering The PeopleHydroponics training
  • The success of Seawolf and its initiatives will require the passing on of horticultural knowledge.
  • Seawolf is in the development stage of creating a training system which will be easy to learn and available in all languages.
  • This system will include various levels of on location community training, virtual training software for all education levels and extended training for those which exhibit exceptional abilities.
competitors hydroponics
Competitors ~ Hydroponics
  • No other hydroponics company offers the level of integration as Seawolf in a user friendly system.
  • Competitors products do not control the nutrient solution temperature without add on equipment.
  • Competitors products do not automatically aerate the nutrient solution without add on equipment.
  • Competitors products do not automatically maintain the nutrient solution level without add on equipment .
  • In order to provide the same level of control the competitors need 4 more pieces of mechanical equipment.
  • No other competitor offers a self powered hydroponic growing system with built in water purification.
power global overview
Power ~ Global Overview
  • 2 Billion people – 1/3 of human beings on the planet have no access to electricity for basic needs such as clean water (water purification), health care facilities. Heating and lighting is one of the most pressing problems facing humanity today.
  • Global warming caused by the burning of fossil fuels is causing floods, droughts severe storms and this will increase dramatically if we do not stop consuming fossil fuels.
  • With most poor countries being in arid regions power plants are not an option and if they were they are costly and would require fossil fuels such as coal, wood, oil, etc.

"Source" Clean Water and Sanitation (UNDP)

features benefits1
Features & Benefits
  • Unique Features of MAPC (metal-air power cell)
  • No degradation in a short circuit.
  • A MAPC design that WORKS and is inexpensive to operate.
  • Easy to operate, is re-usable and there are no throwaway environmentally hazardous materials.
  • It is totally portable and lightweight.
  • It has an indefinite dry storage life.
  • Easily replaceable anodes and reusable electrolyte with

extended shelf life.

key positive attributes
Key Positive Attributes
  • A solid-fuel, power source – more like a fuel cell than either a primary (non-rechargeable) or secondary (rechargeable) battery.
  • High Energy Density compared to standard batteries such as lead acid or nickel cadmium batteries.
  • Of the metal-air type of batteries, the MAPC has the highest energy density.
  • The MAPC can be safely developed up to large systems.
empowering the people primary portable power
Empowering The PeoplePrimary & Portable Power
  • Power for Industrial, third world, urban & rural communities, consumers, primary & portable, power is a must for economic stability and an environmentally friendly power source is the only answer.
  • The Seawolf Power Cell has an ability to generate power without using any fossil fuels whatsoever, unlike a fuel cell which still requires the consumption of fossil fuels.
  • The Seawolf Power Cell is without question the best alternative power source on the planet today.
competitors primary portable power
Competitors ~ Primary/Portable Power
  • No alternative power source is completely self generating (requires no fossil fuels).
  • Competitors operating costs are 500 dollars per KWH compared to our 0.52 cent per KWH cost.
  • Complicated mechanical components.
  • Highly skilled maintenance required.
  • Explosive gasses (major safety concerns).
water global overview
Water Global Overview
  • More than 1 Billion people lack access to clean drinking water.
  • 2.4 Billion people cannot access proper sanitation.
  • The result is that there are more people in the worlds hospitals

today suffering from water borne disease than any other ailment.

  • 2 Million children die every year, 6000 a day from such infections.

"Source" UNDP

water system overview
Water System Overview
  • Now, even without electricity, everyone can have pure bacteria-free drinking water from any water source. Seawolf’s pure water package provides a powerful renewable non-polluting power source capable of producing 370,000 liters of 100% safe water before depleting the fuel cell power. Simple replacement of the anode (magnesium cartridge) , water, and the hydrogen inhibitor restores the power cell to its fully powered original state.
features benefits2
Features & Benefits
  • Provide safe drinking water.
  • Will supply hydroponics growing system with safe clean water.
  • Can be utilized anywhere.
  • Completely portable systems available.
competitors water purification
Competitors ~ Water Purification
  • Not self powered by green technology.
  • Not integrated into a hydroponics growing system.
  • Cannot compete from an operational cost standpoint.
security monitoring remote controllability
Security, Monitoring & Remote Controllability
  • Seawolf has exclusive world manufacturing, distribution and marketing rights to a proprietary technology called AicAAA (Access to information and control Anytime, Anywhere and from Any platform).
  • The technology is a open-architectural platform of software and embedded hardware components that provide monitoring and control functions over wireless and IP networks.
  • Seawolf will utilize the technology for different aspects of our products as well as the other identified markets.
Total Remote Monitoring, Control, Security and

Smartcards for:

Office, Home, Yachts, RV etc.

additional markets
Additional Markets
  • Telco/Computer equipment & environment monitoring.
  • For Vessel manufacturers to provide improved equipment to gain an edge on competition.
  • Security Surveillance, Access Control and Building Automation.
  • Smart card technology for national identification,

company identification and security passes etc.

features and benefits
Features and Benefits
  • Uniquely “bundled” wireless and Internet-enabled monitoring and control systems.
  • Abucco has created a unique, proprietary technology, an open-architecture platform of software and embedded hardware components that provide monitoring and control functions combined.
  • Universal connectivity over wireless and IP networks.
  • The platform is applicable to multiple markets each worth billions of dollars. These components can be combined in a “Lego-like Structure”.
current status
Current Status
  • Seawolf is currently considering a number of financial partners.
  • The potential partners are large financial groups throughout the world.
  • Seawolf is in the final stages of the world patent process with many patents already awarded.
  • Seawolf has completed the development of all its products and they are production ready.
related documents
Related Documents
  • Seawolf patent portfolio.
  • Seawolf license agreements.
  • Information overviews for :

~The hydroponics growing system

~The metal-air power cell

~The self powered water purification system

~Control and Monitoring product information

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