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Brisbane Cosmetic Clinic offering procedures including Cosmetic Surgery, non-surgical options and Skin Therapies.

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SIPL/Skin Therapy

By Brisbane Cosmetic Clinic


About Brisbane Cosmetic Clinic

  • We listen carefully to our patients to understand fully

their specific.

  • We pledge uncompromised professional ethics,

with full respect

for our patients privacy and confidentiality.

Dr. Georgina Konrat

  • Our advice may include declining to perform a requested procedure.
  • Our practice aims to be a leader in Anti-ageing medical practices.
  • We draw on advances in biochemistry, biology, physiology, mind/body medicine, sports medicine, molecular genetics, nutrition and other emerging medical technologies as they are researched and proven.

SIPL/Skin Therapy By brisbane Cosmetic


  • ACNE Medical
  • SIPL skin rejuvenation facial
  • Crystalite facial
  • Clearsonic Exfoliation & Antioxidant infusions
  • PDT (Photodynamic Therapy)
  • Infra Red light therapy

ACNE Medical

At Brisbane Cosmetic Clinic our approach to Acne is simple, effective and affordable.For those patients who prefer a whole approach to their acne problem we combine the treatment of the skin with hormonal balancing, the addition of important nutriceuticals and advice on the best combination of foods bringing better balance and harmony to the body as a whole, and not just the skin.


SIPL skin rejuvenation facial

Skin growth, repair and rejuvenation is stimulated by treatment with the Angelite II Super Intense Pulse of Light (SIPL).SIPL is used for

  • Skin Photo rejuvenation
  • Permanently Reduce Unwanted or Superfluous Hair
  • Rejuvenate Sun damaged skin, fine wrinkling or sun damage
  • Promote Collagen Production
  • Treat Rosacea
  • Improve Mild Acne scars and recurrences
  • Decrease Flushing
  • Break down Broken capillaries
  • Reduce dark pigmented areas under the eyes

Crystalite facial

The main uses for the Crystalite panels are for Photo Rejuvenation treatments alone, or, for more intense skin rejuvenation treatments, the Crystalite is combined with the Angelite II Super Intense Pulse of Light Treatments (SIPL).

  • Rosacea: best results when combined with the Angelite II Super Intense Pulse of Light
  • Acne treatments: best results with combination therapy
  • Actinic keratoses
  • Pre-malignant skin lesions
  • Superficial squamous and some basal cell carcinomas
  • Widespread sun damage & pigmentation
  • Large pore size.

Clearsonic Exfoliation & Antioxidant infusions

The Clearsonic is the latest in ultra-sonic gentle skin exfoliation systems with three ultrasonic modes. This treatment easily, quickly and painlessly exfoliates the outer layer of the epidermis (skin).The Clearsonic is used for exfoliation of the skin, molecular product infusion and micro amp therapy for skin healing.Once the dead and damaged skin cells are removed (exfoliated) the outer layer of new skin becomes visible.

This new skin feels softer, smoother, and reflects light easier, making fine lines harder to see. Exfoliation removes plugged pores, prevents the pores from re-plugging, and allows for the release of natural oils.


PDT (Photodynamic Therapy)

  • Photodynamic Therapy (PDT) is the one of the most recent advances in acne therapy and the treatment of pre-cancerous skin lesions.
  • The procedure involves the application of a photosensitizing agent, which is then activated with a blue light.
  • The medicated cream inactivates the bacteria that trigger acne, exfoliates the skin to unclog pores, and shrinks the sebaceous glands in the skin.
  • It also effectively destroys pre-cancerous cells. The medicated PDT treatment program has significant and long lasting effects.

Infra Red light therapy

  • Infrared light therapy provides many of the health benefits of natural sunlight without any of the dangerous effects of solar radiation and ultraviolet radiation.
  • Infrared energy travels deep into the tissues beneath the skin and stimulates lymphatic drainage and increases blood circulation and nourishes damaged tissues.
  • The Infrared crystallite uses light waves at 850 nanometres which is invisible light. It is mainly used in treatments on the skin and muscles after cosmetic surgery.

Contact us

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07 3391 5710

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  • Address

Brisbane cosmetic Clinic

45 Dendam Street, Annerley.

4103 Australia