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The Benefits of Graduate Education

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The Benefits of Graduate Education. with:. Dr. Carl F.Williams, Director of Admissions The Graduate School. Graduate School Benefits. Education Pays!. $. $. $63,229. (*Average salary by education level*). $40,478. $22,895. $. Advanced Degree. Bachelor’s Degree. High School.

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the benefits of graduate education
The Benefits of Graduate Education


Dr. Carl F.Williams, Director of Admissions

The Graduate School

graduate school benefits
Graduate School Benefits

Education Pays!

  • $



(*Average salary by education level*)




Advanced Degree

Bachelor’s Degree

High School

Source: USA TODAY, U.S. Census Bureau May 2004

there are benefits
There are Benefits…
  • For graduate degree holders, M.A. recipients earn an average of $52,317: 23 % more than bachelor's degree recipients. Ph.D.’s earn $70,740: 35% more than M.A.’s and 68% more than B.A. degree holders.

Source: Educational Attainment in the United States, U.S. Census Bureau,

Current Population Survey May 2004

higher earnings
Higher Earnings
  • Not surprisingly, holders of professional degrees were found to have the highest earnings. Their annual income of $81,540 was 15 % higher than Ph.D. recipients, and more than twice that of bachelor's degree recipients.

Source: Educational Attainment in the United States, U.S. Census Bureau,

Current Population Survey May 2004.

More Money!
  • The lifetime income differentials are magnified when computed over a 40-year career (from ages 25 to 64). Master's degree recipients will earn $2.5 million in their lifetime.
  • Lifetime earnings of holders of professional degrees, at over $4.4 million, are well above that for any other group.

Source: Educational Attainment in the United States, U.S. Census Bureau,

Current Population Survey May 2004.

graduate school
Graduate School:
  • allows you to pursue specific research and scholarly interests
  • provides needed preparation for specialized careers
  • results in more job opportunities on national levels
  • results in self-confidence and job satisfaction
  • allows you to make contributions to society
are you prepared for graduate school
Are You Prepared forGraduate School?
  • overall academic record
  • grade point average in a specialty area
  • standard examination scores
  • recommendations
  • statement of purpose
  • professional experience
  • personal interviews
what should you expect from graduate professors
What Should You Expect From Graduate Professors?

Professors assume that you have

been trained or are ready:

  • to take good lecture notes
  • to read large quantities of material
  • to lead discussions
  • to write major papers
  • for advanced lab or clinical experience
how can you create a successful application
How Can You Create A Successful Application?
  • clearly describe educational and professional goals
  • employ strong letters of recommendation
  • allow ample time for editing
  • meet all deadlines
the graduate school
The Graduate School
  • The University of Alabama Graduate School offers more than 125 graduate degrees in:
    • Arts & Sciences
    • Commerce & Business Administration
    • Communication & Information Sciences
    • Education
    • Engineering
    • Human Environmental Science
    • Nursing Case Management
    • Social Work
    • Interdisciplinary Studies
graduate education opportunities
Graduate Education Opportunities
  • Graduate education opportunities at the University of Alabama include:
    • an exciting array of courses
    • laboratory activities
    • field experiences
    • studio work
    • performances
    • distance learning
    • interactive technology-based instruction

Jeffrey Sides and Jen Buhay float down the Sipsey. The two graduate students are among those working with Dr. Charles Lydeard, an associate professor of biological sciences, on various bivalve or snail studies.

Heather White, a Florida State student, Robert Upchurch, West Alabama, and Marlyn Thompson, Alabama State, conduct research at UA.

Ashley Dumas, a UA graduate student, directs an archaeological dig at the site of the original Tabasco factory on Avery Island in Louisiana. She’s shown holding a photo of the 19th-century building.

Dr. Keith Jacobi, assistant professor of anthropology,and students Ben Shields and Stacy McGrath look at X-rays.
Dr. Rodney Bowersox, middle, and students Daina Lee, left, and Zakaria Mahmud conduct research in a new aerophysics lab.

Dr. Dick Bradt, a professor of metallurgical and materials engineering, was chosen as the first American recipient of the Academic Achievement Award of the Ceramic Society of Japan. He is pictured here with Flavia Cunha, a graduate student in metallurgical and materials engineering


Officials in the College of Communication and Information Sciences hope WVUA-7, the University’s newly acquired television station, will become a learning tool for students, where they can train and interact in a professional, on-air environment.


Dr. Viola Acoff (left) and Cherqueta Claiborn focus on alloys significant in the aerospace industry.

what the university of alabama graduate school office can do for you
What the University of Alabama Graduate School Office Can Do for You?
  • Answer questions pertaining to graduate study and financial assistance
  • Provide you with application materials
  • Direct you to your program of study
the university of alabama graduate school

The University of Alabama Graduate School

102 Rose Administration Building

P.O. Box 870118

Tuscaloosa, AL 35487

(205) 348-5921