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Canadian Fashion Industry PowerPoint Presentation
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Canadian Fashion Industry

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Canadian Fashion Industry - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Canadian Fashion Industry
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  1. Canadian Fashion Industry Quick Overview and Importance

  2. The Canadian Apparel Industry • is a vibrant part of Canada’s economic scene (manufacturing, wholesale, retail sectors) • is known for its quality clothing, efficient production, flexibility and reliability • Has an experienced and high-skilled workforce • The industry is focused on domestic product – which is why Canadian product is known for high quality • Has adapted to modern times – increased use of technology • Overall, it’s a growing industry

  3. Toronto’s Fashion Scene! • is the learning centre for the industry (Ryerson, George Brown, International Academy of Design, etc.) • “The traditional hub of the business is found in the city's fashion district - a 35-block area in the downtown, King-Spadina neighbourhood.”

  4. Toronto’s Fashion Scene! Cont’d • Toronto has the third largest design workforce in North America, with over 28,000 designers working in the city. • Almost 75% of Ontario designers in the category that includes fashion design make their home in Toronto.

  5. The Big Canadian Fashion Players Joe Fresh brand offers chic and affordable apparel for men and women, kids, intimates, sleepwear, swimwear, sunglasses, jewelry and beauty.

  6. The Big Canadian Fashion Players cont’d Canada Goose: For over 50 years - producing the best expedition parkas, arctic gear and extreme cold weather down jackets in Canad Internationally known

  7. The Big Canadian Fashion Players cont’d • The company's 50,000 square-foot factory in North York, one of the best in the world, employs 200 people making hand-stitched leather bags and footwear. • Almost half of Roots merchandise is manufactured in Canada.

  8. The Big Canadian Fashion Players cont’d Danier (leather): is one of North America's leading vertically integrated designer, manufacturer and retailer of quality leather and suede for women and men.