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Text Coding. a Simple Reading Strategy that everyone can do! PRESENTED BY: Toby casella Allison sandor Neil goldman Jamea elzy. Objective for this session:. Acquire and apply a reading strategy that can be used for any text in your class. Story Impression. critically text coding

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text coding

Text Coding

a Simple Reading Strategy that everyone can do!


Toby casella

Allison sandor

Neil goldman

Jamea elzy

objective for this session
Objective for this session:

Acquire and apply a reading strategy that can be used for any text in your class.

story impression
Story Impression


text coding






was your impression correct
Was your impression correct?

There is a simple reading strategy that is a way to get students to think about a piece of text critically. Text coding is a strategy that instructs students to use letters and symbols that they jot down while reading a text. Not only does it increase comprehension, but also student engagement.


How do I get students to critically read a textbook chapter?

How do I make sure they are prepared for a class discussion based on what they read?

What strategy can I use to help students interact with the textbook?

My study guide questions aren’t cutting it…now what?

text coding is the answer
Text Coding is the Answer!
  • Text coding is a reading strategy that will enable students to do the following:
    • interact meaningfully with printed text.
    • prepare students for class discussions.
    • make notes of thinking while reading.
    • comprehend more deeply what is being read.
    • engage students in their textbook reading.
reading is a 3 step process
Reading is a 3 Step Process
  • Before
    • Story Impressions
  • During
    • Text Coding
  • After
    • Story Impressions revisited
    • Text coding
coding the text
Coding the Text

What: A metacognitive strategy that helps students monitor their comprehension while reading.

Why: Some students tend to “stray” while reading a text, especially if the content is difficult. Coding helps students “stay” with the text. Students monitor their own understanding as they read in order to fix problems as they occur.

how to text code
How to “Text Code”
  • Create codes for the students to use, based on desired responses and characteristics of the assigned material. (See bookmark)
  • Model how to use the codes
  • The students read the material and code by using sticky notes.
what do i need and how do i grade this
What Do I Need and How Do I Grade This?
  • Materials:
    • Reading material for your class (length my vary)
    • Sticky notes cut into strips
    • Text coding worksheet to keep track of students’ thinking (included in your binder)
  • Grading:
    • Essay prompt for test
    • Formative assessment
    • One-on-one tutoring
    • Project prompt
    • Test review prompt
  • Carousel Group Work Activity
    • Have students write their most profound code explanation on a full post-it
    • Have students post anonymously their explanation on poster paper
    • Split students in small groups, have them select their favorite coding explanation from each poster and discuss for 5 minutes
  • V.I.P. (very important point)
  • While reading, place a sticky note near information that you feel is a KEY point
  • You can only use the 3-5 pieces, therefore you have weigh them against the points you already marked.
  • When deciding between two points ask yourself:
    • Are these new points as important as what has come before?
    • Are they more important?
  • Put a poster up of the codes you will use
  • Start off with a few codes and add more as students get used to the strategy
  • See article for discussion ideas
  • Combine with the story impressions strategy
    • Varied grouping
    • Covers all 3 “phases” of reading
is this an intervention or a strategy
Is this an intervention or a strategy?

Well, if you use it with your whole class it is a strategy.

If you use it with a small group based on a need, it is an intervention.

If you use it with an individual student based on a need, it is an intervention.

model text coding
Model Text Coding

Look at the motorcycle repair manual handout.

Write down at least 3 codes as you read.

  • Brainstorm:
    • List one piece of text that your students will be reading in the next quarter.
    • How will you incorporate this strategy into that reading?
    • Write down any further questions, comments, concerns you might have.

Strategies That Work: Teaching Comprehension for Understanding and Engagement by Stephanie Harvey and Anne Goudvis