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Gaining Value Through Partnerships

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Gaining Value Through Partnerships. James R. Mahoney, Ph.D. Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Oceans and Atmosphere March 30, 2005. Gaining Value Through Partnerships. Supporting Our Corporate Partners Observations Communications Data Management Analysis and Forecasting Dissemination

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gaining value through partnerships

Gaining Value Through Partnerships

James R. Mahoney, Ph.D.Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Oceans and AtmosphereMarch 30, 2005

gaining value through partnerships1
Gaining Value Through Partnerships
  • Supporting Our Corporate Partners
    • Observations
    • Communications
    • Data Management
    • Analysis and Forecasting
    • Dissemination
  • NOAA Organic Act
alliance for earth observations september 2004
Alliance for Earth ObservationsSeptember 2004
  • The international effort to develop an earth observations system will fundamentally change business operations, policy decisions, and resource management in real and substantial ways.
      • Former Secretary of Commerce Donald Evans
  • Over 30% of the United States Gross Domestic Product depends on weather and climate products and services, so we in NOAA are big believers in the value of Earth observations.
      • Vice Admiral Conrad C. Lautenbacher, Jr.,Under Secretary of Commerce for Oceans and Atmosphere
what is geoss global earth observation system of systems
What Is GEOSS?Global Earth Observation System of Systems
  • GEOSS is a distributed system of systems built on current international cooperation efforts among existing Earth observing and processing systems
  • GEOSS is:
    • Comprehensive—observations and products from all components
    • Coordinated—leverages contributing members resources
    • Sustained—by will and capacity of all members
  • GEOSS will enable the collection and distribution of accurate, reliable Earth Observation data, information, products, and services to both suppliers and consumers worldwide—an end-to-end process
noaa s role in geoss
NOAA’s Role in GEOSS
  • NOAA: Where Science Creates Value
  • Earth observations…
    • Are at the core of NOAA’s mission
    • Support virtually every activity we perform
  • NOAA has…
    • Observing capabilities being advanced through scientific and technological research
    • A broad scope of domestic and international partnerships
    • Commitment to transform research into useful, operational information
noaa s integrated surface observing system
NOAA’s Integrated Surface Observing System











Other Networks


a model partnership olets and the oklahoma mesonet
A Model Partnership: OLETS and the Oklahoma Mesonet

Mesonet Weather Stations

and OLETS Repeaters

Part of National LETS System

Goal: NLETS Comms Used for NERON

Weather Products to

Law Enforcement

Improved forecasts with integrated observation systems

data quality a major concern for all
Data QualityA Major Concern For All
  • Proper Station Siting
  • Proper Calibration
  • Meets Climate Standards
  • Successfully served more then 9 billion hits in a 90 day period last fall during hurricane season – an all time U.S. government record
  • In Spring 2005, requests to NOAA’s NWS radar displays will be directed to least busy servers
  • Next generation radar displays should improve reliability, timeliness, and offer an increased number of products
  • Comprehensive Large Array-data Stewardship System (CLASS) provides valuable satellite data and in FY06 is requested at $9.9 million

Experimental Short Range Base Reflectivity Tulsa, OK

  • NOAA’s National Weather Service Has Three Weather and Climate Supercomputers Working Together for the Protection of Life, Property and the National Economy of the U.S. and its Territories
    • Primary System (Blue)
    • Backup System (Red)
    • Research and Development System (White)
  • Computational Power Recently Increased by Factor of 3.3 Over the Previous System, from 450 Billion to 1.3 Trillion Calculations Per Second.
  • “Together, Red, White, and Blue Serve as a Major Component of the Global Earth Observation System of Systems (GEOSS).”
      • Vice Admiral Conrad C. Lautenbacher, Jr.,Under Secretary of Commerce for Oceans and Atmosphere
satellite inputs into models joint center for satellite data assimilation jcsda
Satellite Inputs into ModelsJoint Center for Satellite Data Assimilation (JCSDA)

Satellite data are assimilated in models...

NOAA, NASA, DoD satellites…

better forecasts of:

  • Weather and warnings
  • Air quality
  • Ecosystem changes
  • Agricultural production
  • Forest health
  • Land cover/land use
  • Ocean states
  • Climate change

...running on state of the art computers, produce…

observe the Earth

national digital forecast database ndfd
National Digital Forecast Database (NDFD)
  • Three Dimensional Downloadable Digital Database
  • Useful for Private Industry Groups
  • Increasing Focus on Smaller Phenomenon

From Teletype Text To Digital Data Streams

noaa s partnership policy
NOAA’s “Partnership Policy”
  • VADM Lautenbacher signed December 1st
  • NOAA Has a Responsibility to Support the Entire Enterprise
  • NOAA Supports Efforts of AMS and Others to Improve Dialogue
  • NOAA is Focused on Open Communications with all in the Enterprise.
    • If we should add products, tell us
    • If we should discontinue products, tell us
    • PLEASE, be specific about “what” and “why”
noaa organic act
NOAA Organic Act
  • NOAA Formed by Executive Order #4 in 1970
  • Since 1970 over 200 Disconnected Authorities
  • Serves as a Charter Providing Coherent, Cohesive Set of Authorities
  • Strong Policy Statement in Support of NOAA’s Mission
  • Key Recommendation of the Ocean Commission
  • First Deliverable of the President’s Ocean Action Plan
noaa organic act1
NOAA Organic Act
  • Education Aspect Explicitly Authorized
  • Broad Education Effort Bridges Programs
  • Benefits Range Across Different, Larger, Interrelated User Groups
  • Wider, Educated User Group for Current Products/Services Leads to Demand for Next Generation Offerings
hon carlos gutierrez us secretary of commerce
Hon. Carlos GutierrezUS Secretary of Commerce
  • “The United States is making the commitment to move earth observation to the next level to benefit this next generation. This is one of President Bush’s environmental priorities…

Earth Observation Summit IIIWednesday, February 16, 2005Brussels, Belgium



James R. Mahoney, Ph.D.Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Oceans and AtmosphereMarch 30, 2005