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  1. LISBURN ADVANCED MOTORCYCLISTS This is an automated programme. There is no Need to click your mouse. Press Esc to stop

  2. Why should I join? The Institute of Advanced Motorists is a Road Safety organisation; The IAM is the leading Advanced Driving Organisation The fastest growing section is the Motorcyclists; You will find like minded people, having fun, riding safer; and with good observations – Faster!

  3. £100 £200 £300 £400 How Much Does it Cost? Skills for life package includes: “How to be an Advanced Motorcyclist” Manual First years Membership of the IAM 2-classroom session, courses of theory; 1:1 observed on-road runs for preparation for the test; Meet the Examiner evening; Test fee; WHAT WOULD YOU THINK IT COSTS? £139 LOOK AGAIN

  4. How Much Does it Cost? Skills for life package includes: “How to be an Advanced Motorcyclist” Manual First years Membership of the IAM Classroom session, course of theory; 1:1 observed on-road runs for preparation for the test; Meet the Examiner evening; Test fee; WHAT DID YOU THINK IT COST?` £139

  5. Why so Little? Our observers are volunteers; We are unpaid and only interested in Road Safety. The IAM is a registered charity; We are a registered charity which means that we can claim back some money from the tax office from your fee;

  6. How to prepare for the Advanced Riding Test Having enrolled on the “Skills for Life” course Our Observers are there to help you and will give you expert advice and guidance with demonstration rides; Your Manual PYAMT will show you examples of the theoretical way to approach a hazard; We have a classroom session twice a year;

  7. How to prepare for the Advanced Riding Test REMEMBER 1:1 Observation and Guidance; Written progress reports for you; You are patched up locally with an Observer; You will have fun and enjoy your riding; You will gain confidence in the areas in which you feel you need assistance.

  8. Does it matter that I don’t live locally? Not in the slightest. There are over 200 Groups all over the United Kingdom, the Lisburn Group covers a vast area. Groups in North West (Limavady) Ballymena and North Down have both male and female Observers

  9. What Good Will it do Me? You are significantly less likely to be involved in a crash or other traffic incident; Riding will be less stressful; If you are involved in an accident the injuries tend to be less severe due to the rider’s greater awareness and anticipation.

  10. What do I do on the ADT? • The test lasts about 90-minutes • The ride must be SAFE, LEGAL and PROGRESSIVE and THE SYSTEM MUST BE USED. • Nationally 80% of associates pass first time; • The Lisburn Group has a % pass record; • All examiners hold a Police Advanced Riding Certificate and are usually Police Class 1 riders.

  11. After the Test You will become a Member of the Institute of Advanced Motorists (Motorcycles), receive your certificate, and be eligible to wear and display the IAM badge of an ADVANCED RIDER You can then join your Group as a full member

  12. What else? You can take part in Group activities such as: Monthly organised Ride outs; Attend a monthly meeting at Belsize Masonic Hall Belsize Road Lisburn (1st Thursday in every month); Organised motorcycle weekends; Both receive and contribute to the monthly newsletter; Become an Observer and help others ride safely.

  13. What do I do now? Fill in the Skills for Life application form; Send it, and your money directly to the IAM; They will send you all the joining details; You get in touch with the Group Contact and we will take you step by step through the system.

  14. About Belfast Group. Group meets once a month on the first Thursday. April to October 7p.m. for Observed runs and then to a main meeting to be entertained by speaker or theory. Ends about 10p.m. Motorcyclists also meet on 1st and 3rd Saturdays, 9.45am McDonalds Sprucefield and 4th Sunday for social run. New associates need to book.

  15. The Paper Trail Skills for life Register with Lisburn Advanced Motorcyclists. All your details- Name, address, phone, e-mail,etc Charities Gift Aid authorisation Test Booking Form Allocation of Observer Observed Ride Assessments and Action Plan Your pre Test Assessment Advanced Motorcyclist Test - feedback Don’t panic that’s what we’re there for!

  16. AND IT DOESN’T FINISH THERE! You’re on the improvement ladder for Lifetime Learning Skills


  18. Things to help you Once you have signed up for the “Skills For Life” course, this Manual comes directly to you from IAM headquarters. You will be expected to read the chapters relative to your needs, which will be identified by your Observer each week. By following the information contained within this document, you should find your rides enjoyable and stress free.

  19. ASSOCIATE LAM Your bike must be road legal (especially plate size & cans). You must be wearing suitable protective gear. Have enough fuel on board to cover 35-40 miles. Visors must be scratch free.

  20. Always remember advanced techniques of machine control can only increase your safety and reduce the risk of an accident if they are supported by positive attitudes, concentration, critical self-awareness and above all, by self-control. Safety must remain your primary and overriding concern.

  21. SEE YOU ON A COURSE OF IMPROVEMENT REMEMBER Learning is voluntary and that means that we need commitment from you; There is no such thing as a perfect ride; Let’s get it on!