knowledge transfer from retiring staff l.
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KNOWLEDGE TRANSFER FROM RETIRING STAFF. S.Seetharaman Indian Oil Corporation Ltd Chennai.

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knowledge transfer from retiring staff



Indian Oil Corporation Ltd


Assignment on the topic is handled out of the experience with the corporation, its practices, etc., The views expressed are personal in nature and are open for debate for the purpose of understanding the subject Knowledge Management
The separation from the company

happens out of the following

  • Superannuation
  • Voluntary Retirement
  • Resignation
  • Due to disciplinary action
The current system
  • There is no formal system of gathering the knowledge or sharing it
  • On Resign or VR applicants, the exit interview is conducted by a senior officer to get feed back as a check mechanism to take corrective action ( for attrition check, policy modification)
  • During the handover of the assignment some knowledge is shared to the incumbent
  • Informal sharing of the knowledge taking place among the colleagues and subordinates, however this depends on the personality of the giver and the taker.
The Gap
      • There is no platform for sharing the knowledge
      • There is no centralized place for knowledge storage and retrieval
      • There is no formal system to capture that knowledge either during retirement or before it.
      • There is no system to check that knowledge is transferred into another group or person and to measure it also.
Suggested methods
      • The transfer of knowledge from the retiring staff largely depends on the emotional psyche of the individual at that time. Which depends on
        • Whether going out with unpleasantness, etc.,
        • Superannuating peacefully completing the full term or on VR
      • Develop system to tap the information at regular intervals, thereby building the K capital
        • Incentives for sharing information
        • Recognition for achieving solutions, break through using knowledge management. (monitory, progression, appreciation cheques etc)
        • Publishing achievements in house journals
        • Personal attention from the TOP management
Suggested approach
  • Systematic storage of information on voluntary method using intranet like tools ( in case of C-illiterates knowledge translators to be employed)
  • Regular interviews by the communications departments to seek information, as and when happenings takes place. There by indirectly compelling to reveal the insights
  • Formation of knowledge portals, groups, legal frame work for collecting the knowledge form employees before their separation
  • Finally retiring staff can be consulted if need be there by hostility avoided, continuous relationship will also promote knowledge sharing culture.
Suggested Approach
  • Life time employment like in Japan where the knowledge domain continues forever.
  • Hire and fire policy of the west needs to be reviewed because here the individual, his efforts, knowledge are not valued but exchanged for a price. Individual may not develop himself to the full potential level, rather satisfied with the knowledge level and likely to trade it. Companies need to develop strategies to develop and sustain loyaties to manage the knowledge.(Tata’s -over 100 companies never faced a work stoppage during 100 years of its existence– holistic approach)

Battle of life

  • When child is born, after the first breadth it became conscious- the breadth is both oxygen as well as prana- because at the time of death even with oxygen the life cannot be sustained.
  • Intelligence, ego,feeling, mind
  • Instruments of knowledge – 5 senses sight, hearing, smell, taste & touch.
  • Prana or the life force powers – metabolizing, circulatory functions of body etc.,
  • Consciousness moves and identifies with ego, intelligence etc, often the ego consciousness –prisoner of body and mind, I am the body etc.,
  • It is a battleground for war between wisdom and conscious delusive forces

Battle of life

  • Consciousness has 3 influencing qualities
    • Positive attributes-truth,purity,spirituality
    • Negative attributes-evil,untruth,ignorance
    • Neutral attributes-activating quality
  • Sensory plain – material and moral struggle between good and evil,right and wrong
  • Psychological struggle- mind and intelligence
  • Spiritual battle- deeper yoga-dissolves egoity, sense of separation –super consciousness