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Just Words 1-30-2013 PowerPoint Presentation
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Just Words 1-30-2013

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Just Words 1-30-2013 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Just Words 1-30-2013. Launch. By the time I graduate, I want to accomplish… What do you think will be the first step to get you there?. Invention: ___________________.

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Just Words




By the time I graduate, I want to accomplish…

What do you think will be the first step to get you there?

Invention: ___________________

Directions: Create an invention that will change the way people read, spell, and understand what they read. The invention can be anything you can imagine. It must use processes we have learned in class to help people. (closed syllables, tapping, open syllables, bonus letters, sounding out, diagraphs, blends, spelling, reading, etc…) You must also be able to show your invention works using a sample worksheet. Be creative, create anything you want. Be sure to tie your invention to tricks we’ve learned in class. Work with your neighbors or independently.

Your finished project will include:

  • Invention Illustration
  • Invention Narrative
  • Invention Sample Worksheets
  • Invention Grading Rubric

Brainstorm on this page

Name: ______________________________


Invention Illustration




Invention Narrative

Use this space to describe your invention. Sort of like a commercial describes a product on TV.