American History
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American History. 1492-2013. Contents :. -The Native -The Discover of America -The First Europeans -Independence -Expansion -Civil War -Immigration and development -World War I -Crisis of 29 ( Black Thursday) -World War 2 -The Cold War -Civil Rights

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American history

American History



  • -The Native

  • -The Discover of America

  • -The First Europeans

  • -Independence

  • -Expansion

  • -Civil War

  • -Immigration and development

  • -World War I

  • -Crisis of 29 ( Black Thursday)

  • -World War 2

  • -The Cold War

  • -Civil Rights

  • -After the Cold War ( 1990-2012)

American history


The Native American arrived 20000 years ago from Siberia.

They formed into tribes :

Huron and Iroquois in the east

Sioux and Comanche on the Great Plains

Apache and Pueblo Indians in the South West

American history

The Discoverof America

-There was colonialism between Europeans kingdoms .

-Spain was the most in spot .

-Christopher Columbus, an explorer, wanted to civilized

Asia’s colonies to have the raw materials.

-Queen of Spain supported this voyage and gave him the three caravels.

-14th October of 1492 Columbus saw a land, but it couldn’t be in Indian’s island.

-He was accused of incompetence and died forgotten.

- Amerigo Vespucci completed Columbus’ voyage and gave his own name to the land: America.

In spot= in a difficult situation

American history

The FirstEuropeans

-Spanish colonies were established in Mexico, California, New Mexico, Texas and Florida.

-French colonists settled in eastern Canada and Louisiana.

-English settlements were in Virginia, New England ( with the arrive of Pilgrim fathers and their May Flower), Atlantic coast region and Appalachians Mountains.

-Native population was drastically reduced

American history


-The American colonists begun to resent taxed imposed on them by London.

-English government committed to India the monopoly on tea trade .

-America attacked British ships carrying tea in Boston ( Boston Tea Party).

-England imposed new taxes that Americans refused justify it with the famous: ‘’no taxation without representation’’.

-The 13 colonies formed the Continental Army under George Washington .

-The 4th July 1776 the Colonies Congress approved the Declaration of Independence.

-In 1789 Washington won the elections and Congress approved the Bill of Rights and the Supreme Court was founded.

American history


-1803 Louisiana Purchase: US bought from France the entire Mississippi and the Great Plains Areas .

-The 13 American States moved through West passing the Appalachian Springs ( disappearance of Indians).

-In 1819 Spain bought the Florida region .

-The Oregon territory was obtained through a treaty with the British in 1845.

-In 1848 the Mexicans were pushed out of Texas, New Mexico and California.

-The discovery of gold in California interested Europeans to enrich themselves Gold Rush of 1848.

-In 1869 the first railway line was built.

American history


-‘’All man are created equal’’ ( Declaration of Independence)was not true

Southern States brought African slaves to work on the plantations.

-Northern States more industrialized and manufacturing capacity.

-1861 the president Abraham Lincoln passed laws abolishing slavery.

-The 11 Southern States founded the Confederacy ( David Jefferson)

-In 1865 the Confederate general Robert Eileen won.

-Slavery was banned in every states.

American history


-Industrial development accelerated in the North East.

-Millions of new immigrants arrived from Europe.

-New industrial city, giant corporations ( standard oil, US steel), industrialists ( Andrew Carnegie , Henry Ford) developed new techniques.

-1880-1900 USA great industrial power.

-Jews escaped from the Pogroms and were exanimated in Ellis islands (mentally ill ,disease, criminals).

-The spirit of Nation persisted.

Giant= a very large and powerful organization

American history


-While in Europe the war was bursting, USA decided to remain neutral; but in 1917 decided to join in because :

It gave high loans to the Allies

Germans’ submarines attacked Americans’ ships

Wilson, with the 14 points document supported free trade and self-determination of the population.

-11th November of 1918 and armistice was signed

-May 1919 the treaty of Versailles established the peace in Europe.

Be bursting= to be very full and almost open

American history

Crisis of ’29 (BlackThursday)

-In 1920s the widespread prosperity ended  Wall Street stocked marked crush in October 1929

-The offer highly overtook the demand depression in people’s jobs, homes and farms unemployment

-In 1932’ elections Franklin Roosevelt won with promise of a New Deal:

Direct intervention of the State in economy, giving syndical rights and social services to workers

-Great depression affected the entire world.

Widespread= large diffusion

American history

World WarII

-USA decided to remain neutral in this World War 2.

-7 December of 1941 Japanese warplanes attacked the USA navy base Pearl Harbor they entered

-Japan had already been in China and seized Manchuria territories and the South east Asia Pacific region .

-1942 Battle of Midway and Japan was defeated by USA.

-1944 Allies forces (USA and UK) landed in France with the battle ‘’D-Day’’ to press Germany ( Japan’s ally) thanks to the invasion of Normandy  Germany signed the official surrender

-1945 the USA president Truman dropped two atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki  Japan surrendered.

-USA and Soviet Union  Super Powers

American history

The ColdWar

-1945 UN was founded to respect all the democratic Governments

-1946 the Marshall Plan wanted to support Europe and prevent the spread of Soviet communism

-1947 Cold War began the communist soviet union controlled eastern Europe encouraging communist revolutions

-USA fought this threat with some conflicts _

1 Korean War (1950/1953)

2 Against Cuba , the ally of Soviets

-The USA president John F. Kennedy persuaded them to remove the weapons.

-In the Vietnam War ( 1964/1975) USA was humiliated to note prevented communism.

-1990s the new president Reagan increased military spending and negotiated with the soviet leader Gorbachev  The Cold War ended.

Spread= an increase in the amount of something that there is

American history


-Martin Luther King saw how badly were treated thanks to the incident of Rosa Parks, black people protested against social differences.

-The USA president John F. Kennedy shared his opinion on equal rights

-1963 King organized a big protest march in Washington DC where he said the famous speech ‘’ I have a dream’’

-Kennedy was killed in November 1963.

-American government approved the civil rights act.

-King’s life came to a sudden end in 1968 when he was killed by a white racist.

-Today he is a hero.

American history

Afterthe Cold War

-Vietnam Was left Americans very cautious about intervention oversea

-1991 Gulf War against Iraq: they drove Iraqi army out of Kuwait

-1999 Conflict with Yugoslavia over Kosovo

-With the democratic president bill Clinton the economy improved and he signed the NAFTA with Canada and Mexico

-2000 republican president George W Bush and a year later , 11th September 2001 the Twin Towers were attacked terroristic attack by Al Qaeda ( Bin Laden)

-2003 Americans soldiers attacked Iraq in the ‘’War on terror’’/ Gulf War 2

-In 2008’s elections Obama won.

-2011 it ended thanks to the democratic president Obama who withdrew American tropes from Iraq.

-USA suffered hard times ( hurricane Katrina ,republican political scandals, unbalanced economy and unemployment )

-2010 Obama included the patient protection and affordable care act ( healthcare system )

-2011 Bin Laden was killed by USA forces.

-2011 Obama was re -elected president.

Cautious= being careful about what you do

Drove out = to make somebody disappear or stop doing something

Withdrew=to move somebody away from a place


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American history

Actually, it's quite impossible to sum up only in few lines and words the complex American culture as when we expect to analyze 5 centuries of history in few pages. So, since there is no greater experience but discover and live a country on our own, we hardly suggest you to visit the United States of America and enjoy all they offer.”

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