Sustainability of the fitting natural inclusion and educational enrichment
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Sustainability of the Fitting Natural Inclusion and Educational Enrichment - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Sustainability of the Fitting Natural Inclusion and Educational Enrichment. Discovering Hidden Kinship Self-Delivery from Competitor to Co-creator. Ascent – Striving to be Best Breakdown – Doubt and Loneliness Breakthrough – Seeking Sustainability

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Sustainability of the fitting natural inclusion and educational enrichment
Sustainability of the FittingNatural Inclusion and Educational Enrichment

Discovering hidden kinship self delivery from competitor to co creator
Discovering Hidden KinshipSelf-Delivery from Competitor to Co-creator

  • Ascent – Striving to be Best

  • Breakdown – Doubt and Loneliness

  • Breakthrough – Seeking Sustainability

  • Recovery – Loving, Respecting, Caring in Co-creative Living Educational Relationship

  • My Story of Natural Inclusion

Open invitation
Open Invitation

I can only explicate my perceptions and reasoning for opening the door into natural inclusionality in my personally unique way, using whatever means I have available to me, and invite you across the threshold if you wish, where I will be pleased to welcome, help and engage with your enquiries as best I can

Learning as evolutionary process and vice versa
Learning As Evolutionary Process-and vice versa

  • Learning entails the development of abilities that can sustain, transform and enrich our lives in a huge variety of ways

  • These abilities do not come to us pre-packaged

  • Learning is an evolutionary process, vital to the continuity and quality of human life, which can bring pleasure and reward

  • Whether this potential is fulfilled or not depends profoundly on what is learned, why it is learned and how it is learned

  • This depends in turn on the underlying evolutionary paradigm and its associated assumptions

Adaptive learning
Adaptive Learning

  • Likely to be highly prescriptive, with specific ‘aims’ and ‘objectives’ defined by fixed standards and criteria for ‘success’ and ‘failure’.

  • Likely only to prepare learners instrumentally, for success in the short term

  • Imposes sharp restrictions upon inspirational qualities that nurture capacity for imaginative and coherent thought, curiosity and natural creativity for the long run.

  • Liable to instil and reinforce a competitive, intolerant and materialistic ethos that militates against community belonging and acceptance of individual or collective diversity and vulnerability.

Natural inclusional learning
Natural Inclusional Learning

  • Offers a more comprehensive, less hard-line improvisational educational practice

  • Effectively combines directional focus with all-round circumspection

  • Is both instrumental and inspirational in encouraging co-creative learning in diverse communities

  • Provides fluidly tolerant and versatile qualitative and quantitative guidelines for evaluation of open-ended learning processes

  • How come? What is the difference that makes the difference?

What seems all too obvious breathing space
What Seems All Too Obvious Neighbourhood- Breathing Space

When I breathe in, my body expands as my outside simultaneously contracts and breathes out into me. The situation is reversed when I breathe out. There is no delay between what happens inwardly and what happens outwardly. My bodily boundary distinguishes my inner space from my outer space and mediates their reciprocal correspondence. It does not isolate them.

What mentally blocks the passage between inner and outer space
What Mentally Blocks The Passage Between Inner and Outer Space?

Impermeable Boundaries -

The ‘Space Barrier’

A Mental Construct That Imposes Complete Definition by Slicing and Plugging The Gap(s) Between the Tangible World of Bounded BodilyFigures and the IntangibleSpace Through and In Which Inner Admits and Relates to Outer (and Vice Versa)

‘Nouns are lies.’

The error of the boxes
The Error of the Boxes Space?

"When a smaller box s is situated, relatively at rest, inside the hollow space of a larger box S, then the hollow space of s is a part of the hollow space of S, and the same "space", which contains both of them, belongs to each of the boxes. When s is in motion with respect to S, however, the concept is less simple. One is then inclined to think that s encloses always the same space, but a variable part of the space S. It then becomes necessary to apportion to each box its particular space, not thought of as bounded, and to assume that these two spaces are in motion with respect to each other.“

Albert Einstein, discussing ‘Relativity and the Problem of Space’. Appendix V in ‘Out of My Later Years’, p. 138, Thames & Hudson, 1954.

What s wrong
What’s Wrong? Space?


According to the logic of natural inclusionality, this premise is FALSE: space cannot be pluralized into discrete particularities, it can only be distinguished into distinct, dynamically and permeably bounded regions. Space, as infinite intangiblepresence, can neither be moved around nor fixed. Space cannot be cut, contained or occupied by the gap-including boundaries of natural, variably viscous, flow-forms. It can only be fluidly configured by them.

Through the space barrier from dislocation to synergy without delay
Through The Space Barrier Space?From Dislocation to Synergy, Without Delay

Figures of space with dynamic boundaries freely permeable to space
Figures of Space Space?With Dynamic Boundaries Freely Permeable to Space

Configuring space with boundaries as energetic interfacings
Configuring Space Space?With Boundaries As Energetic Interfacings

Hyphal fusion a real life example
Hyphal Fusion Space?A Real Life Example

A new physicality
A New ‘Physicality’ Space?

Natural inclusionality may provide a new understanding of physical reality – a ‘physicality’ that doesn’t split or deem it necessary to posit the independent existence of a material world free from the receptive influence of a non-material world, or vice versa.

From field theories to pool theory
From Field Theories to Pool Theory Space?

This new physicality takes us from embedding the form and movements of material objects in the ‘hidden connections’ and ‘lines of force’ of structured space as a ‘field’, to an appreciation of natural inclusion as the co-creative, fluid dynamic, transformation of all through all in a ‘limitless pool’ of receptive (inductive) spatial context

Natural inclusion
Natural Inclusion Space?

The co-creative, fluid dynamic transformation of all through all in receptive spatial context

The loving couple no figure is alone
‘The Loving Couple’ Space?No Figure Is Alone

Natural communion life in the limitless pool of receptive space
Natural Communion Space?Life in the Limitless Pool of Receptive Space

Each flows into other as other flows into each

Sustainability of the fitting attunement with natural energy flow
Sustainability of the Fitting Space?Attunement With Natural Energy Flow

  • The ecological and evolutionary sustainability of natural life forms, from the cells and tissues in a human body to the trees in a forest depend upon the diversity, complementary relationship and changeability of all within their neighbourhood, to which they themselves contribute

  • In scarcity they pool and redistribute internal resource supplies within integrated structures and survival capsules – they do not compete to proliferate faster on the dwindling supplies than their neighbours. In abundance they proliferate and differentiate

Dynamic boundaries
Dynamic Space? Boundaries

Circumspection and focus
Circumspection Space?and Focus

How pure eyesight can dislocate your knee
How Pure Eyesight Can Dislocate Your Knee Space?

I invite you to sit in a chair, and to stare fixedly at your knee. Now, still staring, stroke your knee with your fingers. Now, continue stroking, but close your eyes. Now open them again. You might notice a tendency, when opening and closing your eyes, to change your perception of your knee.

The thought that leads to conflict pitting self or us against other
The thought that leads to conflict Space?Pitting ‘self’ or ‘us’ against ‘other’

  • ‘To be or not to be, that is the question’


  • ‘The environment is everything that isn’t me’


  • ‘The preservation of favoured races in the struggle for life’

    – Darwin

  • ‘You are either with us or against us’

    – sundry political ‘leaders’

Abstract rationality
Abstract Space? Rationality

Space cannot be cut connectivity and continuity
Space Cannot Be Cut! Space?Connectivity and Continuity

In abstract thought, continuity implies ignoring or solidly connecting across gaps of space in a frozen field of total ‘Oneness’

In natural inclusionality, continuity is due to the non-local omnipresence of space as a limitless pool of creative potential

The Rigid Rule of the Ice Queen melts Into fluidly connective and redistributive energetic configurations of Space-That-Cannot-Be-Cut

Holding openness

Living Light Space?





Transfiguring self
Transfiguring Space?Self

I opening
I - Opening Space?

What may not be obvious
What May Not Be Obvious Space?

  • Every body is a cavity at heart

  • Every figure reconfigures both in science and in art

  • Every face is interfacing from no bottom to no top

  • Every faith is interfaith that cannot tell us where to stop

  • Every lining opens inwards as it brings its inside out

  • Every curtain closes outwards to conceal its inner doubt

  • Every story ends in opening from some future into past

  • Every glory is the story of finding first in last

  • Every aching is the making of another role for play

  • Every taking is the slaking of another’s thirst to stay

  • Every tiding’s no confiding with-out the trust to tell

  • Every siding is no hiding from the fear of utter Hell

  • Every flowing is the ebbing of another’s world within

  • Every glowing is the lighting of the darkness in the spin

  • Every heartbeat is the murmur in the core of inner space

  • Every drumbeat is the echo of the dance within each place

  • Every silence is the gathering of the storm that is to come

  • When Love comes to Life