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Badminton Skills and Techniques

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Badminton Skills and Techniques - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Skill & Skilled Performance. Badminton Skills and Techniques. Skill and skilled Performance.

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PowerPoint Slideshow about 'Badminton Skills and Techniques' - genna

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skill and skilled performance
Skill and skilled Performance
  • To help you understand the terms of skill and technique, it will be useful to refer to the term 'technique' as how you do things and refer to 'skill' as how effectively you use techniques. Each attempt you make at combining a series of movements is called a performance.

The more skillful you are, the better your performance is likely to be. Being aware of the type of skill you are working on, will determine the way you practice and develop the skill.

  • A skilled performance is about your ability to be in the correct place at the correct time and be able to select the correct technique, making it look as effortless as possible to meet the performance demands.
  • Skills are learned as a result of effective practice and can be performed consistently , it is not a fluke or beginners luck. Think about the last time you practiced. What were you thinking about?
the skilled badminton player
The skilled badminton player
  • Fluent/controlled movements
  • Lunge and chassis step to cover court
  • Vary the pace of the game (HOW?)
  • Create space for point winning shots (HOW?)
  • Remain balanced at all times
selecting the correct options
Selecting the correct options!
  • Select Skills that are successful in outcome
  • Select skills which create scoring options
  • Select skills that allow recovery
  • Select skills which force errors
what does a skilful automatics player look like
What does a skilful/automatics player look like?
  • Economic and graceful movement patterns.
  • The performer is in complete control of their actions.
  • Touch and power shots used in performance situations to outmanoeuvre opponent and create space.
  • Skills can be linked consistently
  • Excellent tactical awareness playing to opponents weaknesses
  • Actions show flair, creativity and disguise.
  • Good timing, consistency and accuracy in shots
  • Faster/ decisions are made resulting in a quicker motor response
  • Physical fitness finely tuned to cope with the demands of badminton, Speed, agility, Flexibility, CRE, power
  • Confidence and mental toughness on display
  • High success rate
  • Consistently achieve goals
  • Broad repertoire of shots from any point on the court.
  • Skills are carried out automatically without thinking about them. (no conscious thought required)
  • Now watch model performers
  • Describe a skillful performer in an activity of your choice. (Badminton) (4)
  • Try to include all key words and give examples to support your answer.
  • Try not to simply list what a skilled performer looks like.
  • Do not use guff words when completing your answer as they give no explanation.
some points to think about
Some points to think about….


  • Talking in the wrong tense and context. “ A skilled performer should” - A skilled performer has............
  • Sentences introductions repetitive.
  • Many key words included but simply joined together without description.
  • Clear lack of understanding of content. – Example Skilled performer are physically very fit which means they are automatic????
  • Watch the examples you give- You would not change a clear to a smash.
  • Some of you had some very valid points but not enough detail provided on all aspects of a model/skilled performers play.
  • Frequently jumping back and forth and over emphasising one point. Repetition. Consider your structure.
  • His physical fitness is at a high standard making him more focussed and consistent. .............
  • Variety of shots to remove pressure and make them more successful.........
  • A skilled performer is able to move about the court with great agility and to be able to make quick decisions and be very economic about it in order to last the match?
  • A skilled badminton performer needs good timing because it makes the rally easier?????
  • To make a skilful performer they must always play a variety of shots.??
  • A skilful performer in badminton has excellent tactical awareness as they are consistent and have accurate shots.....