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Summary of Windows Phone Homebrew or Jailbreak Apps PowerPoint Presentation
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Summary of Windows Phone Homebrew or Jailbreak Apps

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Summary of Windows Phone Homebrew or Jailbreak Apps - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Windows Phone is growing slowly. The positive side is that we're seeing more and more custom ROM and Windows Phone jailbreak apps everyday. Looking at the potential of hackers around the community, it would be worthwhile mentioning that the number will double within month or so

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Summary of Windows Phone Homebrew or Jailbreak Apps

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windows phone december news

Windows Phone December News

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windows phone jailbreak
Windows Phone Jailbreak

Windows Phone is an ever growing field. Reports are claiming that Windows Phone market is picking up with other competitors at steady pace.

However, WP marketplace lacks solid jailbreak tool and jailbreak apps (also called as homebrew apps).


It seems that this may end very soon. Recently, the team behind chevronWP7 team has opened up the site for general public, letting more people jailbreak their device

Their first venture yield in 5000 successful registrations and unlock, which itself is a big number considering the fact that it was open for few days only.


Windows Phone hacker team member jaxbot has released a new tool called ‘WindowBreak’, which is also dubbed as first ever tool to provide free Interop unlock.

Yes, you heard me right. You do not need to buy $9 chevronWP7 tokens to unlock your Windows Phone.


Although, WindowBreak seems to be the best option to unlock your device, it is available for Samsung device users only

Due to certain registry entry restriction, Nokia and HTC devices are left from getting the love from the developer.

Developers are working hard to change this, but it is unlikely to arrive soon, not in this year.

custom rom
Custom ROM

Although, chevronWP7 and WindowBreak works with most of the homebrew apps, it fails to install those app that needs full unlock.

There are three famous Custom ROMs available that are fully unlocked

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Three fully unlocked ROMs are





All the custom ROMs give you an access to registry file, full unlock, custom themes, backgrounds and much more.

Moreover, they are loaded with plenty of beautiful themes.

These custom ROMs are fully optimized to give the best performance on your Windows Phone.


In the very near future, Bazaar app will open its door to all users, giving access to all homebrew apps under a single roof.

For those who are new to scene, Bazaar is analogous to Cydia for iOS, which will host all free apps as well as homebrew apps.