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genie bra reviews revealing some unparalleled features PowerPoint Presentation
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genie bra reviews revealing some unparalleled features

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genie bra reviews revealing some unparalleled features - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Genie Bra is an amazing advancement within the undergarment industry as this one piece bra delivers optimal breast support and comfort- while dramatically flattering ones figure. Unlike products that provide the same features, the Genie Bra is very affordably priced and makes the goal of unveiling comfort, while enhancing beauty, a very reachable goal. In addition to the Genie Bra's extreme comfort and support it also boasts the ability to be used as a stunning camisole.

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genie bra reviews revealing some unparalleled features

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    Presentation Transcript
    1. The Genie Bra is the newest addition to the undergarment industry and is proving to be the salvation for many women who have struggled with discomfort and pain from the use of poorly fitted bras. The Genie Bra incorporates an amazing one piece design that is free of underwires and hooks.

    2. As well, its perfectly balanced composition of Nylon and Spandex makes the Genie Bra the epitome of comfort since it has been designed to gently stretch and conform to the body. This delicate material mixture puts an end to the constricting bra model we have come to accept as the norm and ensures that putting on a bra no longer needs to be a difficult endeavor.

    3. Genie Bra reviews reveal that this amazing bra not only provides enhanced comfort for its wearer but also offers other features and benefits which appear to make it a definite welcome addition to the wardrobe of any fellow woman. For one thing, the Genie Bra has been proven to lift, support and separate the breasts in in the same way as high priced custom fit bras but it accomplishes this feat at a fraction of the price. As well, the Genie Bra acts as the perfect camisole because it actually stays in place. Most importantly, it is able to stay in place without the use of uncomfortable constricting bands or clips.

    4. In addition to the Genie Bra's dual function as a flattering camisole it also boasts the ability to eliminate underarm and back fat bulge. This highly coveted feature is virtually non-existent within the realm of affordable bras and ensure that all body types and figures can enjoy enhanced beauty while wearing any type of garment.

    5. Before the introduction of the Genie Bra, one could only enjoy comfortable, smooth and skin fitting undergarments by spending exorbitant amounts of money on custom fitted bras. Fortunately, with the introduction of the affordably priced Genie Bra, any woman can now enjoy the comfort and pain-free experience of wearing a perfect fitted bra.

    6. The Genie Bra comes in a set of three colors(nude, black and white) and are washer and dryer friendly. To buy the Genie Bra set, one will need to pay $72.98($59.99 for the set of three bras plus $12.99 for processing and handling). As well, there is a spectacular bonus deal being exclusively offered to online buyers. When the consumer decides to buy the Genie Bra set they will be given the opportunity to enjoy a complimentary bonus set for just the price of processing and handling($12.99).

    7. Of course, all online Genie Bra purchases are safeguarded with a 60 day money back guarantee. This money back guarantee, joined with the numerous positive Genie Bra reviews, reveal this undergarment to be the perfect inexpensive accessory for complimenting the wardrobe of any figure or body type.