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clean technology and cca drr the del carmen experience n.
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Clean Technology and CCA-DRR: The Del Carmen Experience PowerPoint Presentation
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Clean Technology and CCA-DRR: The Del Carmen Experience

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Clean Technology and CCA-DRR: The Del Carmen Experience
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Clean Technology and CCA-DRR: The Del Carmen Experience

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  1. Clean Technology and CCA-DRR: The Del Carmen Experience Mayor Alfredo Matugas Coro II Del Carmen, Siargao Island

  2. Rationale • Clean Technology concept is new to Del Carmen and the Philippines as our focus is on Climate Change Adaptation and Disaster Risk Reduction due to the volume of storms and other natural calamities we experience very year. Due to our focus on CCA-DRR, allow me to present incorporating Clean Technology in CCA-DRR through the Del Carmen Experience.

  3. Siargao Island DEL CARMEN SIARGAO ISLAND Updated as of 12/01/2010 Del Carmen Investment Overview 3

  4. About Del Carmen • Del Carmen is one of the 9 municipalities on Siargao Island off northeastern Mindanao. A 5th class municipality with a poverty index of 67.24%. Del Carmen has 4,000 ++ hectares of mangrove forest, the largest contiguous mangrove forest in the country. • Siargao island was declared as a Protected Landscape and Seascape. It was chosen as a priority protected area primarily due to its important bio-physical features such as the extensive expanse of mangrove forest.

  5. About Del Carmen Del Carmen is geographical isolated with the mainland a distant 2 hours away from the regular boats we have. We do not measure in terms of nautical miles since people will only identify the travel time Island Culture: A unique tropical Island Culture and behavior that may borderline between lazy and contentment The geographical isolation and the fears of waves that resulted in several accidents in previous years, has limited government’s intervention to the concerns of the island The minimal support obtained, meant limited knowledge in agriculture, specialization of skills, access to new learning, and slow adoption of norms presented in societies

  6. Del Carmen is Highly Vulnerable to Disasters and Climate Changes (Most important fact to remember about Del Carmen)

  7. No More Source of Food from the Seas and the Land Flooding and Tsunamis

  8. Even animals could not sustain Ocean of Trash

  9. What we can do! Sustainable Ecosystem (EcoTown) Framework Program with the Climate Change Commission

  10. The EcoTown Framework • A convergence strategy to address the identified climate change vulnerability in the area. The synergy targeted is that of the different programs of various government agencies, private partners and local communities. The objective is to aggressively address the problem to give direct, immediate, substantial and sustainable (DISS) results.

  11. What we have done so far… • Products: • Hopyaw • Bags • Daing • Water • Suka • Proposal: Paradigm shift from livelihood to entrepreneurship: Change concept from raw materials to product with longer shelf life, small packages and focused marketing. Climate resilient supply chain from raw materials to distribution. • Action: We have now identified several raw materials for product development based on market valuation performed by DTI. Technologies are from DOST and potential funding from DA and DOLE. • Clean Technology: Increasing Production using less power. Technologies are supplied by Government.

  12. What we have done so far… Climate Proof Tourism Offering: Del Carmen Mangrove Cruise and Mangrove Fishing • Proposal: Siargao is already known as a surfing and game fishing destination but these markets are dependent on climatic conditions. Use the climate changes to create climate proof tourism opportunities. • Actions: Development of other tourism offering to maximize the 5,000 hectare mangrove forest for fishing, cruising and rich biodiversity research. Luring investors to work with the local government is our current focus. • Clean Technology: Eco-Tourism Promotion to generate low carbon emitting jobs.

  13. What we have done so far… The New Siargao Domestic Airport • Proposal: Proposed the clustering of services in specific development areas to manage resources effectively • Actions: We understood what our community can offer to serve the greater good of Siargao Island -- Del Carmen hosts the Siargao Airport, State University, Provincial Agri Center, Sanitary Landfill. • Clean Technology: Clustering of resources reduces the need to use additional resources and energy. Proper planning helps reduce energy emission and increase energy efficiency.

  14. Current Learnings • Planning for CCA-DDR is utilization of Clean Technology Process and Product • Planning Approach: Direct, Immediate, Substantial and Sustainable (DISS) • Bottomline: Saving Lives now and tomorrow!

  15. Marajaw na Hapon sa Ijo Hurot! (Thank you very much)