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General Insurance And It’s Types PowerPoint Presentation
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General Insurance And It’s Types

General Insurance And It’s Types

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General Insurance And It’s Types

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  1. General Insurance And It’s Types Presented By:- General Insurance

  2. The general insurance policy provides wide range of insurance products that protects your expensive assets against unfortunate events that damage or harm the policyholder or its property. Some expected types of unfortunate events that can harm or damage your property are accidents, natural or man-made calamities. The General Insurance policy in India is the highest selling product in the Indian insurance market. Home insurance, Motor insurance, Travel insurance and Health insurance plans are the different types of the insurance policy provided under general insurance category. Let us check the benefits provided under a different general insurance products below: Travel Insurance Travel insurance policy provides protection against an unfortunate event that can add extra expenses to your trip. For example trip cancellation or delay, loss of baggage or passport or sudden illness. It can cause extra expenses due to additional accommodation charges incurred due to trip cancellation, delay or sudden illness.

  3. Health Insurance Health insurance policy covers the costs of expensive medical treatments. It provides financial assistance in case the policyholder meets medical emergency. The policy pays off the treatment cost and other expenses like ambulance charges, medicine expenses and much more. Motor Insurance Motor insurance includes two types of insurance plans under; Car insurance and bike insurance policy. There are comprehensive insurance policies which provide multiple coverages and protect the policyholder and its property against any damage or loss. It covers the expenses incurred due to third party liability, personal accident and damage to the own vehicle. Home Insurance Home insurance plans provide protection against damage or loss incurred due to natural or man-made activity. For example, it covers the expenses incurred due to natural calamities such as flood, earthquake, cyclone, lightening and flood.

  4. Let’s discuss about the one best general insurance company: Oriental Insurance The Oriental Insurance Company was established on 12th September 1947 in Bombay. The Company is a subsidiary of the Oriental Government Security Life Assurance Company and is successfully running the General Insurance business in the insurance market. The head Office of Oriental insurance is located in New Delhi. It has more than 1800 Offices in various cities of the country. It operates in another country like Nepal, Kuwait, and Dubai. With the rising risk of unfortunate, unpredictable events in the form of illnesses or accidents, disasters that can result in emergencies the oriental insurance come up with different kinds of policy that protect the policyholder and its expensive assets like home, car, etc.

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