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Rising Freshman Parent Information Meeting

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Rising Freshman Parent Information Meeting - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Rising Freshman Parent Information Meeting. Accessing the key to your student’s future in high school and beyond. Freshman Registration. Public school registration forms sent home with teacher recommendations end of Feb, due back March 10 Private/home school registration appointments in April

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rising freshman parent information meeting

Rising Freshman Parent Information Meeting

Accessing the key to your student’s future in high school and beyond

freshman registration
Freshman Registration
  • Public school registration forms sent home with teacher recommendations end of Feb, due back March 10
  • Private/home school registration appointments in April
  • Schedule is built in May
  • Waiver form is built into registration
graduation requirements
Graduation Requirements

Units Required

  • English/Language Arts 4
  • Mathematics 4
  • Science 4
  • Social Studies 3
  • CTAE and/or Fine Arts and/or

Foreign Language 3

  • Health and Physical Education 1
  • Electives 4
  • Total Units (Minimum) 23
credits for grade levels
Credits for Grade Levels
  • Minimum 5 credits for 10th grade homeroom including 1 unit each of math, science & English
  • Minimum 10 credits for 11th grade homeroom including 2 units each of math, science & English
  • Minimum 16 credits for 12th grade homeroom
english language arts
English/Language Arts
  • 4 units of English/Language Arts required, including:
    • 1 unit of 9th Grade Literature and Composition
    • 1 unit of American Literature and Composition in 11th grade
    • 2 additional units (we teach British Lit in 10th grade and World Lit or Multicultural Lit in 12th)
    • Honors available each grade level
    • AP Language available in 11th grade and AP Literature available in 12th grade
  • 4 units of Mathematics required, including:
    • 1 unit of Mathematics I or Accelerated Mathematics I (GPS Algebra)
    • 1 unit of Mathematics II or Accelerated Mathematics II (GPS Geometry)
    • 1 unit of Mathematics III or Accelerated Mathematics III or any higher level mathematics course, including AP/IB (GPS Adv Alg/Trig)
    • 1 additional math unit
  • New course for 4th year will be added
  • Support classes available for struggling students
  • AP Calculus and AP Statistics offered at Pope
  • 4 units of Science required, including:
    • 1 unit of Biology (Honors available)
    • 1 unit of Physics (Honors, conceptual or AP-B)
    • 1 unit of Chemistry, Earth Systems, Environmental Science, or an AP course (H Chem available)
    • 1 unit of a 4th science, including any AP (AP Bio, AP Chem, AP Physics C), academic science (Ocean, Astro, Zoo, Anatomy, H Anatomy) or career tech science (ex: Horticulture)
social studies
Social Studies
  • 3 units of Social Studies required, including:
    • 1 unit of World History
    • 1 unit of United States History
    • ½ unit of American Government/Civics
    • ½ unit of Economics
    • Honors & AP available for all required SS
    • Freshman SS electives include Geography (H avail) and Gifted Psychology
additional graduation requirement
Additional Graduation Requirement

Requirements for Health/PE:

All students must complete .5 unit of health and .5 unit of personal fitness

PE electives such as physical conditioning, weight training, team sports & body sculpting do NOT meet this requirement

elective requirements
Elective Requirements
  • 7 units required, including:
    • A total of 3 units required from: CTAE and/or Foreign Language and/or Fine Arts for all students (students planning to enter or transfer into a University System of Georgia institution must take two units of the same foreign language)
    • 4 additional elective units for all students
world languages
World Languages
  • French, German & Spanish offered
  • Level I for new language
  • Level II for rising 9th graders who completed French or Spanish I in 8th grade for high school credit
  • Levels III is honors
  • Advanced Placement (AP) is available in all three languages
academic electives
Academic Electives
  • English: Mythology, Journalism
  • Social Studies: Sociology, Psychology, Current Issues, Leadership, AP Psychology, Gifted Dev Psychology
  • Extra Sciences, Math & Foreign Languages as listed above
  • SAT Prep (non-academic elective)
  • Highly recommended for college!
career clusters
Career Clusters
  • Business (including internship)
  • Computer Science
  • Culinary Arts
  • Electronics (Telecommunications)
  • Graphic Arts
  • Horticulture
  • JROTC (at Lassiter)
  • Marketing
  • Teaching as a Profession
fine arts programs
Fine Arts Programs
  • Band – Marching, Symphonic, Percussion
  • Orchestra- Beginning, Inter, Advanced
  • Chorus – Girls, Mixed, Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced
  • Drama – Acting, Technical, Musical
  • Visual Arts – Drawing, Painting, Photo
grade point averages
Grade Point Averages
  • GPA determined by assigning quality points to each course grade: A=4, B=3, C=2, D=1, F=0. Add total and divide by number of courses attempted. Honors classes for sophomore level and up earn extra ½ quality point; AP and Foreign Language level IV & up earn extra 1 point.
  • Colleges usually re-calculate GPA based on academic classes only and add quality points differently.
  • GPA determines class rank, honor grads, auto discounts, scholarships, college admissions & certain clubs.
graduation test requirements
Graduation Test Requirements
  • Student must pass all sections of the Georgia High School Graduation Test.
  • GHSGT includes a Writing Section, and Subject Sections in English, Math, Science and Social Studies.
  • GHSGT is administered in the 11th grade with additional opportunities in 12th.
future testing
Future Testing
  • PSAT for 9th, 10th & 11th Graders
  • EOCTs in Math I, Math II, 9th Lit, Biology, American Lit, US History, Economics
  • SAT & ACT – best time after Math II
  • AP Exams – every May for AP courses which are available in 10th, 11th & 12th grades
middle school credits
Middle School Credits
  • High school credits earned in middle school will be put on the students’ transcripts during 9th grade.
  • From CCSD schools, these credits are reflected with a “P” for pass, no effect on GPA.
  • From non-CCSD schools, credits reflected as sending school records it unless parent sends letter requesting “P” for pass.
current hope scholarship
Current HOPE Scholarship
  • Grades from all high school coursework attempted in core curriculum subjects are counted in computing the core GPA to determine HOPE eligibility.
  • This means both failing grades and repeated grades in core are used in the calculation.
  • Courses in career, PE, fine arts are NOT included in core HOPE GPA.
  • Average GPA for HOPE must be 3.0; this it NOT the cumulative GPA reported on high school transcript.
  • Current legislature plans to make changes to HOPE; we will advertise when we know but please follow the media.
special opportunities
Special Opportunities
  • Summer School, for credit recovery or advancement
  • Tuition Night School or NovaNet, for credit recovery
  • Cobb Virtual for credit recovery, advancement
  • Post Secondary Options/Dual Enrollment, for both HS & college credit
  • Internship, apprenticeship
career college resources
Career & College Resources
  • Career Cruising and GaCollege411 have career interest inventories, career & college info, educational plan, resume builder. See Counseling page at popehigh.com under Academic Tab.
  • Career Center in Room 104 for students, parent meetings, testing, group sessions
activities sports clubs
Activities, Sports & Clubs
  • Encourage deeper involvement in a few activities rather than too many
  • Check popehigh.com student activities or athletics for detailed information
  • Announcements and fliers posted on bulletin boards & at water fountains
  • GHSA Athletic Eligibility requires at least 5 classes passed previous semester
sports programs

Basketball – Boy/Girl

Soccer- Boy/Girl


Softball- FP & SP

Track & Cross Country- Boy/Girl


Fencing (club)

Golf – Boy/Girl

Tennis – Boy/Girl

Swim & Dive – B/G





Rugby (club)

Hockey (club)

Sports Programs
Drama, Dance

Foreign Languages of Pope (FLOP)

FACS, Future Business Leaders

Literary Magazine

Computer, Math & Science Teams

Interact, Beta, Key, Habitat, NHS

Model UN, Renaissance

Student Government

And more every year!


*See popehigh.com for a list of all organizations*

department chairs
Department Chairs
  • Dianne Hagood – English
  • Diana Lossner– Math
  • Jan Titolo – Science
  • Beth Mulling – Social Studies
  • Rebecca Hauseman – World Languages
  • Jan Fendig– Fine Arts & Gifted Instruction
  • Lynda Brown – Career & Technology
  • Jim Haskin – Physical Education
  • Sara Allegood – Media Center
  • Marion Lister – Special Education
  • Kathryn Sax - Counseling
  • Rick Beaulieu – Principal
  • Loretta Clune – AP Curriculum (12th)
  • Steve Craft – AP Athletics (11th)
  • Loralee Hill – AP Testing (9th)
  • Nancy Zarbnisky – AP Attendance (10th)
  • Discipline by grade level as above; changes each year.
counselors are here to help
Counselors are here to help!
  • Responsibilities for individual students, by last name:
  • A – E Kathryn Sax
  • F – Le Leslie Shearstone
  • Li – R Angie Bruce
  • S – Z Jamie Hamrick
  • Janet Callahan – Testing, Advisement

We follow the students throughout high school.


We look forward to

having your student at

Alan C. Pope High School

It’s A Great Place to Be!