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  1. In what ways does your media product, use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

  2. Challenged Conventions • Unlike most female artists, I did not choose to portray my female artist as independent. In this day and age, artists such as Rihanna and Beyonce are shown as strong and independent, fearless even. The image created is self-reliant and powerful. However, my artist is portrayed as a damsel-in-distress-type who’s afraid and scared. I did this because I wanted to make my video a little different.

  3. Challenged Conventions • By taking this idea of the Protagonist always being the strong one, and light always triumphing over evil and turning it around, I feel this video became more distinctive. The fact that the main character ends up collapsing at the end after eating the apple [an homage to Snow White] and not defeating the antagonist almost makes the video seem more unpredictable.

  4. Challenged Conventions • In my Media video, I chose not to include a performance aspect. This meant my video would solely focus on the story rather than clips put together of her singing. This goes against the common idea of a music video which is to demonstrate an artist singing their song in a clip form, but this isn’t completely unheard of. Singers such as Lady Gaga use music videos as more of a short film rather than a video with music. An example of this is Telephone. Whilst there are a few performance scenes, the main focus is on the story that the video is telling and it even contains dialogue too.

  5. Challenged Conventions • Music videos without dialogue can also be found with the artist Katy Perry, in her video for The One That Got Away which revolves around the story of her character regretting losing someone in her younger years. I chose not to use dialogue because wanted to make my music video stand out a bit more, to be memorable and by doing something a bit different, I feel as if I’ve achieved this. By solely focusing on the story element, I felt that I’d created a more interesting concept.

  6. Challenged Conventions • Another way I challenged the conventions of a typical music video was to play around with the structure by adding a flashback section. I did this to try and be a little different with my music video.

  7. Used Conventions • Typically, most music videos tend to feature a small amount of characters in order to make them simpler to understand. I chose to stick with this by only using two so the audience wouldn’t find themselves confused. I also made them wear distinctively different clothing so that it was easier to understand who was who. This can also be seen in Ed Sheeran’s Lego House, the main characters are played by both Ed and Rupert Grint. The video mainly revolves around this idea of Rupert being an obsessive fan of Ed.

  8. Used Conventions • In order to make my song fit in with my video, I fit the music with the beat. This is a very common occurrence in most music videos as it makes the song and video seem cohesive, they work together and it becomes a music video instead of just a video clip with a bit of backing music. I also did this after a cue from my feedback saying I needed to make my music fit more.

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