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Evaluation Part 1


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Evaluation Part 1

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    1. In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

    2. Using Conventions My music video uses a convention of a typical male solo artist. We have chosen to dress Callum in stereotypical male solo artist clothes from the same genre. In my research I looked at artists such as Ed Sheeran and Example who are very similar and tried to dress Callum in the same style as them.

    3. Another convention I have used is Lip-Syncing. Although this doesnt happen all the way through my video, there are parts that use lip syncing so it appears that Callum is singing.

    4. I have also used the convention of matching my videos cuts to the beat. This makes the video fit in well with the song so it doesnt seem out of place.

    5. Challenging Conventions In my music video I have challenged conventions by making sure that no musical instruments appear during the music video. I think this makes the video look more natural and less set up.

    6. Another way I have challenged conventions is by making Callum the only character in the video, lots of other videos by similar artists such as Example have loads of people in. We did this because we wanted to portray him as a vulnerable type.

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