Media and society
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Facultatea de Sociologie si Asistenta Sociala. Media and Society. Student : Petru Andreea Marketing Social an I. Contents. WHAT IS MEDIA ?. Communication instruments, e.g. books , newspapers , TV , movies and internet The production and distribution of messages

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Media and society

Facultatea de SociologiesiAsistentaSociala

Media and Society

Student : Petru Andreea

Marketing Social an I

Media and society


Media and society

Media and society

WHAT IS THE ROLE OF movies and internetMEDIA?

Media and society

Media should: movies and internet

  • Inform us about “what is going on”

  • Induce people to debate and allow them to express ideas

  • Represent a society: its facts, living style or issues

  • Help to distribute culture by giving the mass population shared experience.

Media and society

WHY IS THE movies and internetMEDIA USEFUL?

Media and society

  • It informs us about issues of our society movies and internet

  • It shows us negative sides of a society and things that we should be aware of

  • Gives access to a large cultural variety

  • Allows people to get in touch with the rest of the world through internet , movies or TV.

Media and society

IS THE movies and internetMEDIA GOOD OR BAD?

Media and society