juniori kalpa ry www juniorikalpa net n.
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Juniori-KalPa ry – www.juniorikalpa.net

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Juniori-KalPa ry – www.juniorikalpa.net - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Juniori-KalPa ry – www.juniorikalpa.net. KalPa was founded 1929 in Sortavala KalPa transformed into hockey 1954 Juniori-KalPa ry was founded in 1989

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juniori kalpa ry www juniorikalpa net
Juniori-KalPa ry – www.juniorikalpa.net
  • KalPa was founded 1929 in Sortavala
  • KalPa transformed into hockey 1954
  • Juniori-KalPa ry was founded in 1989
  • Juniori-KalPa ry was chosen the best sports club in Finland in 2009, and many more rewards for health enhancing way of life for children and adolescents.
  • Juniori-KalPa ry has done well in the quality auditions of the Finnish Hockey Assosiation yearly.
juniori kalpa today
Juniori-KalPa today
  • Juniori-KalPa (season 2010-2011)

turnover 1. 609.452 €

  • In action“competitive” (G-A) 730 jun.
  • Recreation (groups, skating and

hockey schools, special groups) 317

  • Personel 190
  • Juniori-KalPa has 6 people working full-time.
  • Organizes adult recreational hockey including 29 teams with over 600.
sports and coaching system
Sports and coaching system
  • Cooperative working and procedure is used as a ”guideline”, that helps to define more specific procedures and styles to achieve the objectives of the club (visions, strategies, goals)
  • The system has been built as a guideline for teams and partners when creating their own working models. They are to base their models from this to support the vision and values of Juniori-KalPa
  • Values and methods make a teams actions more simple and help in solving possible problems

Main goal:

”Moving and active skill hockey”

Competitively and businesswise successful club

Development of a player all-round with partners (KalPa community and academy)

A club with a strong identity

juniori kalpa and funding
Juniori-KalPa and funding
  • Cost of ice time for Juniori-KalPa 2007-2010


2007 1066 h 41.360 e

2008 1135 h 47.670 e

2009 1295 h 61.512 e

Total cost 334.553 e

Cost increase 2007 - 2009 +22.4 %

juniori kalpa funding
Juniori-KalPa funding
  • Worries..

Funding for Juniori-KalPa

2007 42.600 e

2008 39.900 e

2009 33.560 e

Decrease through 2007 - 2009 - 21.2 %


My main duties and work

  • My main duty was to get a full view of different age groups and jobs available with Juniori-KalPa
  • I started out the first two weeks as an assistant coach for the B and A-juniors, giving feedback and planning off-ice training (mostly weights and explosive training)
  • One week I spent in Leppävirta in a hockey school organized by the Finnish Hockey Federation, there I was assistant coach for 7-9 year-olds and planning, instructing and being responsible for the group
  • I spent two weeks in similar camps in Kuopio with 10-year olds and 12-year olds. Same responsibilities than in Leppävirta.
  • The final week I spent working on a coaching manual for D-juniors. Iiro Sutinen did the drafts and we finalized the first copy of it to be presented to the board of Juniori-KalPa.
juniori kalpa ry
Juniori-KalPa ry
  • Goal is to educate through sport...