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How to make a jet paper airplane

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How to make a jet paper airplane - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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How to make a jet paper airplane . By: Nic S . Introduction .

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  • Who says you need a phone or video games to have fun? A good paper airplane can keep you having fun for hours. There are many types of paper airplanes. Some are very complicated and have lots of folds to them while other planes are not so hard.

My name is Nic. I am an expert at making paper airplanes because I learned from the best my big brother Dan. He taught me how to fold them when I was just 4 years old, while he was babysitting me. We used to spend hours playing with them and we had so much fun. I have made at least 75 paper airplanes in my lifetime. It never gets old.

how paper airplanes started
How paper airplanes started
  • The Chinese people were the first to make paper airplanes, about two thousand years ago. They made the paper out of the papyrus plant. I will show you how to make a paper airplane that’s not to complicated. You might find it fun to make them with your friends and see whose flies the farthest. Paper airplanes are made from just a single sheet of paper, so they don’t cost much and give you hours of fun.
  • All you will need is a piece of paper. I find that 8 ½ by 12 inches printing paper works the best.
safety precautions
Safety precautions
  • You will need an open space which can be inside or outside. I personally like flying them in my house because there is no wind. The only bad thing about doing it inside is all the obstacles like furniture. My dogs go crazy when I fly airplanes, which can be added entertainment. Outside would be awesome if there was no wind, but that does not happen to often.

Step 1: Make a crease down the center of the paper, Step 2: fold the bottom half up to the top.


Step 3: Make a diagonal crease from the center to the bottom corner. Step 4: Repeat on the other side


Step 5: Unfold so that you are left with a diagonal crease. Step 6: Make a diagonal fold on the diagonal crease. Step 7: Repeat on the other side.


Step 8: Make a squash fold by separating the paper and squashing it down evenly. Step 9: repeat on the other side.


Step 10: Make another diagonal fold and repeat on the other side. Step 11: Fold the edges back, then fold the paper in half, back to back.


Step 12: Fold the wings so they are horizontal with the bottom of the plane. Step 13: Make a fold in the top layer of the wing so that it stands up vertically.


Paper airplanes are something that most young children can learn how to make. Usually you learn how to fold a basic dart plane, but this one is special because it’s a jet. It is just one of the many that I learned from my brother. Take it from me, they are so much fun! Follow my instructions and you will be the best paper airplane maker and will impress your friends. Maybe you could teach someone else how to make one.