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  1. HONEY Honey is primarily composed of fructose, glucose and water. It also contains other sugars as well as traces of enzymes, minerals, vitamins and amino acids.

  2. Greek Honey Categories • MéliThymarísio/ Thyme Honey • Méli Portokaliás / Orange Blossom Honey  • MéliIlïánthou/ Sunflower Honey   • MéliEríkis / Heather Honey  • MéliKastaniás / Chestnut Honey  • Peykómelo / Pine Honey  • MéliVamvakioú / Cotton Honey • MéliElátis-Vanilia / Vanilla-Fir Honey  • Anthómelo / Polyfloral Honey

  3. MéliThymarísio/ Thyme Honey • An aromatic honey, with exceptional flavour and a bright appearance. It crystallizes within 6 to 18 months of production.  It has antiseptic attributes and empowers the immune system of the body.

  4. Méli Portokaliás / Orange Blossom Honey  • It has a splendid perfume and exceptional flavour.  It crystallizes within 1-3 months of production.  Its organoleptic characteristics are particularly liked by the consumer.  It is rich in hesperidin, a flavanone glycoside, which has strong anti oxidative attributes

  5. MéliIlïánthou / Sunflower Honey   • A lightly colored honey, which crystallizes within 1-2 months production.  Once crystallized, it has a slight yellowish hue, it is rich in polyphenols which play an important role in our diet.

  6. MéliEríkis / Heather Honey  • It is also named ‘sousourísio’.  A product with high nutritious value, a toner for the body, and for this it is mainly found in Health Food Stores.  It has an odour and flavour that is liked particularly by demanding consumers.  It crystallizes within 1-3 months of production, where it proceeds with a reddish appearance.

  7. MéliKastaniás / Chestnut Honey  • With an intense characteristic odour and flavour that expresses very little bitterness.  It crystallizes late, within 1-2 years of production.  It has high bacterial stagnation attributes, is more resistant to heat, and can be stored for a longer period than other honeys.  Chestnut Honey increases blood circulation and aids in cases of dysentery.

  8. Peykómelo / Pine Honey • Emanating from aphid secretions and produced in the pinewoods of our country.  It is not particularly sweet.  It rarely crystallizes, is rich in trace elements, proteins and amino-acids.  It has fewer calories than Pollen Honeys.

  9. MéliVamvakioú / Cotton Honey • A lightly colored honey that changes to whitish following crystallization, which occurs 1-3 months following production.  It has the highest anti-bacterial attributes since it is the richest honey in hydrogen peroxide.  It is also used in the mixture with bee pollen-sam, beauty creams, cosmetics etc.

  10. MéliElátis-Vanilia/ Vanilla-Fir Honey • This honey has a flavour liked from the most exigent consumers.  It is the honey with the least calories. Vanilla-Fir Honey has a distinguishable appearance, since it creates the essence of highlights within its interior.  This honey does not crystallize.

  11. Anthómelo / Polyfloral Honey • A multiple origin honey, which bees have produced from the abundance of Greek plants.  Its attributes differ depending on the plants of origin.  Usually light colored, it has an exceptional perfume and flavour.