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Welcome to the Beautiful World of Science

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Welcome to the Beautiful World of Science - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Welcome to the Beautiful World of Science. Science in Action. Unit Name: Scientific Inquiry Unit Theme: How the World works Grade: 6 Big Idea: Scientific processes and habits of mind help in solving problems.

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Unit Name: Scientific InquiryUnit Theme: How the World worksGrade: 6Big Idea: Scientific processes and habits of mind help in solving problems


Scientific Inquiry/processA method used by scientist to investigate the world around them. Scientific inquiry is used by scientists and non scientists alike to solve real world problems.

some scientific skills observing planning communicating measuring predicting inferring interpreting
Some Scientific SkillsObservingPlanningcommunicatingMeasuringPredictingInferringInterpreting

Steps involved in the scientific processesTitle of investigationStatement of the problemResearch hypothesisExperimentation: Planning, materials and testing.Interpreting, analyzing and evaluating result.Conclusion: From your result, you can then provide an answer to you research question, accept or reject your hypothesis.


APPLICATION OF SCIENTIFIC INQUIRY TO SOLVE REAL WORLD PROBLEM Unit Name: Scientific inquiry Unit:1 Unit Theme: How the world works.Grade: 6 Name: Alexis ObueBig Idea: Scientific processes and habits of mind help in solving problemsTITLE: How the height of a slope affects the speed of a car.


RESEARCH QUESTION: Does increasing the height of the slope make the car move faster?RESEARCHHYPOTHESIS: By increasing the height of the slope, the car will move faster.MATERIALS: A toy car, a board and a stopwatch..


RESEARCH PROCEDURE: The board was placed on stairs. The car was pushed down the slope then the time it took the car to move from the top to the bottom of the slope was recorded. The slope was raised one step higher and the process was repeated 6 times

Speed of Car = Slope = Gradient= 0.75m/1.6s =0.5m/sCONCLUSION: The higher the slope, the faster the car moves.Thank you.