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SINGAPORE AIRLINES. GROUP 6. EVA CORPORATE STRATEGY. Jerry Corporate Image. Emily Company’s History. Mike Corporate Headquarters. Bernice Corporate Culture. Wesley Corporate Profits. Bell Corporate logo. Sean Corporate Venturing. Eva CORPORATE STRATEGY.

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    2. EVA CORPORATE STRATEGY Jerry Corporate Image Emily Company’s History Mike Corporate Headquarters Bernice Corporate Culture Wesley Corporate Profits Bell Corporate logo Sean Corporate Venturing

    3. Eva CORPORATE STRATEGY The outstanding service and products are creative Have the courage creative spirit and effort, let the SIA possess the good reputation of the 〝 trend founder 〞 in the aviation field. He customer service of the high level is a successful lord in SIA to fuck, the outstanding passenger cabin service is more the mat to settled the new politeness of SIA to entertain guest the foundation of the great reputation. Global flight path network The district airline that SIA belong to with it- win Anne's aviation, the flights network spreads over 87 cities of 36 nations. Be used as globalization a wreath of the strategy, the SIA joins the empty alliance in star on in April of 2000 1, continuing for the customer and providing the commitment and the effort of the better service and more frequent flight path network. Modern machine team The new flight team is one of the most modern machine teams in the main airline in world, equally the machine age SIA is 5 months in5 years.

    4. History EmilyLee Origin

    5. 1947 May 1st ---- Malayan Airways first operated a twin-engined Airspeed Consul between Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Ipoh and Penang. 1955 ----- They own a fleet of Douglas DC-3s, the flight sector including Indonesia, Vietnam,Myanmar…etc. Cabin Service supplied for pax with sandwiches, cookies, meats, and drink including liquors by only a stewardess, she was the pioneer of Singapore Girl .

    6. 1950 ~ 1960 ---- they increased the several kind of new style aircrafts. Malayan Airways 1963 Sep 16th Malaysian Airways 1967 Malaysia-Singapore Airlines (MSA) 1968 Pierre Balmaindesigned the uniform for flight attendents. 1969 Purchased 5 aircrafts of B737-100.

    7. 1971 Jun 2nd The first flight across Europe to London. 1972 Oct Malaysia Airline Malaysia-Singapore Airlines The end of ‘70 Singapore Airlines (1)B747, B727及DC10 (2) Established S. A. T. S. 1977年 Built a hangar and a cargo station in Paya Lebar. 1989 Feb The SIA’s subsidiary called Tradewinds, then changed name to SilkAir, was the second airlines in Singapore. After 2000

    8. BerniceCorporate Culture To offer the good service and for the passenger of Taiwan, Singapore Airline have a modern and young fleet of aircraft. And we never forget that we owe our size and commercial success to our customers. Singapore Airline is always consistent in our principles faith to intent on affairs of airline and mutuality .To keep the high-technology and product constantly that make our customer feel batter and batter. Singapore Airline convinces the important relation between public. Except the customer and business partner we also serve them for each area. The high-grade service for customer is the successful way to Singapore Airline. Singapore Airline also donate and patronize to many group of society, including benevolent society, academic organization, and article act.

    9. BellCorporate logo Hover Comfortable

    10. SeanCorporate Venture Partnership of stock right In December 1999, Singapore Airlines signed a memorandum of understanding to acquire 49 per cent of Virgin Atlantic, the holding company for Virgin Atlantic Airways, Virgin Holidays, Virgin Sun, Virgin's cargo operation and Virgin Aviation Services. Since then, both companies have been collaborating to implement a wide range of customer benefits. The two carriers will retain their distinctive identities and continue to develop their own products, but at the same time they will be able to offer their customers the benefits of an expanded network and a wide range of joint initiatives. Star Alliance The Star Alliance network was established in 1997 by founding members Air Canada, Lufthansa, Scandinavian Airlines, Thai Airways International and United. Members now include Air New Zealand, ANA, Asiana Airlines, Austrian, bmi, Lot Polish Airlines, Singapore Airlines, Spanair, US Airways and VARIG. The Star Alliance members transport around 300 million passengers annually over a network of 772 airports in 133 countries.

    11. WesleyCorporate Profits • Profitability Ratios(%) Return on shareholder's funds7.7 Return on total assets4.6 Return on turnover9.2 • Per Share Data Earnings before tax (cents)67.4 Earnings after tax (cents)69.7 69.7 Net tangible assets9.4 • Dividends Gross dividends (cents per share)25.0 c Dividend cover (times)2.8 • Market Value Ratios dPrice/Earnings15.78Price/ Book Value1.17Price/ Cash Earnings e6.59

    12. MikeCorporate Headquarters SIA Today To a World Class Carrier Today, SIA is internationally recognised as one of the world's leading carriers. Singapore Airlines was the pioneer of inflight services such as free drinks and complimentary headsets. In January 2004, SIA's new ultra long-range A340-500 joined the fleet, and on 3 February, the Airline made aviation history when it launched the world's longest non-stop commercial flight from Singapore to Los Angeles. In conclude Singapore Airlines has grown from a regional airline into one of the world's leading passenger and cargo carriers. Today, they have a modern and young fleet of aircraft. Their home base, Changi Airport, is regularly voted the world's best, and serves as their gateway to Asia and beyond.

    13. JerryCorporate Image Community Each year Singapore Airlines actively support many charities, philanthropic and promotional events globally that make a difference to the lives that they serve and help. This includes support to the Arts,Education,National events,sports,and Welfare. Environment SIA takes a long-term view in the development of its air transportation and related businesses. This includes broader responsibilities to the worldwide com munities it serves, and recognition that its operations take into account the preservation of the environment. Information on our key environmental activities and performance is published in the SIA Environmental Report 2003-04.The report includes,inter alia,data on aircraft emissions,electricity and water consumption and also listed various green activities such as recycling of wine bottles,newspapers,carton boxes and inflight magazines.

    14. Swot for SIA • Strength • Weakness • Opportunity • Threaten