eastern europe and russia n.
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Eastern Europe and Russia

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Eastern Europe and Russia - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Eastern Europe and Russia. Conflict, communism, and a new modern world. Do Now. Returns next week. Information. Academic Contracts Coming - know where you will stand in the upcoming M.P. Europe Test (with some Russia) - tomorrow MIRPL assignment - get it started.

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eastern europe and russia

Eastern Europe and Russia

Conflict, communism, and a new modern world

do now
Do Now

Returns next week

  • Academic Contracts Coming

- know where you will stand in the upcoming M.P.

  • Europe Test (with some Russia)

- tomorrow

  • MIRPL assignment

- get it started

current events
Current Events
  • Sochi Olympics

- most expensive Olympics

- over $50 billion dollars

  • Hibernating satellite to wake for a comet

- satellite dormant for 3 years

- will orbit and land on comet

do now1
Do Now

Returns next week

russia a history of invasion
Russia – A History of Invasion

Nordic Tribes (Vikings)

- initially settled in Kiev

- navigable rivers, river trade

- adopted culture of Slavic people

Mongolian Invasion from the East

- invaded and removed Vikings

- controlled territory until 1500s

ivan the great
Ivan The Great

In the 1500s, removed Mongolian invaders

- Russia came to power

- began expanding territory

Expanded territory from West to East

- created ethnic diversity

the czars and industrialization
The Czars and Industrialization

Russia controlled by Czars

- emperors promoted nationalism

Europe Industrialized

- Russia lagged behind

- resources, no technology

Industrialization brought

- harsh working conditions

- civil unrest

- government upheaval

russian industrialization
Russian Industrialization

Working conditions

were poor

- working class

injured and poor

- wages low

Czars did not help the people

- aristocracy grew

Conditions worsened

- World War I started

karl marx
Karl Marx

Philosopher, economist, historian

From an affluent family, college educated

Wrote the Communist Manifesto

- expelled from multiple countries

- died in London

vladimir lenin
Vladimir Lenin

Followed the philosophy of Karl Marx

Spoke against the Czars and treatment of workers

- began the Russian Revolution

Russia withdrew from WWI

- the Soviet Union was born

josef stalin
Josef Stalin

Isolated the Soviet Union

5 Year Plans

- more industrialization

- collectivization of

farms, more food

Strengthen military

Remove dissenters

Trans-Siberian RR


Summarize the history of Russia and the Republics based on today’s lesson and what you have read.

Include: Introductory sentence, supporting sentences, and a conclusion.