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  1. Aurelia Felix, hora IV Poseidon • Greek name: Poseidon • Roman name: Neptune • Parents: Cronus and Rhea • Sphere of influence: The oceans, storms, earthquakes, and horses • Attributes: The dolphin, the horse, and the trident. • Birthplace: in the Diktaion cave on Mount Ida on the island of Crete, along with Zeus and Hades

  2. Statue of Poseidon in Athens This statue of Poseidon would look more majestic and legendary if he was holding his trident in his right hand. Without it, he looks bare and empty. However, the dolphin in the bottom left corner adds a nice touch to the statue. This image spoke to me because it was a statue that did not look new and polished, unlike the ones that I found along with it. This reminded me that the gods were ancient and somebody long ago had sculpted Poseidon. I chose this statue because it was one of the few ancient images that looked complete. Statue of Poseidon currently at National Archaeological Museum of Athens, found on Milos, made in 125-100 BC

  3. Poseidon from God of War This image of Poseidon is probably one of the most mystical picture I’ve seen of him. The blue aura around him and the symbols on his body bring out the power he has in the seas. This image stood out because it was designed using computer graphics, and this effect made Poseidon look invincible. I chose this picture of the god because some of my friends play God of War, and I remember seeing Poseidon in the game. Poseidon from God of War the video game, created by Dave Matthews

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