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Potbelly Pigs

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Potbelly Pigs. By Nadia Zahedi. Click the button to go to the next page. First.. The buttons…. My name is Pinky and I will be going along with you on your journey today!. To go to the NEXT PAGE: To go to the LAST PAGE: To go to the HOME PAGE: To take the QUIZ:

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potbelly pigs

Potbelly Pigs

By Nadia Zahedi

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first the buttons
First.. The buttons…

My name is Pinky and I will be going along with you on your journey today!

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table of contents
Table of Contents

What is a Potbelly Pig?

Train your pig

Physical Appearance


Pig Personality

Pigs, Pets and Kids

Medical Needs

Buy or Adopt a Pig

Yummy Pig Food

Chose a topic that you would like to learn about and click that box.

what is a potbelly pig
What is a Potbelly Pig?

Do you know what a potbelly pig is??

a potbelly pig is
A Potbelly Pig is…

Aww isn’t it cute?

  • Abreed of a domesticated pig originated from Vietnam with 14 different sub-species.
  • They are smaller than the standard American farm pig.
  • They are clean, highly intelligent and loving creatures.
  • They are generally the 4th smartest animal in the world.
physical appearance
Physical Appearance…
  • They have a sway back with a large stomach (why they are called Potbelly).
  • Short snouts (nose) and round pricked ears.
  • Straight tails (not curly like you normally see) and wrinkled faces.

Sway back


Short snout

Straight tail

what colors do they come in
What colors do they come in?

What color am I?

Black with white markings

Black and White


White with black markings

  • Mane or Mohawk, which raises when they are scared or mad.
  • Size: anywhere from the size of a cocker spaniel to a small lab retriever (yes these are dogs)
  • Weight: 50-200lbs at the age of 2-3 years old
  • Lifespan: 15-20 years

What color do pot belly pigs not come in?

  • Black
  • Pink
  • Purple
  • White

C’mon this is an easy one!

what is their personality like1
What is their personality like?
  • Pigs are highly intelligent, social and affectionate herd creatures.
  • They get bored easily.
  • To entertain themselves they eat wallpaper, tip tables over, open kitchen cabinets and get into the refrigerator.
  • They need and love all the attention they can get.
  • They love to have their tummy rubbed and getting their backs scratched.

Still doing okay?

Pigs entertain themselves by eating wallpaper, tipping tables over, opening kitchen cabinets and…

  • Chewing on shoes
  • Sleeping
  • Getting into the refrigerator
medical needs
Medical needs:
  • All pigs that are kept as pigs should be spayed (girls) or neutered (boys).
  • They need vaccinations for common diseases.
  • They also need yearly worming shots (heartworm).

I’m scared!!

general health care
General health care:
  • Their ivory tusks need to be trimmed every couple years.
  • Hooves (feet) need yearly trimming.
  • Can be done by a vet or the family members.
  • Pigs don’t get fleas. They get ticks.
  • White pigs can get sun burnt.
  • They have no odor (they don’t stink!)
  • Tend to be overweight (fat). They sit around and do nothing which isn’t healthy.

Check up time!!

Pigs don’t get fleas. They get:

  • Flies
  • Ticks
  • Spiders
  • Bad breath
mmmm food
Mmmm food….
  • Pigs are omnivores (they eat both meat and vegetables)
  • Eat fruit, vegetables, grain and meat
  • They have a sweet tooth
  • They spend time grazing when grasses and other greens are available (clovers, dandelions, and alfalfa)


  • The amount a pig needs to be healthy depends on their size.
  • Food for potbelly pigs can be found and bought in pet food stores and feed mills.

Here’s another one…

Pigs are omnivores. So they eat fruit, grain, meat and:

  • Vegetables
  • Eggs
  • Candy
  • Ice Cream
can pigs be trained1
Can pigs be trained?
  • Pigs are easy to train but have to be motivated by food (treats).
  • They can learn their names real easy if you give them food treats.
  • Tricks that you can teach a pig to do are: Sitting, Twirling and Dancing.
  • They can also be harnessed and leash trained so that you can take your pig on walks.
  • They can be liter box trained.
  • The liter box must be low to the ground so they can get inside of it.
  • It also has to be big enough so they can fit.
  • Pigs are normally biggerthan cats 

Ready for another quick question?

Potbelly pigs can be trained to sit, twirl in circles, dance and _________.

  • Sing
  • Remember and learn their names
  • Talk
where do potbelly pigs live
Where do potbelly pigs live?
  • Pigs living in the house need their own space and even their own room!!
  • Some people sleep with their pet pigs.
  • Some pigs live outside the house. If they sleep outside, they like to have some sort of of sleeping buddy to snuggle with (stuffed animals).
  • Pigs need a swimming pool for those hot summer days.
  • Pigs don’t sweat or pant, but they need a bathing area to keep cool.
  • The yard of are where the piggy will stay much be securely fenced.
  • It is important to keep dogs and other people away.
  • Never EVER tie a pig up. Pigs are prey animals and when they get scared, they will panic and try to run.

Here we go again…

  • Where do potbelly pigs sleep when they are kept as house pets?
  • Inside, their own room
  • With their owners
  • Outside
  • All of the above
do pigs pets and kids get along
Do pigs, pets and kids get along?
  • Pigs and cats are fine when together. They will either play or ignore each other, but they won’t fight.
  • Dogs and pigs may get along but they should not be left alone together (dogs are predators and pigs are prey).
  • Pigs think they can dominate (take over) children. So children and pigs should not be left alone too.

Almost done…

Pigs get along and can be left alone with:

  • Dogs
  • Cats
  • Children
so you want a potbelly pig eh
So… you want a potbelly pig, eh?
  • You should ONLY purchase or adopt from a breeder or a pig sanctuary.
  • The youngest piglets (baby pigs) can be taken from their mother is at 6 weeks old.
  • BUT it is better to wait until they are a little older, 8-10 weeks old.
here are some websites you and your parents can visit if you want to adopt a potbelly pig
Here are some websites you and your parents can visit if you want to adopt a potbelly pig:
  • Lil Orphan Hammies (California)
  • Noah’s Ark (Florida)
  • Country Critters Rescue Corral (Washington)
  • Ironwood Pig Sanctuary (Arizona)

Last one, I promise!!

When is the BEST time for piglets to be sold or taken from their mother?

  • 4-6 weeks old
  • 6 weeks old
  • 8-10 weeks old
Quiz time!!!!Are you ready??If not, you can go back to the home page and review what you are unsure about.
question 2 which is not true
Question #2: Which is not true?
  • Potbelly pigs are the size of a cocker spaniel to a small lab retriever.
  • Lifespan: 2-5 years
  • Weight: 50-200lbs @ 2-3 years old
question 3 potbelly pigs need a lot of attention which is wrong
Question #3: Potbelly pigs need a lot of attention. Which is wrong?
  • Tummy Rubs
  • Scratching their back
  • Facials
question 4 potbelly pigs kept as pets should be
Question #4: Potbelly pigs kept as pets should be:
  • Neutered
  • Spayed
  • Dressed up
  • Both A and B
question 5 potbelly pigs are considered to be the animals in the world
Question #5: Potbelly pigs are considered to be the _____ animals in the world.
  • Dumbest
  • Funniest
  • Smartest
  • Cutest
the end

Yay!! You are done!! I hope you had fun and also learned a little about me and the other pigs!! Come back and visit again!!