solving the back end with platform solutions n.
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Solving the Back End with Platform Solutions

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Solving the Back End with Platform Solutions - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Solving the Back End with Platform Solutions. Tom Shafron, CEO Viewbiquity February 2012. Internet Access. Endpoints that needs to work together. VoIP 2 way. Sensors. Command & Control. IT Equipment. Live Video Viewing. Focus on Processes , not Devices.

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solving the back end with platform solutions

Solving the Back End with Platform Solutions

Tom Shafron, CEO


February 2012


Internet Access

Endpoints that needs to work together

VoIP 2 way


Command & Control

IT Equipment

Live Video Viewing

focus on processes not devices
Focus on Processes, not Devices
  • Efficient Operation = Improved Performance
    • Businesses seldom care which device, they care about results
  • Seemingly disassociated devices can share relevant data to address business issues
    • Flow meters and POS to monitor pilferage

The real value to the end user is in the quality and relevance of the information delivered

resistance to cloud m2m apps
Resistance to Cloud M2M Apps
  • IT department resistance
    • IT support costs for standalone apps
      • No standardsetup and admin for public cloud apps
      • No standard user management, permissions etc.
      • Concerns about security
  • Executive resistance
    • Costto implement standalone vertical Web Applications
    • Inefficientoperationalintegration across business
      • Asset tracking doesn’t talk to warehouse controls, to sales system, to energy management etc.
    • Training and Retraining costs
overcoming resistance
Overcoming Resistance
  • Standardized user management and app configuration
    • All apps have similar setup (can be customized)
    • Less support and training cost
  • Apps can leverage approved platform
    • Limits much of the security concerns
  • Standardized platform for inter-app communication
    • Solutions instead of products by integrating 3rd party apps
  • Standardized “desktop”
    • Reduces employee training across apps
    • Highly customizable (style sheets etc.)
keys to success with back end
Keys to Success with Back End
  • Platform must normalize the user interaction with any device or endpoint
    • Protocol conversion, setup/config, standardized GUI
  • Horizontal integration
    • Vertical applications built on a common framework can be easily integrated
    • Compound business value from integration of seemingly unrelated processes and applications
  • Open development framework to facilitate creation and sharing of applications, device profiles, and custom user dashboards
  • Devices serve the intelligence of the application
  • Value is in how data is used, not what device provides it
    • Don’t focus on the endpoint, focus on the business process
  • Reduce cost to implement Apps through standardized admin, presentation and OS level services
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