our future relationship yes you me n.
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Our Future Relationship (Yes……….You & Me) PowerPoint Presentation
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Our Future Relationship (Yes……….You & Me)

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Our Future Relationship (Yes……….You & Me) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Our Future Relationship (Yes……….You & Me). Cheryl Brackett 2012. Safety. Most school buildings are relatively safe places to work Safe schools provide the best place for student learning. Well maintained schools promote learning as well. What you do matters!

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  • Most school buildings are relatively safe places to work
  • Safe schools provide the best place for student learning. Well maintained schools promote learning as well. What you do matters!
  • Most accidents and injuries are PREVENTABLE with proper training, equipment, knowledge, and attention to detail.
  • We all have to practice safety daily, even when it’s not convenient!
safety importance
Safety Importance
  • A safe workplace saves lost work time.
  • More important, a safe workplace means less chance that employees are being injured!!
  • Accidents and injuries are going to happen, but we need to try to take the preventable ones out of the equation (Example: slip/trip on carpet. Was it because of “Klutz” or because the carpet was rippled?)
  • When staff is out of work, it costs the district money and the employeepain!
teachers are important
Teachers are Important
  • Teachers instruct and have direct contact with our most valuable commodities-our children!
  • If teachers are out or injured, they are simply unavailable for that purpose and someone else has to fulfill their duties.
  • Teachers account for 32% of the total injuries and dollars spent through workers compensation insurance.
the big two
The “Big Two”
  • Slips/Trips/Falls
slips trips falls
Slips, Trips & Falls
  • STFs account for more than half of all teacher injuries and most can be prevented!!

Suggestions include:

    • Wear appropriate footwear:
      • Boots in from parking lots (protects nice shoes)
      • Flip flops discouraged (trip going upstairs, stumble coming down)
    • Clean Up Spills/Watch For Water:
      • Entrances
      • Cafeterias and Kitchens (water and food!)
      • Hallways (near water coolers, doors)
      • Remember: Warn others to the hazard(s)
slips trips and falls
Slips, Trips, and Falls
  • Common teacher STFs:
    • Teachers trip when they can’t see around the packages/stuff they are carrying.
    • Teachers use chairs and desks as ladders, many fall or step off wrong!
      • Get the ladder or even better, get the custodian
      • MSMA recommends not using a ladder at all!
    • Teachers trip over stuff on floors!!
      • Keep floors clear of clutter (paper, books, junk)
      • Keep cords off floors or tape them down
slips trips and falls1
Slips, Trips, and Falls
  • Outside trip hazards also exist:
    • Teachers slip, trip, and fall on stairs!
    • Snow/Ice/Slippery Conditions. Remember, your first step out of your car is ALWAYs slippery-shoes/boots heat up and melt ice. Only 1/3 of STFs happen from snow/ice.
    • Uneven surfaces. Broken asphalt, uneven ground, frost heaves, etc.
the big number 2
The Big Number 2

Muscle Injuries

  • In schools, back and muscle injuries are second to slips, trips, and falls in numbers
  • Most are preventable for teachers
  • Most are extremely painful and take time to heal
  • 3 P’s will help reduce muscle injuries:
    • Prevention
    • Planning
    • Personal Responsibility
muscle injuries continued
Muscle Injuries Continued

Some themes occur with teacher muscle injuries:

  • Lifting too heavy a load: GET HELP, PLAN
  • Physical exercise injuries:
    • Staff/student games, demonstrations (track)
    • Chaperone activities (skiing, mountain climbing, etc)
    • MSMA advice-Don’t let staff participate unless absolutely necessary as part of job
    • Lifting items that are overhead:
    • Rotator cuff injuries
    • Ladder or chair injuries (usually falls or sprains)
things you can do
Things You Can Do
  • Stay in Shape: fit people get injured less often
  • Plan the lift: get help and/or get a device (dolly, desk mover, or even better a custodian)
  • Don’t play in “games” with students.
  • Have a student do the “demonstrations”
  • Chaperone the activityparticipatein it
  • Store heavy items below your shoulders and above your knees
  • Liftwith your legs, bend down, keep your back straight!