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  1. autobiography Catalina Kett Second grade March 2011

  2. My Life • I am Catalina. My life is the best life ever. I have a sister her name is Athena. I live in Santa Ynez. My mom and dad named me after an island. I have good friends, family and teachers. Two of my friends are Stella, Cassidy. I have few more friends though. That is my life.

  3. My Family • I have a lot of people in my family. This is my family. Mom, Dad, and my sister Athena. I Like my family because they care about me. I like to do a lot of things with my family. I like to play games with my family. And that is my family.

  4. My Favorite • I like to do a lot of games. My favorite games are chess, checkers and dominoes. I Like to do it with my dad and Uncle Davy.

  5. When I grow up • When I grow up I want to be a paleontologist. I want to look for fossils and bones. I want to be it because I like to look for bones and fossils where I used to live or at Camp Whittier. It is fun.

  6. Autobiography Cassidy Brown Second Grade March 2011

  7. My first storm • My name is Cassidy. My first storm was very scary. I was a baby when this happened. I was in my car on the way to California. I did not know that a storm was coming! But when it did, I started to cry because I was terrified. My mom could hardly drive because it was so rainy! My sister and brother were also terrified, but I was the most terrified!

  8. My fabulous family • My family and I have a lot of things in common. Lots of things happened in my life. My family is awesome because they love me. When I am scared they are there for me and lots of other things. I never get to see most of my family because they are far away. I still love them.

  9. My Favorite Hobbies I have lots of hobbies like soccer, singing, playing dominoes and lots of other things. My favorite one out of all of them is soccer!

  10. When I grow up • When I grow up I want to be a professional soccer player. That would be great. I would love to shine in the sky. I would love to run with the wind.

  11. Autobiography Tommy Palmer Second Grade March 2011

  12. All About Me • My name is Tommy. This is how I got my name. My mom and dad said I look like a Tommy. I like legos, Star Wars, and pokemon. I like it because it is cool. I also like baseball

  13. My Family • This is who is in my family. My mom, dad, Mikayla, and Logan.

  14. Favorites • My favorite hobbies are playing video games , watching TV, and eating. My favorite video games are Spiro and MLB 2002

  15. When I grow up • When I grow up I want to be a video game designer. So I can invent cool video games. I will be fun.

  16. autobiography Oliver Jones Second grade March 2011

  17. All about me My name is Oliver. I live in Santa Ynez. I love sharks. The tiger sharks and great white sharks are really cool. They can eat everything even metal poles.

  18. My family I like to go to my uncle ‘s house.

  19. My hobbies • I like to play video games on the xbox 360 and wii and play legos

  20. When I grow up • I want to be a pro shark biologist because sharks are really cool

  21. autobiography Charlotte Robles Second grade March 2011

  22. My Life • My name is charlotte. I like to cook with my aunt. I like to dance. I dance two times a week. Lilli is my best friend. I nool Lilli sis preskool.

  23. Family • In my family there are Gabbie, Ygnacio, Mom, Dad, Herison, Redford, Polly and me. • We like to paly gams

  24. My favorite hobbies • I like to cook ,dance,gams arsof guns.

  25. When I grow up • I will be a dance tetra a simi and a hula dancer

  26. Autobiography Emma Brown Second Grade March 2011

  27. My Name • I was born in Hawaii. • My mom and dad cod not decide on any name except Emma. My mom wanted to name me Delphine. My dad wanted to name me Gretchen. I am glad he didn't name me.

  28. Where I Have Lived • When I was 2 years old me and my mom moved to Sacramento. We stayed with my grama. We staid there for almost 1 year. Then we moved to Providence. We staid there for 3 yeas. Then we moved to Germany. We staid there for 3 years. Last we moved to Los Olivos and that is ware I live now.

  29. My Family • Mumsy is my grama on my mom’s side • Anna is my mom • Jeff is my dad • Funny Grandpa is my grandpa on my mom’s sad • Aunt Sara is my aunt on my mom’s side • Gramy is my great grama on my mom’s side

  30. Hobby 1I love to read 2 I love to widdle 3 I love to draw 4 I love to mix herbs together and make poshens 5 I love to sing, dance, and act

  31. When I grow up • When I grow up I want to ether be a vet or be on Broadway. • I want to be a vet because I love animals • I want to be on Broadway because I love to sing, dance, and act.

  32. autobiography Liam Hanson Second Grade March 2011

  33. All about me I am Liam. I like legoes. I live in Solvang Janen Acres. My Mom named me.

  34. My family • My family is my Mom dad my two gold fish and my dog Bowie. I love my mom and dad because when I am hungry they feed me. They also love me and work all day.

  35. Hobbies • I like playing legos, DS, Roblox and Nerf guns.

  36. When I grow up • I will be lego designer in Denmark when I grow up.

  37. Michael Michael Pisarek Second grade March 2011

  38. All about me My name is Michael. I live in Solvang. I love sharks. I love sharks because they eat enemies.

  39. My family • I like to go to my uncles’ house.

  40. My hobbies • I like to play videogames on my Wii .

  41. When I grow up I want to be a viteogame player .

  42. autobiography Stella Firth Wang Second Grade March 2011

  43. life • My name is Stella. My best friend is Catalina. Gavin is my brother we like to play Legos.

  44. family • My mom and my brother and me went to Tahoe and we went and built a snow fort

  45. favorites • My favorite thing to play is memory.

  46. When I grow up • I want to be a photographer.

  47. Autobiography LISSET Diaz Second grade March 2011

  48. All about me My name is Lisset. I live in Los Olivos. I got my name from my mom and dad. I like los Olivos. One time my brother did not want to go to school.

  49. My Family My name is lisset . My mom, dad and brother are in my Family. I like my family bicas tha are fun.

  50. Favorites/hobby My name is lisset I live with my mom and bab