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SmarTeam Design Express for CATIA

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SmarTeam Design Express for CATIA

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  1. SmarTeam Design Express for CATIA Why you can’t afford not to buy it The fastest, simplest way to build your PLM on a solid foundation The fastest, simplest way to build your PLM on a solid foundation

  2. Agenda What is SmarTeam Design Express for CATIA? 1 2 How SDE Resolves your PDM Challenges 3 Customers Key Differentiators 4 5 Typical Project Plan 6 Next Steps: Beyond Design Express

  3. 1.1 Getting the most out of your CATIA • CATIA is an extremely powerful product development environment for creating large and complex 3D assemblies • Each assembly contains an enormous volume of valuable information: • Part - Instances • Part - References and Links • Product - Structures • Documents • Assembly Features • Constraints • Context Information and much more... • As your design team collaboratively creates and modifies designs, you quickly accumulate a wealth of data that is difficult to manage • SmarTeam Design Express gives you the tools and methods to better leverage that powerful data

  4. 1.1 What is SmarTeam Design Express for CATIA? • SmarTeam is a Windows-based PDM system that secures product data of all kinds in a robust database and enables you to easily control and manipulate that data • SmarTeam Design Express is a quick-start package combining • SmarTeam Editor and best-in-class CATIA integration • a pre-configured database • a methodology guide that sets out the Collaborative Design practices you need • a dedicated training pack • An implementation program that allows install within ten days • Design Express is designed to help you get more benefit from your CATIA data, fast

  5. 1.1 What is SmarTeam Design Express for CATIA? • Optimized collaborative CATIA design and data management • SHARING - All documents in the engineering department are managed in such a way that they are easily located, accessed and shared by all users, ensuring security, document revisions and traceability • COLLABORATION - Teams collectively access work-in-progress, sharing and delegating tasks across projects • INTEGRATION- Users work in their familiar CATIA or MS Office environment, yet from within it have easy access to data management capabilities • STANDARDIZATION - Work is based on standards and employs pre-configured design practices in order to promote reuse and reduce risks • ANALYSIS - Effective tools are used to analyze existing information, enabling impact analysis on changes between different versions

  6. 1.1 What is SmarTeam Design Express for CATIA? • Proven methodologies for CATIA design teams to optimally and efficiently create, organize, change and share data: • Straightforward User Scenarios • Optimized CATIA V5 settings for executing the user scenarios • Methodology support for catalogues • Business methods for CATIA V5 • Tools for title block and BOM management • Dedicated training program

  7. Agenda What is SmarTeam Design Express for CATIA? 1 2 How SDE Resolves your PDM Challenges 3 Customers Key Differentiators 4 5 Typical Project Plan 6 Next Steps: Beyond Design Express

  8. 1 You need to store, structure and secure your product data 2 You need to keep track of changes to documents through revisions and maturity 3 You need to efficiently search for and quickly find the right data within its context 4 You need to enable the design team to share documents in a controlled manner 5 You need your designers to reuse standard parts and designs 6 You need to view various data formats without their native applications 2.1 Design Express resolves the most basic PDM challengesfacing the CATIA Design Team

  9. Store, structure and secure your data 1 • Store: Collect and store all product-related data on a single, secure server. • Structure: Organise the documents in standardized way, using categories such as projects, customers, users, etc. to create one homogeneous filing system for everyone, replacing the standard Windows directory structure. • Secure: Data is only accessed via a login ID and password-protected connection, stored on a server with security functions and with an automated tape back-up process.

  10. 1 Securing and structuring valuable product knowledge “We needed a tool to manage a wide range of information concerning product structures and relationships between parts ... because of the huge amount of data involved in our 500 product lines, some of the most complex of which contain up to 2,000 components…. there’s an incalculable gain in efficiency when data is entered once and reused many times.” Alec Gil, Engineering Manager, S&C Electric, USA • Challenge:As the volume of unwieldy CATIA data, complete with assemblies, parts, dependencies, references, links, etc. grows, the data becomes very unmanageable • Solution:SDE offers a pre-configured data model that structures the access to your CATIA data, replacing the standard Windows file directory with a product tree, profile cards, queries and wizards that guide users to find any CATIA object they need, any time • Benefits: • Speeds access to product knowledge, spurring innovation • reduces file administration headaches, lowering cost of maintenance • reduces file loss and duplication, saving IT resources and reducing errors

  11. Secured CAD Data Management 1 Securing and structuring valuable product knowledge Files and Documents Forms Interface File System Database Vault “Protecting your most valuable asset”

  12. Tracking changes to documents 2 • Keep track of the changes made to each document as it matures, without ever renaming the document or copying it to another directory. • Maintain each revision of the document, enabling access to and reuse of each revision, as well as comparison to previous versions

  13. 2 Tracking revisions, versions and product history “With SmarTeam production personnel access only the most current design versions, incorrect revisions can no longer get to the shop floor... Departments can collaborate to develop innovative designs and optimize their manufacture.” – Jason Lindgren, Project Manager, Sub-Zero Freezer Co., USA • Challenge: Reuse of parts in different products and projects usually requires modifications. The more complex the assembly, the more difficult to trace modifications. When multiple designers access the same files, tracing becomes even more problematic. • Functionality: Checking each revision of a document into the vault enables designers to easily retrace steps to find the exact version needed. • Benefits: • Full visibility into design processes • Avoid errors caused by using wrong revision • Comply with standards requiring product history

  14. 3 Efficiently search for the right data within context • Click once to see in which assemblies a design part has been used • Find out via a product or part search if a 3D design exists • Quickly locate all documents associated with any project. • Search by relations between data, for example, to find a specification document via its relation to a 3D or 2D design, or a new part design via its relation to a price quotation Search by attribute; saved searches

  15. 3 Efficient search mechanisms show data in context “Users can search and find parts, configurations, drawings and assemblies by any attribute, such as revision, drawing name, description, drawing number, part number, etc. The software tracks where-used and composed-of relationships automatically, making it easy to determine where a certain part can be found within different assemblies…” Jim Farrell, Lord Corporation, USA – industrial components manufacturer • Challenge:As data accumulates and file names are similar, it becomes problematic and time-consuming to find any given design by its file name • Functionality:Advanced keyword and text search and query mechanisms allow designers to find exactly what they need, and in full design context, allowing them to better evaluate if the file located is the most relevant to their needs • Benefits: • Save valuable time consumed in file administration • Avoid redundant design through quicker location of existing files

  16. 4 Controlled sharing of documents by multiple users • Protect the work of all members of the team; information is not overwritten, so each modification can be tracked individually. • Audit the system to see who performed which change at what time • Safely access the same document concurrently without modifying the original - when one user owns a document for editing, others can only use it in view mode.

  17. 4 Collaborative Design Management ”We work as a team using a number of linked CATIA V5 models and associated design tools to ensure designs adhere to defined rules ... the latest project data is easily available to all engineers employed on the project, thereby ensuring that engineers are not working in isolation; they have full visibility of all design changes as they happen.” Darren Caines, Integral Powertrain, automotive engineering firm, UK • Challenge: Designers collaborating on a shared data set cannot concentrate on pure design tasks if they need to worry about other users accidentally erasing or changing their work through inadequate mechanisms to control the collaboration • Functionality: Lifecycle mechanisms give designers visibility into each design’s status and detailed records of each revision, enabling them to confidently work concurrently on the same files • Benefits: • Drive innovation through meeting of minds • Raise productivity through efficient allocation of design resources • Reduce bottlenecks via better visibility into joint design tasks

  18. CAD Data Management in Design Office Multiple User Control Files and Documents Forms Interface 3D Viewer Interrogate & Markup File System StandaloneAccess Database Vault 4 Collaborative Design Management

  19. 5 Promote the reuse of standards and existing data • Promote and support the mandatory use of standard documents (purchased parts or designs) and ensure their correct use with no duplications or non-traceable changes in design • Reduce the number of duplications of similar parts to minimize stocks and enforce sourcing policies • Encourage the use of copies of existing product as starting points for new designs, eliminating duplication of designs in multiple projects.

  20. 5 Promoting Part Standardization and Design Reuse “Using (SmarTeam) to archive files also can reduce part counts and associated costs by facilitating design standardization procedures that uncover slight variations in multiple components where a single configuration would suffice. (It) greatly improves our ability to manage part configurations.“ Swagelok, USA – industrial components manufacturer (valves) • Challenge: If designers are free to select any parts or components, especially purchased components, the company will stock low volume of wide range of parts, causing inventory and pricing problems; starting new design projects from scratch expends valuable design resources on redundant work • Benefits: • Reduce inventory overhead and delays due to inefficient sourcing • Speed time to market and drive innovation by reusing existing designs • Functionality:Designation of standard or “master” parts for common components; use of “design copy” to jump-start new projects with proven, existing designs that can be innovatively modified to meet new requirements

  21. 6 View variety of data formats • Manage and map information inside documents through the SmarTeam integrations to CATIA, MS Word, MS Excel, etc. • Visualize via SmarTeam digital documents in any of more than 450 formats (CATIA, IGES, TIF, DWG …) that are stored in any location. • Display integrated MS Word and Excel files within SmarTeam without opening the applications 3D Models FEA Specifications and Documentation

  22. 6 View Various Data Formats without Native Applications “It is important for us to give access to our clients in order for them to visualize their projects in real time, and observe the progress, while securing the data and maintaining confidentiality,” Jean-Pierre Bregeon, ABMI, project engineering firm, France • Challenge: Designers prefer to stay inside the design workspace and to avoid devoting time and memory resources to view documents related to design that require them to open additional applications • Benefits: • Save time and resources otherwise spent to purchase, install, train on and maintain other software applications • Save designers’ time and memory needed to run additional applications • Functionality:SmarTeam enables designers, as well as other users, to view files in more than 450 different formats without needing the native application. This functionality enables designers to properly classify and link various kinds of documents to projects and to designs to ensure that all the data can be easily viewed in context.

  23. Viewing many data formats Data Sheets Inventor Pro/Engineer Quote Request Technical Publications SolidWorks Price Quote Marketing Presentations Database Vault SolidEdge AutoCAD Any File Type CATIA 6 View Various Data Formats without Native Applications “Managing data in a mixed environment”

  24. 1 Secure, structured storage of valuable product knowledge 2 Revision tracking, version control and product history 3 Efficient searching that shows data in context 4 Collaborative Design Management 5 Part Standardization and Design Reuse 6 Viewing of Data without its Native Application 2.1 Design Express Resolves your Basic PDM challenges

  25. Agenda What is SmarTeam Design Express for CATIA? 1 2 How SDE Resolves your PDM Challenges 3 Customers Key Differentiators 4 5 Typical Project Plan 6 Next Steps: Beyond Design Express

  26. 3.1 Customers Using SmarTeam to Manage CATIA Data

  27. Aircraft Braking Systems • One of the world’s three leaders in the manufacture and supply of aircraft wheels, brakes, and anti-skid systems to aerospace OEMs such as Boeing, Airbus, Embraer, Dassault, Gulfstream, and Bombardier, and to military entities and parts distributors • Revenues: US $400 million per annum Employees: 799 Company Profile: • Coordinating disparate systems • Speeding up RFQ response to companies • Reducing time to market • Meeting aerospace industry regulatory and safety-compliance requirements BusinessChallenges: Solution: • SmarTeam Engineering Config, Workflow and CATIA TDM Integration • SmarTeam supports concurrent engineering processes across ABSC’s design team, including management of FEA associativity and analysis models and of the multiple CATIA V5 files generated • Integration with ERP: in prolonged benchmark SmarTeam won over SAP PLM • Flexibility, customization, and seamless integration to CATIA lets ABSC optimally manage FEA data • High usability makes interaction easy even for thoseoutside engineering Benefits:

  28. Maschio Group • MASCHIO GROUP of Italy is a leading global supplier of agricultural machinery Company Profile: • Maintain high growth in a stagnant WW market • Meet market deadlines: Missing springtime season costs an entire year of potential sales • Re-use existing design to develop variants BusinessChallenges: Solution: • SmarTeam Editor and CATIA TDM installed at both divisions to capture and reuse knowledge and standardize processes • Right to Market - Product cycle time cut by 55%, from 18 months to 10 months • Cost Reduction - Reduction of number and cost of physical prototypes: e.g. 115 K€ saved per year to test molded parts Benefits: Product Cycle Time 18 months “All companies face the same issue: Meet the customer requirements and reduce the time-to-market. CATIA and SmarTeam are by far the best answer.” M. Crozzoli,IT Director, MASCHIO GROUP 10 months

  29. Franz Viegener (Viega) • Developing water distribution systems for the building industry. • HQ Germany, international group, 2000 employees • CAD systems in use: PCADAM, CATIA V4 • Enterprise ERP solution with SAP Company Profile: • Deliver more product innovation • Reduce costs through better standard part offering • 3D prototyping of design solutions • Product simulation before fabrication processes • Collaboration across multi-sites • Integration with existing Viega legacy solutions BusinessChallenges: Solution: • SmarTeam Editor and TDM manageCATIA data (50 CATIA V5 seats) • SmarTeam Links to SAP ERP solution • SmarTeam Links to Viega legacy solutions

  30. Peltor • Part of the Aearo group, Peltor, HQ Sweden, manufactures a broad range of safety equipment • Net Sales 2003 – US$ 316 million, up 10.3% over 2002 • 1500 employees worldwide CompanyProfile: • Launch more new products while maintaining short development cycles • Deliver innovative products with superior functionality and ergonomics • Adapt products to local standards and customer needs • Share product data across company, including global after-sales teams • Strong integration between CAD (CATIA V5) and PDM BusinessChallenges: Solution: • SmarTeam Editor, Web Editor, Workflow and CATIA-Integration • Comprehensive capture and organized storage of product information with all its related documents and data • Improved collaboration between different teams • Structured, managed working processes • Strong integration between CAD (CATIA V5) and SmarTeam • Develop + 70% more new products in same time period • Reduce number of errors found during production by 80% • Reduce cost of developing new parts by 33% • Save more than one man year annually through elimination of printed drawings Benefits:

  31. Sintered Products, division of Federal Mogul, France • Leading global supplier to automotive and other industries, runs 4 sites in France that design, develop and manufacture engine parts and other mechanical components for clients such as PSA, Renault, Toyota and Audi CompanyProfile: • Increase productivity and strengthen collaboration between Design Office and other data users and applications • Optimize data security and management, track modifications and maintain pre-project histories • Leverage corporate knowledge through improved processing of clients’ engineering data BusinessChallenges: Solution: • SmarTeam Editor and CATIA TDM Integration and Multi-site Migration of multi-CAD legacy data (CATIA V4, Pro/E, Medusa and CDM) • Rapid productivity gains; • Reliable, open access to specific, accurate information powers communications; • Rapid ramp-up, training and support facilitates quick, broad user acceptance • Implemented strategy to improve quality and reduce development times in less than one year Benefits:

  32. Agenda What is SmarTeam Design Express for CATIA? 1 2 How SDE Resolves your PDM Challenges 3 Customers Key Differentiators 4 5 Typical Project Plan 6 Next Steps: Beyond Design Express

  33. 4.1 Why Design Express over the Competition? • ENOVIA brands offer the only native, best-in-class CATIA integration on the market; • Competitors do not have the knowledge and focus to build an integration that provides full integrity of the data (maintaining all critical types of CATIA data – links, references, etc) • Competitors’ CATIA integrations are often built by third-party developers, and therefore are expensive and not synchronized with new releases of CATIA, as it is not their core competence

  34. 4.2 Why Design Express over the Competition? • SmarTeam provides the built-in flexibility that allows you to start bymanaging files and documents and then grow to managing document structures and item structures • Competitors focused on document / file management are not able to provide the full scenario combined with items, thus limiting the opportunity for future expansion to PLM • Competitors focused primarily on item management have added document management later as a limited capability, thus they don’t provide full document integration capabilities for engineers working within CATIA • SmarTeam is engineering-centric, focusing primarily on design lifecycle management • Competitors that began outside the PLM market don’t offer the functionality that engineering-centric companies need

  35. 4.3 Why Design Express over the Competition? • SmarTeam’s flexible data model, open API and foundation on proven, mainstream components makes the product moreflexible and customisablethan that of its competitors. It allows users to adjust the built-in scenarios exactly to their needs. • Most competitors offer less flexibility, so users have less ability to tailor their systems to fit their processes. • SmarTeam beats the competition at integration with multiple CADs, legacy, in-house and enterprise applications. • SmarTeam offers scalability and Design Express includes built-in upgrade capabilities to full PLM functionality using the same platform.

  36. 4.4 Why Design Express over the Competition? • SmarTeam has from its inception been geared to the needs of the mid-market, offering out-of-the-box functionality, low cost of administration and ownership, ease of use and rapid implementation • The competitors offer you an attractive starting price, but when deploying and trying to extend the scope of the implementation, you will discover high prices for additional functionality and implementation services, or realise that you have reached the ceiling already with your starting product • Owned by Dassault Systèmes, one of the industry’s global leaders, ENOVIA SmarTeam is a component of a comprehensive PLM portfolio, enjoying financial stability (CAGR in US$ of 18% since 1997),high investment in technology (26.5% of revenue invested in R&D) and exposure to the broad R&D resources of all the Dassault Systèmes’ and ENOVIA brands

  37. 4.5 Why SmarTeam Design Express? Key Differentiators: • Small added investment to get a higher return on existing CATIA investment • Best in class, native CATIA Integration • Prepackaged software and services “quick start” kit • Robust data model tailored for collaborative design • Proven user methodology and training program • Complete Implementation within 10 days • Scalable, customizable system grows with your PLM needs

  38. Agenda What is SmarTeam Design Express for CATIA? 1 2 How SDE Resolves your PDM Challenges 3 Customers Key Differentiators 4 5 Typical Project Plan 6 Next Steps: Beyond Design Express

  39. 5.1 Typical Project Plan • Design Express is packaged as an out-of-the-box application: • The approach was developed through implementing SmarTeam for many existing customers. It includes a combination of software and services necessary for a quick and low cost implementation of CATIA and SmarTeam. • Design Express has been designed for “plug & play” use within your company, without any customisation other than the name of the users and the installation and working directories. • A Design Express project does not include the CATIA V5 project : the installation of CATIA V5 workstations and CATIA V5 user training are prerequisites. • The project incorporates: • Trainingof users on the Collaborative CATIA Design Management methodology • Validationof methodologies at the customer site • Execution of methodology

  40. 5.2 Using SmarTeam in the CATIA Environment Organization: Built-in structure and rules to leverage traceability and reuse Design Collaboration: Work concurrently around the same assembly always accessing accurate information Management of CATIA V5 relations View relations between all CATIA V5 data immediately, such as parts, assemblies, drawings, etc. … Project based navigation Arrange per product, per customer, per order Change Management Support the lifecycle and different revisions of all documents Promote Reuse Business standards management Impact analysis Be aware of the impact of engineering changes Extend secure access Allow non-CAD users to visualize CAD data

  41. 5.3 Deliverables The “quick start package” provides: • Pre-configured database with data model for optimized CATIA V5 collaborative design management • Methodology Guide to steer the implementation in your engineering department • Delivery Notebook to track your implementation, from software installation through to completion of the final checklist after training and review of the methodology • Technical training materials, including demonstration • Value proposition explaining how to expand beyond engineering / design department management out to management of the full product lifecycle across your enterprise

  42. 5.4 Typical Design Express Implementation Proposition for an operational project program The project teams • CUSTOMER • 1 project manager • users • Business Partner • 1 SmarTeam Consultant • 1 System Engineer • Project Scope • Generic SmarTeam Design Express Project without customization • Customizations – outside scope of SDE implementation • Installation (Vault Server, Data Base Server, Backups...) • User Training • Assistance for site commissioning • Hotline (optional) • Maintenance

  43. Agenda What is SmarTeam Design Express for CATIA? 1 2 How SDE Resolves your PDM Challenges 3 Customers Key Differentiators 4 5 Typical Project Plan 6 Next Steps: Beyond Design Express

  44. 6 Beyond SmarTeam Design Express for CATIA The initial objective of SmarTeam Design Express for CATIA is to provide an out-of-the-box solution for the design department which meets all the basic needs. However the openness of SmarTeam and CATIA allow you to extend beyond these basic needs. There are various ways to expand beyond the first step: • Inside the design department enhancing the basic implementation with company-specific needs • Inside the engineering department extending the management of product data to include release and change processes • Across the enterprise to manage all product data and processes during all stages of the product / project lifecycle • Across the supply chain to manage design and product data with your OEM’s or suppliers Your company decides when to take the next step – SDE provides the foundation for the future !

  45. Questions? Contact your authorized SmarTeam reseller For any other unanswered questions, contact THANK YOU!