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Servery Telco and User convergence - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Widget Linker. PSE Wiring. Servery Telco and User convergence. Objectives. SERVERY Services. 1. A service is characterized by functional (goal, …) and non-functional properties (business, QoS, …).

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PSE Wiring


Telco and User convergence


SERVERY Services

1. A service is characterized by functional (goal, …) and non-functional properties (business, QoS, …).

2. A service is composed of a back-end component, a description providing meta-data following the SERVERY description framework based on ontologies, and optionally a front-end component.

3. Services can be basic, which means they are self-contained atomic components, or composite, as the result of the composition of a number of services.

4. Services can be an abstract or concrete. While concrete services refer to a given software implementation, an abstract service represents a functionality instantiated at runtime.

  • Combine the best of Telco and Internet worlds by enabling the convergence between NGN-IMS, Web and Media service technologies

  • Provide an intelligent business environment called the service marketplace to create new business opportunities, models and roles

  • Bring to the end-users advanced end-to-end solutions for service creation

  • Provide intelligent Service Enablers that allow for the creation and orchestration of services

  • Build-up a generalised flexible architecture and middleware infrastructure

High Level Architecture

  • Aggregate static profile

  • Collect and predict context information

  • Authenticate user identity

  • Protect users' privacy

  • Manage communities

  • Synchronize data between devices and services

  • Deliver notifications in a personalized way

  • Connect people and things of a place

Place enabler

  • Business Elements for creating innovative business models.

  • Contracting processes.

  • QoS Assessment at business level.

  • Revenue Sharing Engine for calculating the incomes between parties.

Context enabler

Synchronization enabler

Intelligent Enablers

Business Engine

Natural Language Composer

  • Automatically scalable execution platform based on last autonomics technologies

Graphical Mashups Editor

  • Service mashups for professionals using UML

  • Service mashups for end-users using natural language

  • Support of abstract services

Ref. Hosting Env.

Service Creation / Composition

  • Semantic based publication and discovery

  • Simple

  • Usable

  • … Yet Powerful

  • A&A mechanism for accessing to services

  • Web/Telco interconnectivity

  • Exposition of Telco funcionalities in marketplace

  • A homogeneous mechanism for accessing to services

  • Mashup of services is possible.

Publication and discovery process


Publication and Discovery

Web IMS convergence

Project Manager: Jean-Pierre Le Rouzic

Orange labs 4 rue du Clos Courtel 35510 Cesson-Sevigne

Tel: +33 2 991 248 93

E-mail: [email protected],

Website: http://projects.celtic-initiative.org/servery/


Project Title

Project Partners

Federated Identity Management based on LIBERTY

  • Emergence of Internet Services

  • and Digital Contents

    • Gain customer's trust

    • Provide a personalized service

  • Project Partners :

  • Amena (spain)

  • Axalto (france)

  • Ericsson (spain)

  • France Télécom

  • Teliasonera (Finland)

  • Telenor (Norway)

  • Oslo University (Norway)

  • Italtel (Italy)

  • Moviquity (Spain)

  • TB-Security (Spain)

  • Linus (Norway)

  • End user's lack of

  • satisfaction :

    • Multiple login/password combinations

    • Subscription process is too long

    • Personal data spread over multiple web site

    • reluctance to provide sensitive data without privacy control


  • Liberty Alliance Answer :

  • Identity federation in Circle of Trusts (CoT)

    • Single Sign-On

    • Attribute sharing