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Electronic Portfolio. Leah G. Doughman Ed.S . in Instructional Technology University of West Georgia. Table of Contents. Introduction Purpose Showcasing Pieces Links to Learning Reflections. Introduction. Leah Doughman Second Grade Teacher at Rosemont Elementary in Troup County

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Electronic portfolio

Electronic Portfolio

Leah G. Doughman

Ed.S. in Instructional Technology

University of West Georgia

Table of contents
Table of Contents

  • Introduction

  • Purpose

  • Showcasing Pieces

  • Links to Learning

  • Reflections


  • Leah Doughman

  • Second Grade Teacher at Rosemont Elementary in Troup County

  • Teaching since 2007

  • Family: husband (Tommy) and three dogs

  • Interest: gardening, chickens, traveling, crafts, and learning new things

    • Resume


This e-Portfolio was created to showcase projects that I completed during my Graduate coursework in the Instructional Technology Education Specialist Degree Program at the University of West Georgia. It is a true testament of personal growth and progress.

Showcasing pieces
Showcasing Pieces…

  • Video Project One (View of Technology: I Am Poem)

  • Comic Life

  • Second Grade Blog

  • Video Project Four (“Blast from the Past” Instructional Video)

  • Student Glogster Example

  • Blogging Tutorial

  • Interview with a Stakeholder

  • PhotoBlog

  • Evaluation Report

Links to learning
Links to Learning

  • NETS and Conceptual Framework Standards

  • Field Experience Chart

  • Disposition


Over the last two years (of my very busy life) I have been persistently pursuing this little degree known as a Specialist Degree in Media and Technology. I was told it would be the easiest thing in the world to do; I should have known better. I learned very quickly that someone had lied to me! But in all honesty I am glad they did. This pushed me outside “my box” in many different directions. If left alone to tackle this mountain, I would still be standing at the bottom looking up, saying to myself, “Nope! Don’t think so!” And this would not be happening today. I am truly grateful for the ones who have helped me along on this journey. Without them and the tears, blood, sweat, and own personal determination, none of this would have been possible. Looking back, I realize how much I have grown as a professional as well as an educator. Now, I cannot and will not go back to my old ways of teaching. I will continue to push forward and progress just as technology always has.

  • Initial SWOT Analysis

  • Final SWOT Analysis